Screw Your Optics, I’m Calling The Cops

I have not been this pissed off since I got out of prison. Come to think of it, I had not been this pissed off, for most of the time I was in prison.

On last night’s SurrealPolitiks Members Only Video chat, I mocked the “Right Wing Racism is Fake” narrative by showing the absurdity of some claims made by Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, who I am usually a pretty big fan of.

Knowles played the briefest of clips from a video he claimed showed Proud Boys shoving some people he identified as Patriot Front, but who were not, in fact, Patriot Front. They were with a group called Rose City Nationalists, a thing Knowles would have known had he bothered to inform himself. Knowles called the crime victims “feds” and suggested that the Proud Boys had somehow rendered justice by assaulting them, and somehow, managed to avoid being prosecuted for assaulting federal agents.

At the time I produced my video, I had not seen the full assault. Had I known what really happened, I would not have found the incident nearly so amusing.

Watching that video prompted me to say what I am about to say.

The person who originally posted the video evidence of this crime called it “Real MAGA vs. Fed MAGA” and, apparently having realized he was putting his friends in danger of going to prison, the video has since been deleted.

But the Internet doesn’t really work that way, you might have gathered. The video has been downloaded and reuploaded a few times, and to make sure these anti-White terrorists are brought to justice, I have uploaded it to this site to make sure nobody lacks opportunity to see every detail of this heinous crime.



You can see the full video embedded below


This turns out to be like a hundred times worse than I realized.

So, the “Proud Boys” – who we are to believe are a “Far Right Wing Group” – are running around committing violent felony crimes in broad daylight, on camera, front of the police, while calling the victims of their gang assault racists and Nazis…

Where have I seen this before?

The alleged Nazis, are called “Feds”. And conservative media is promoting this like justice has been done by exposing Democrat malfeasance in the intelligence apparatus.

Well, that is only so far from the truth as it is inverted.

Until now, I thought this was some pushing, but I just watched a longer version of the video.

This was a very serious and very violent crime. It’s not just assault in the “unwanted touching” sense. It’s a brutal, bloody, and potentially lethal gang assault against innocent people who are clearly trying to de-escalate the conflict.

At least one of those guys was hit so hard he needed help to stand up. Blood was shed. In Virginia, this would be called “Malicious Wounding” – a Class 3 Felony – and the perpetrators would be facing 5-20 on each count. Even the guys who didn’t draw blood would be subject to charges under the same “Concert of Action” legal theory that imprisoned Ramos, Goodwin, and Borden for 3-10 years in the Deandre Harris conflict.

Every Nationalist who got assaulted out there should come forward, identify himself, and have those violent anti-White terrorists prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

When they inevitably lose their jobs for being crime victims, every Nationalist should donate to their GiveSendGo campaigns, and anyone who condemns these crime victims for talking to law enforcement should be shunned as an enemy agent, and an apologist for violent anti-White terrorism.

Depriving people the protection of the laws is a form of persecution. That’s why we have an “equal protection clause”. Nationalists should not assent to this official deprivation of Rights by refusing to report crimes committed against them.

These terrorists cannot be allowed to get away with this. The only alternative to going to the cops, is we hunt these terrorists down and take our own Justice outside the law.


So, it’s time to call the cops.


Another thing worth pointing out.

The Nationalists really handled themselves quite well, I must say. These boys are the ones who ought to be proud today. They have made me proud.

1. They made a sincere effort to stand their ground without escalating.
2. Though outnumbered, they didn’t run when threatened.
3. Nor did they pop off like lunatics. They tried to de-escalate and avoid violence without caving into threats.
4. When the fighting started, they stuck together.
5. When one of the guys was de-masked, his friend rushed in to protect his identity.
6. When one of the guys was knocked so hard he could barely stand, he went to his friend, and his friend held him up.
7. When one guy went down, the other guys rushed in to get the goons off him.
8. After all of this, dazed, bleeding, and unmasked, they still did not run.

If any of you know these guys, please do let them know that I am singing their praises and that it would be my honor to speak with them and assist in any way I can.

Thank you for your service, gentlemen. You are a credit to your Race & Nation.



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