Radical Agenda S06E021 - Colored Blind

Radical Agenda S06E021 – Colored Blind

Episode 42 of the Radical Agenda was titled “Willful Blindness” and was an important moment in the history of this production.

During that episode, I discussed a lunatic who, much like the transgender freaks, felt like there was something wrong with her body. Jewel Shuping was diagnosed with something called “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” and spent much of her life wishing she was blind. Her wish was fulfilled in 2008 when she found a “sympathetic psychologist” who was willing to pour drain cleaner in her eyes.

As one might expect, this landed her in the hospital. When she woke up, she could still see, and she was really upset about this. But, over time, the drain cleaner did its job, as the Daily Mail explains;

Her left eye suffered a ‘corneal meltdown’ – collapsing in on itself and requiring the eye to be removed – while her right eye had glaucoma and cataracts, and a webbing of scars.

As I said in October in 2015, after remarking about the news of the day;

This kind of stupidity is why Jewel Shuping is such a perfect metaphor for America. For as long as she can remember, she wanted to be blind. She recalls staring at the sun, because her mother told her it would blind her to do so. Into adulthood the obsession continued until she finally found a “sympathetic psychologist” who was willing to pour drain cleaner into her eyes.

“My eyes were screaming and I had some drain cleaner going down my cheek burning my skin. But all I could think was ‘I am going blind, it is going to be okay'” she said.

After the “treatment” she was taken to the hospital where doctors attempted to save her eyesight to no avail. Today she is completely blind, and says she’s never been happier.

Ms Shuping says she is studying for a degree in education, and boy I just can’t wait to see the impact she has on future generations.

This is the world you live in. A world where the free want to be slaves, those who can see wish to be blind, the rich want to be poor, the armed want to be disarmed, men want to be women, women want to be men, whites want to be blacks, and ultimately, the living want to be dead. And if you thought that was scary, we also take calls from you the listener

I have a tendency to be sympathetic toward conservatives who try to feign race blindness. I know what happens when you start speaking honestly about these subjects, and I think it unreasonable to demand everybody take those risks.

There’s a theory in which the so called color blind society is a form of White Supremacy. You hear Leftists say this all the time, and are no less often ridiculed for saying it. The underlying assumption of this is that if everyone is held to the same standards of conduct, and people are judged on the merits of their behavior, that Whites will win out to the detriment of blacks.

I tend to assume this is commonly understood when conservatives throw it in the faces of Leftists in the DR3 vein. “What? You think blacks can’t compete? That’s racist! You wouldn’t want to be racist, would you?”

And of course, the Leftists are perfectly fine with being racists. They just don’t want anything good to exist in the world. So their race centric worldview is decidedly anti-White, and tends toward reducing us to wild animals, for whom wiping our asses with leaves would be far too advanced a technology to contemplate. Merely dragging one’s ass across the bare ground would be deemed White Supremacy at some point, were they to get their way.

A fun example of this categorical response came across my Telegram feed not so long ago when, I believe it was Steven Crowder, was arguing about abortion with some college liberals. They pointed out that, someteen years after the Roe vs. Wade decision, crime dropped dramatically. More recently these two phenomena were connected by the authors of a book called Freakonomics, the whole series of which are actually a pretty good read. In their theory of things, crime dropped when a bunch of unwanted children didn’t reach their teenage years.

Some went so far as to make another connection. Most of those children were black.

So when the college liberals said that abortion caused crime to drop, the conservative commentator said “Who gets the most abortions?” and of course the college liberals were quick to answer “Oooh Ohh! I know! I know! Black women get the most abortions, which is why banning abortion is racist!”

And the conservative commentator says “Are you saying aborting black babies reduces crime?”

And the college liberals panicked before the video cuts out…

It’s pretty clear that our conservative commentator was doing plenty more than calling Democrats racists. He was demonstrating his knowledge of the facts.

Yes, as a matter of fact, it does. I’m not saying that makes it a good idea. I can think of better ways to reduce crime than killing babies, but preventing those babies from being born, and then growing up, in a given jurisdiction, will most certainly reduce the crime in that jurisdiction.

And if you wanted to achieve such a policy outcome, in a place where the government is elected by popular vote, and the demographic you were targeting made up some portion of the electorate, you might try to find some other way of advocating that policy than saying you were trying to exterminate a race of people whom you relied upon for electoral success. You might well say that this was a very good thing for those people. You might say that to deny them the Right to genocide themselves, I mean, uh, to control their own bodies, was an act of cruelty. You might accuse the people who wanted to stop you of having precisely the racial animus upon which you were acting, and given the political track record of deceit and hypocrisy one might reasonably expect this to be the most expedient political strategy.

So, sure. Let’s do the colorblind society bit. I go to work. You go to work, and if I happen to be more successful than you, then my side wins, and you accept that as justice because that’s the ideology of our society. We are taught this in our public schools and if we have learned anything from the transgenders it is that no matter how ridiculous a thing is, if you teach it to children, it will become accepted as truth over some period of time.

But truth and what is accepted as truth are not the same thing. I can accept lying in politics. It seems to me inevitable. I am substantially more troubled by sincere belief in utter nonsense, and there seemed to be a lot of that going on yesterday, if you deem credible the people on the television, which I stress is a pretty big if.

Yesterday, as you may have heard, the Supreme Court held that race may not be considered as a factor in college admissions. This was a direct attack on the whole concept of so called “affirmative action” policies which prevail in all facets of American life. Even in those areas where there is not an official affirmative action policy, the tendency prevails because people fear lawsuits and persecution. So any opportunity to promote a protected class, any glimmer of hope one has for avoiding the accusation of being called a racist, sexist, or homophobe, is seized upon by anyone with a sliver of power to avoid having all of his power stolen.

I remember a time in the mid 2000s I was working in a datacenter as the operations manager, among the duties of which was hiring and firing people. I once hired a young black guy fresh out of school for an overnight shift. This was always a difficult slot to fill, and in no small number of instances resulted in me working all night and waking up to answer messages all day.

It became pretty clear pretty quickly that this was not going to work out. The little shit considered it disrespectful for a hiring manager to give orders to his subordinates, and went so far as to say something along the lines of “Don’t be disrespekkin me yo”. I reminded him that we do a very good job of keeping inventory before instructing him to lock the door on his way out, and not to be there when I arrived to take over his shift, because he was fired.

When I informed the owner of the company the next day he panicked. He was a Muslim gentleman of Indian descent, and had less worries about being called a racist than most White people, but he had no small fear of being sued for the actions of his White Operations Manager. I won’t quote the guy, but he gave me what might be described as “the talk”, a necessary feature for anybody who aspires to work in HR. Hiring black people is good, like really good. Promoting them, that’s even better, especially in IT where most people are White or Asian and these opportunities do not so often present themselves, but you’ve got to make sure you’re not going to have a problem because firing them or having any other problems with them is bad, like, really bad.

I really didn’t like thinking about things this way. It was obviously racist, and I was told my whole life that this was a very bad thing to be, but even without having been educated on the subject, I realized that what he was saying was obviously true. The evidence was all around us, generally unspoken. All that was out of sorts here was that somebody said it out loud.

We didn’t even use the phrase affirmative action. It was just sorta “how things are”.

I’ve hated “how things are,” in that respect, ever since.

I had no idea what libertarianism was back then. I considered myself a Republican but mostly I just considered it patriotic to support the wars. This didn’t sit so well with my Muslim boss but I was good at my job, and I suppose he knew he’d never be on the wrong end of a discrimination lawsuit from me, so, we got along pretty well.

But I digress, back to the news.

What got me all bent out of shape yesterday aside from the video I saw of a bunch of homosexuals trying unsuccessfully to reclaim their manhood, was not so much the decision overturning affirmative action in schools. That seemed like a reasonable enough thing to do in a certain context. But it was watching the personalities on Fox News cheering for equality that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Worse than this were the silly speculations about what causes the racial achievement gaps, as if none of them ever bothered to look into it. I mean, I get that it’s not polite. Maybe you don’t have to say that this is genetic and natural and permanent. Maybe you just don’t talk about it, but can you stop telling me it’s because their dads aren’t around without bothering to ask why that is?

If you don’t want to talk about IQ can you at least make like Heather MacDonald and talk about the SAT scores as a proxy?

I haven’t read the decisions, but I don’t have to do so to know that IQ wasn’t mentioned. That tells you all you need to know. These 9 unelected lawyers deem themselves uniquely suited to tell us whether or not we can be forced to hire blacks or bake cakes for faggots and you mean to tell me not one of them ever bothered to consider the genetic origins of these issues? That’s obviously not true, and it’s all the more true for the liberals, as evidenced by their priorities.

The Left you can tell they know they are lying a lot of the time. Especially the smarter ones. You can see them thinking sometimes. Lying is cognitively demanding and they have to shuffle through ideas before they pick their words because they know the first three answers that sprung to mind would ruin the whole project.

The Fox News personalities yesterday, on the other hand, they are very well trained at the very least. They repeatedly invoked this whole colorblind society nonsense as if they don’t get the same sense of dread as everybody else if they happen to find themselves in a black neighborhood. Not that I imagine this happens frequently.

It looked like a bizarre religious ritual. Each member of the congregation trying harder than the next to prove their faith by saying something more out of touch with reality but closer approximating the doctrine of equality.

We had Nathan Damigo on recently and he was saying that these people actually believe this stuff and my assessment was that they don’t, but I had to question this yesterday. I tend to think they are just responding to incentives but I really wasn’t sure yesterday.

I always knew race was real. I didn’t understand it very well until recently, but many of you have heard the story of when I was a kid and I found out my neighbor was getting married to a black woman.

For those of you who haven’t it’s worth telling again, because it’s both funny and very instructive.

I grew up in a pretty nice neighborhood, but I had kind of a fucked up life because my Dad was an air traffic controller and part of the PATCO union strike under the Reagan administration. So like, my family was doing good they bought this house in this nice neighborhood and then Reagan told them all to get back to work or be fired. They didn’t think he could do it, so Congress changed the law, and then he did it. Not only that, but they made it so none of the guys who were fired could even reapply. And on top of all this, while Dad was home all day with nothing to do, well, let’s just say they have referred to my little brother as a “Strike Baby”. Not long after he was born, my dad wrecked his motorcycle and broke his hip and this all combined to create a really substantial income disparity between my family and my neighbors and it would be fair to say that this had social implications. I ended up running with the bad kids and I got exposed to more diversity than many of my peers.

But in my very early childhood, we had this elderly woman lived across the street from us, and one of her sons ended up moving back in with her at some point I suppose due to some financial trouble of his own, and he started dating a black woman with a kid named Ricky.

And whenever she would come over with the kid, Ricky would come over to play with me and my brother. And we liked Ricky. He was different, and that was interesting. He had different music. He talked different. He told jokes we hadn’t heard before. There was no animosity at all, but we definitely knew that Ricky was totally different than us.

So when I was told, in front of this man and his fiance, that they were getting married, I looked at my mom and I said “Is that legal?”

And my Mom was so embarassed she just had this panicked reaction and she was like “Don’t say that!” and she apologized to this woman.

I took this to mean that it wasn’t legal, and that I had just tattled or something, so I kept my mouth shut from then on. It took me a long time to figure out what the problem actually was.

Mind you, I was born in 1980. I watched The Cosby Show and the Jeffersons and Different Strokes growing up. Other than the fact that they were adopted, like, I didn’t even understand why it would be an interesting storyline that two black children would be living with an old White man. My parents never said anything to me about race as a kid.

So I was fed every bit of this stupid propaganda as a child, and nobody tried to deprogram me at all, and I even liked the black son of the woman in the relationship, but even then, when I heard they were going to get married, I was like “Wait a second, the government isn’t going to let that happen, right?”

And as I got older, and I had black friends, and even black girlfriends, I never failed to notice that these people were different from me.

And you mean to tell me these people on the television have been complaining about affirmative action for 20 years and they never figured this out? I have a very hard time believing that, but I have a very hard time believing a lot of the things I see on a daily basis, so I don’t know man…

They even did this while acknowledging that this decision does anything but end the discriminatory practices of the university. Roberts, as if to sabotage his own ruling, which I consider a distinct possibility if not the obvious case, stated that colleges can still take into consideration a person’s purported struggles with racism. They just can’t do it based on race alone.

Which is a thousand times worse in some ways, because now you’ve incentivized whining about racism even more than usual. No benefits for being black, but extra bennies for complaining about Whites. Yeah, that will bring you closer to racial harmony. Can you imagine what this is going to do to the college campuses?

I  wonder how universities will treat it if White people complain about racism on their applications? If you apply to a college and you say “The Jews have been trying to destroy my people for as long as history has been able to record” are you going to get racism points? Deducted, perhaps.

If you know anything about discrimination laws, you’ve heard the phrase “disparate impact” a few times. This is the notion that even if whatever you’re doing isn’t explicitly racially motivated, if your policy negatively impacts a protected class, it’s racist. That’s why you can’t give people an IQ test as part of a job application.

So when bitching about racism gets you into college faster, and that has a “disparate impact” on Whites, are we going to be able to sue the schools?

Of course not.

I try not to get too conspiratorial, but let us indulge some paranoia.

One way of looking at this, people were saying on Telegram it’s a way to get people believing in the system again, and I doubt that they actually think this is necessary, but if you want to get conspiratorial, here’s your conspiracy. They understand that Whites are getting racially conscious, and that they are about to start making race based demands, and the government is getting ahead of that inevitability.

“What? Oh, no, we’re a country based on equality, goy, that whole racial spoils system was evil. We stopped doing that right after your children became the minorities in their public schools. Your parents were really happy about it too. Go ask them!”

I hate to say it, but you could interpret the abortion thing similarly.

“These white people are about to figure out what we’re doing to them, we better speed this up.”

“How can we do that? We’re already sterilizing their children and paying the entirety of South America to cross the border illegally”

“We need more blacks”

“You mean?”


“Are you fucking crazy? You know what will happen if we stop aborting half of their children?”

“By the time they’re done celebrating it will be too late to stop the process. Just do it”

“Okay Mr. Cohen, you’re in charge”

Lawrence Jones has been filling in for Tucker Carlson this week on top of it of course. I still say that like Tucker’s coming back, but you get the idea. So of course he’s you’re friendly black conservative like “Don’t feel bad White folks, look at me, I can fill in for Tucker Carlson. You barely notice the difference right? We’re all the same. No need for affirmative action” as if anybody watching Fox News doesn’t know that he is among the most prominent examples of affirmative action ever to disgrace our television screens.

I mentioned Tim Scott before. You see this guy’s commercials? It’s the most predatory thing since drag queen story hour. He’s just, his whole campaign is based on White Guilt. “My story disproves their lies. From cotton to congress” he says. He’s all but coming out and saying it “I will cleanse you of the sin of racism White people! Redeem your country’s reputation by supporting the black Republican!”

I can just about promise that’s why you see more commercials from him than from Larry Elder. I can almost guarantee that a bunch of Left wing fanatics are like “Holy shit this Tim Scott guy is perfect! Let’s give him money so the goyim feel bad!”

It’s not working well enough for him to win a primary, and he knows that as well as I do, but somebody definitely wants those commercials in heavy rotation on Fox News.

These people, Conservative Inc, the Left, they’re not trying to get people into race blindness. That’s just not plausible. They know what they’re doing, and it’s sick and malicious. There’s plenty of well meaning conservatives out there who are just observing the incentives and mouthing the words, and it’s probably a worthwhile exercise to figure out who ‘s who, but the project here is not a post racial society. You know that, they know that.

I’m reasonably confident Michael Knowles knows that. That’s part of what I like about him. But I lost a lot of respect for him recently.

That and more, plus your calls…




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