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Software as a Service (SaaS) Entrepreneurship Opportunities

I briefly mentioned this in the tail end of an opening monologue, and I intend to return to it in the future, but there happens to be a sale ending tonight and I wanted to get some specifics out to you before these discounts pass by.

These are not affiliate links. I do not get paid from you purchasing these offers. I am simply passing this information on for your consideration.

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a business model wherein one gets paid for the work of a computer application. As I stated during the recent broadcast, this is only the slightest of oversimplifications. You cannot just install a program and wait to get paid. There is work involved, and the ratio of money earned to investment of effort varies infinitely between one model and the next, along with the circumstances of the entrepreneur.

Almost all startups fail. Whatever their business model, and if you are attempting to succeed at something that looks like easy money, you can be sure you are dealing with extensive competition.

But if you spend $25 on an application, and it fails to earn money, you have wasted $25.

If you spend $25 on an application, and it earns just $25 and a few hours of your time, you have gained experience and lost no money.

If you spend $25, and it begins a successful enterprise, you will laugh your ass off for the rest of your life about the day you got this email.

Most of these applications can be launched on cheap hosting plans. You don’t need highly specialized skills to run them. But if you want to buy the script, and need hosting, I am more than capable of providing this free of charge (or perhaps better put, at no up front out of pocket cost to you) on a case by case basis.

Please also note that the license agreements require an “Extended License” for certain usages, depending on how you intend to monetize the systems. I don’t have time to research all of these before the sale ends, and I want to get this information to you before it does. Licenses can be upgraded if later use cases require the extended license. In all cases, the application can be installed and made available online with the standard license, but some billing arrangements will require the upgrade to remain within the license terms.


All Code on Sale




BeDrive – File Sharing and Cloud Storage Sale Price $29 Regular $59

This application allows you to run a DropBox like subscription file storage and transfer service.



JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Sale Price $48 Regular $69

As you might infer from the name, this is a premium content subscription platform styled after OnlyFans.



TMail – Multi Domain Temporary Email System $26 Regular $38

As the name implies, this is a system which allows you to provide temporary email addresses to users, such as for account registrations or anything one might need a throwaway email for. Can be monetized with subscription payments or monetized with ads.



tSMS – Temporary SMS Receiving System – SaaS – Rent out Numbers $33 Regular $48

Similar to above, but rents out telephone numbers instead of email addresses



Coursemat – Multi-Tenant Course Selling Website Builder (SAAS) $39 Regular $59

This allows you to run an online education hosting service.



WhatsIPs | IP Address Lookup PHP Script $29 Regular $49

This application runs an online Whois system for looking up IP address or Domain registrant information.



FoodBank Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App | Restaurant App with Admin & Restaurant Panel $34 Regular $69

This application allows you to make a competitor to BeyondMenu, GrubHub, or DoorDash type application.



Imgurai – AI Image Generator (SAAS) $19 Regular $39

This application uses Stable Diffusion API to provide a web based AI image generator. At first glance, it appears to be capable of using OpenAI but does not require this.



SignalLab – Forex And Crypto Trading Signal Platform $24 Regular $49







Mingle SAAS – Social Auto Poster & Scheduler PHP Script $45 Regular $65

Runs an online service to manage multiple social media platforms for companies and marketers.



BetLab – Sports Betting Platform $59 Regular $29

As the name implies.



Prophecy – An Online Betting Platform $39 Regular $79

Runs an online prediction market, such as for betting on elections, like PredictIt.org $29 Regular $59



Xaxino – Ultimate Casino Platform $39 Regular $79

As the name implies



LocalCoins – Ultimate Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange Platform $39 Regular $79

Run an online service similar to LocalBitcoins or LocalMonero.



TASKLY SaaS – Project Management Tool $14 Regular $29

As the name implies



ptcLAB – Pay Per Click Platform $39 Regular $79

Run a Pay Per Click market where vendors bid on traffic and you pay users for viewing/clicking ads.



Cloud Polly – Ultimate Text to Speech as SaaS $41 Regular $59

Run a text to speech service online



NFTBOX – NFT Marketplace Script $199 Regular $399

As the name implies



Multirent – Multivendor Equipment Rental Website $34 Regular $49



BuyMeTea – The best way for creators and artists to accept support and membership from their fans. $34 Regular $49

Run your own BuyMeACoffee style crowdfunding platform



MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database $29 Regular $59

Run your own IMDB



BeMusic – Music Streaming EngineBeMusic – Music Streaming Engine $29 Regular $59



See all on sale PHP Scripts here https://codecanyon.net/category/php-scripts?discount_type=envato&discounted_only=1#content

Smartphone app code https://codecanyon.net/category/mobile?discount_type=envato&discounted_only=1#content


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