Radical Agenda S06E023 - Rose City Nationalists

Radical Agenda S06E023 – Rose City Nationalists

I was joined by Alfred from Rose City Nationalists for a special Sunday live airing of the Radical Agenda.

This group came up on my radar when they were attacked by Pride Bois who were apparently eager to mimic masculinity according to a kind of cartoonish stereotype they learned from watching Jewish television.

Aside from being outraged at the behavior of these testosterone starved homosexuals, I found the courage, restraint, and comradery of the Nationalist group inspiring.

As I said at the time;

The Nationalists really handled themselves quite well, I must say. These boys are the ones who ought to be proud today. They have made me proud.

1. They made a sincere effort to stand their ground without escalating.
2. Though outnumbered, they didn’t run when threatened.
3. Nor did they pop off like lunatics. They tried to de-escalate and avoid violence without caving into threats.
4. When the fighting started, they stuck together.
5. When one of the guys was de-masked, his friend rushed in to protect his identity.
6. When one of the guys was knocked so hard he could barely stand, he went to his friend, and his friend held him up.
7. When one guy went down, the other guys rushed in to get the goons off him.
8. After all of this, dazed, bleeding, and unmasked, they still did not run.

If any of you know these guys, please do let them know that I am singing their praises and that it would be my honor to speak with them and assist in any way I can.

Thank you for your service, gentlemen. You are a credit to your Race & Nation.

Thanks to you the listener, I was able to get acquainted with Alfred, who was my guest on this special Sunday airing of the Radical Agenda.

We talked a bit about his journey, the formation of the group, and what could be discussed about their future plans.

Radical Agenda usually airs Fridays at 9:30pm Eastern and you can watch or listen live on Odysee, GetMeRadio, and MyTuner.


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