Let’s Find Out If Tucker Carlson is Truly Unchained

Today, Tucker Carlson released his first episode of his new Twitter show “Tucker on Twitter”. It was a little over ten minutes long.

In it, he says he’s going to cover the stories the media ignores. Like UFOs, for example.

Now, I don’t mean to understate the importance of alien life forms visiting  us. If they asked to be taken to our leaders, this would be very embarrassing, obviously.

But I can think of a story that more seriously impacts our day to day lives that the media has not only overlooked, but covered up.


The importance of this event is often overlooked these days, but for those of us who know what happened, and watched its impact on our politics, that importance can hardly be overstated. Joe Biden, after all, announced his 2020 candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, by calling Antifa a “courageous group of Americans” in a video featuring your humble correspondent.

If the truth of this had been known then, the race riots of 2020 would not have happened. Joe Biden would not be President. Trump would likely have accomplished much more during his administration.

But the media actively hid the truth.

Tucker Carlson has the chance to prove himself, by righting this wrong. This will impact the 2024 election if he does, and with the revelations to the conservative consciousness stemming from the BLM riots and the January 6th lawfare, now is the time for us to make this happen.

So I replied to Tucker’s tweet saying;

“Speaking of the media ignoring important stories, it’s long overdue that we talk about Antifa’s role in Charlottesville. Specifically Thomas Massey (not the congressman, the one charged w/robbery in Philly), Thomas Keenan, Dwayne Dixon, and Emily Gorcenski.”



At the time of this writing, this has been retweeted 35 times, has 183 likes, and over 15,300 views.

I just paid Twitter $50 to promote the Tweet further, but this is currently pending approval. If it is approved, and it gets more attention to this story, I will happily spend more.

UPDATE: My account has now been approved to run paid advertisements and this campaign is now running!

I also made the following, much longer post, and posted it as a reply to my comment on Tucker’s video.

Charlottesville is not old news. Joe Biden announced his campaign for the Presidency of the United States by calling Antifa a “courageous group of Americans” and featuring an out of context video of a fight THEY STARTED, prominently featuring your humble correspondent.

Months after this lie aired, the FBI broke my door down and dragged me off to prison for utter nonsense. They put me in the “Communications Management Unit” where I was prohibited from speaking to the media and only allowed two phone calls a week.

Though the media accused us of a violent conspiracy that weekend. Neither I nor of the organizers were ever charged with such a crime.

We were sued on the basis of this silly allegation by Roberta Kaplan, the same ethnocentric crook who represented E Jean Carroll in her fraudulent suit against Trump.

And while the jury awarded millions of dollars to the plaintiffs for the dubious claim of harassment, WE WERE NOT found liable for the racially motivated violent conspiracy we were accused of.

I wore a body camera that weekend. The footage has never been seen publicly.

@TuckerCarlson you are the only man with the power and the courage to right this wrong. I am your biggest fan and I have stood by you when others did not. In prison, I got in fights over the TV, just to watch your show. I can give you all the proof a man would require to know the truth and bring it to the public.

It will also impact the Republican Primary, and the 2024 general election.

It is time to pick a side, sir.

The good guys are in my corner, anxiously awaiting your response.

May God grant you the courage and the wisdom to do the right thing.



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Find Out If Tucker Carlson is Truly Unchained

  1. Cantwell I know you’re a fan of TC, I used to be too; but’ he never has and never will name the J.
    For me, he’s just like Trump i.e. the least worst of the American media and/or political voices. (Who could actually accomplish anything for our cause.)

    I do hope he’ll act on you’re, cri de coeur BECAUSE he should – if he really was one of us. Forgive me buddy if I don’t hold my breath. Hope to be be proven wrong tho, of course … Seeing your mug on his show WOULD be epic. 😉

    We WILL prevail but it won’t be b/c somebody – anybody – in the MSM actually ever names the J – as that would be career-ending & quite possibly, life-ending as well.

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