Radical Agenda S01E022 - S-Poasting

Radical Agenda S06E022 – S-Poasting

Some days, you want to convey a cohesive theme. Some days, you just want to shitpost.

This is a day of the latter sort, and we here at the Radical Agenda feel entirely justified in this given the 20,000+ word masterpiece just published as “Sustained Action on the Path to Sovereignty“, which ought not be confused with a SurrealPolitiks episode similarly named.

We are happy to discuss your most serious idea of course, at 217-688-1433.

Before our shitposting bonanza begins, and given that my comments on the subject are presently behind a paywall, I should likely say a few words in public about Matthew Hale, and I should say them at the beginning so nobody misses them for catching half the show.

As those of you who follow me on social media may know, Matthew Hale is a man I had the pleasure of meeting at the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. What I had to do in months, he has to do in years, and that is a very troublesome thing indeed.

Mr. Hale was the leader of something known as the World Church of the Creator, and this organization has been deemed a security threat group, the equivalent of a gang, by the Bureau of Prisons.

The World Church of the Creator takes essentially a biological view of the world. Human beings, special though they may be, are biological organisms not entirely dissimilar to any other. They reproduce sexually and produce live offspring who are in their entirety the product of the DNA of their parents, and influenced to varying degrees by an infinite array of environmental factors. This impacts near every aspect of the human condition, including our politics and every story in the news. This is especially true for anything with a racial component, which is pretty much everything these days.

Since this is the worldview of the Church, and the church is considered a gang, to transmit these ideas is against the rules of the Bureau of Prisons, and on account of this I was afforded the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hale in something known as the Communications Management Unit. The CMU houses those prisoners whom the Federal Government has for one reason or another deemed dangerous enough to be denied the rights afforded to convicted murderers and rapists. They may not speak to the press, they may not publish books, they have their correspondence closely monitored and strictly curtailed.

Mr. Hale has a lawsuit pending against the Bureau of Prisons for preventing him from publishing his book. The last time I heard an update on this, his suit had survived a motion to dismiss, and he was entering the discovery phase.

So it is no surprise that the BOP retaliated by depriving Mr. Hale of all his correspondence, save for being able to speak with his mother.

Then his mother died.

And yet, he is still denied his correspondence. A man suffering through the death of his mother while in prison, cannot receive letters of support from people who love him. It is a very cruel and terrible thing.

So, I have encouraged people on social media to send Mr. Hale a money order for $14.88. He will see those deposit amounts on his commissary account and he will understand it to be a message of support.

Mr. Hale’s register number is 15177-424. I will include in the show notes for Stage Six Episode 22 the information you need to transmit these funds to Mr. Hale. But if you search how to send money to a federal inmate the information is readily available. His name and the register number are the variables you need after such a search.


You can do this through the postal service or through Western Union or MoneyGram electronically.

Register Number: 15177-424
Located at: Marion USP

While Matt is located in Illinois, the place that handles prisoner funds is in Iowa. To send a postal money order through the mail, Send it to

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Register Number: 15177-424
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

More information here


You can find out more about Matt Hale and keep up with what is going on with him at FreeMattHale.org.

But I have largely already said what I have to say on this subject, so we move on to other subjects.

Like cocaine at the White House.

That seems an appropriate place to have some cocaine. “The White House” sort of sounds like coded language for the place where one goes to buy cocaine.

“Hey ah, you got the thing?”

“Nah, I gotta get the money, then stop by the white house”


I doubt this is actually the first time this has happened. We often hear stories about a “mysterious white powder” showing up at some government building, and it might go without saying that they blame this on terrorism.

I mean, if you got caught with cocaine in a government building, would you admit to it?

Obviously not. You have to blame it on the people you want to screw. You know, like the American public.

There has been ample speculation that Joe Biden is being kept alive by drugs. I had assumed it was some combination of testosterone and adderall, but given the habits of his son, I suppose none of us should be surprised that it turned out to be a routine cocaine addiction.

I suppose that explains the frequent and often inexplicably early “lids” often called on the President’s daily doings.

“Hey, the guy just showed up with the thing”

“Alright, we’ll call a lid”

Then there’s the story of the two giant “women” who raped a boy in the United Kingdom.

Gender equality has come a long way since the dawn of feminism. Women are now getting into the rape business.

Either that or this 6’3 and 5’9 duo who raped a child and knocked him unconscious are actually men who dress like women. It’s tough to tell if you read the BBC. That’s British Broadcasting Corporation. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Long gone are the days of treating women as a protected class and granting them due deference. We now assume they are rapists and set out in search of giant female sex predators. All the offenders need do to escape capture is put their boots back on and skip a shave, and they’ll evade capture forever.

Because in our declining world, responsibility is obsolete. Racist, even.

What’s most important is that we all mouth the words of our popular fictions. That is what determines your value as a citizen. Adherence to the narrative is all that matters, and if you can do that, you can rape to your heart’s content.

You can also riot and loot and set fires, provided you were not born in the country you destroy. The elected leaders and State media will do everything possible to cover for you.

French President Emmanuel Macron blamed video games for migrant invaders destroying his country, attacking his citizens, bombing police stations, and generally behaving like animals. The BBC says the riots are “fueled by everyday discrimination”.

I suggested they perhaps meant to say immigration. This may be my most popular tweet of the new account, with over 1,100 likes.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention I am back on Twitter. That’s @TalkRadioGod you may know.

Ukraine’s SBU, the spy agency, got me kicked off the service for awhile. They reported all of my posts to Twitter, and eventually some sympathetic activist decided that one of the hundreds of posts they reported was hateful conduct. I appealed the decision, and waited more than three weeks. During which Twitter continued billing me for Twitter Blue.

I couldn’t even log in to cancel my subscription without deleting the Tweet, but I wanted to wait it out and have the appeal addressed, because you can lose access to certain Twitter features if you have a content violation within six months, and the user waives his right to appeal by deleting the alleged offending content.

I came to conclude that I’d be waiting six months or more and lose access to more than this if I waited, and finally, gave in to the extortionate demand. So, I’m back on Twitter, you should follow me and retweet everything I say.

You know who else is on Twitter? Every degenerate with a sex fetish.

The buzz over there today is that dudes are taking drugs to make milk come out of their nipples, which was apparently endorsed by the CDC.

I could hardly believe the story so I went to the CDC’s website, and I found something perhaps more interesting than their endorsement of the “chest feeding” fetishists.

Under the heading “Health Equity Considerations for Developing Public Health Communications” the CDC says the following;

Build a diverse workforce throughout levels, including leadership positions; consider the benefits of hiring people from the communities you serve, including those who are disproportionately affected, and who “look and sound” like the communities you serve.

This reminds me of that old Twilight Zone bit. Aliens come to Earth, and they appear to be very helpful. They’ve even got a book titled, “To Serve Man” and people are like “Oh wow, these creatures have come here to serve us, isn’t that great” and at the end of the bit, this guy is about to get on a spaceship to go to the alien planet, and a woman runs up and warns him “Don’t get on that ship! The rest of the book, To Serve Man, It’s a cook book!” But it’s too late. The aliens throw him in and close the door and the ship takes off.

The communities they serve, indeed. Blend in, yes. Find people who look and sound like them. Then, serve them fava beans and a nice chianti!

But, you know, they’re not going to buy this crap coming from a wierdo space alien. So if you want to take advantage of women, you’ve got to get people who look and sound like them to carry out your scheme, but if no women are depraved enough to go along with it, you’ve got to get a man to grow his hair out and stuff his shirt and put some makeup on and play ridiculous games with his voice so that he can look and sound like the communities he wants to serve, with some fava beans and a nice chianti!

And if you want to take advantage of black people, you get an Asian woman like Kamala Harris, and you go “Hey, you’ve got dark skin, you’ve fucked niggers before, can you pretend to be a nigger so we can fuck these niggers over?” and she’s like “Well yeah I’ve been screwing niggers, literally and figuratively, my whole life, I’ll do anything to feel wanted” and then you “serve the black community” with some fava beans, and a nice chianti!






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