SurrealPolitiks S01E017 - Demonic Depravity

SurrealPolitiks S01E017 – Demonic Depravity

If you accuse of wrongdoing, anyone in government who happens to be held in favor by the Leftist media, you will likely be accused of being a “conspiracy theorist”.

The term is left intentionally vague, of course. It shares this feature with epithets like “racist” and other Left wing buzzwords which serve little purpose in the mind of the informed other than to identify the target the attack as a “non-Democrat”. These are catch phrases which have become more a reliable standby for the most disgusting people in our society to silence critics, than they are actual terms of any linguistic value. Rather than explain, they confuse. Rather than provide meaning, they hinder discernment.

For the informed observer, the person hurling these epithets is a crime suspect. They are not informing the community of a problem by shouting warnings, they are trying to divert suspicion from their nefarious behavior by shouting nonsense distractions.

This was perhaps never clearer than in the recent controversy over a film titled “Sound of Freedom”. Your humble correspondent has not at this time seen the film to speak of it, but I what I have seen is a familiar pattern of behavior by the usual suspects which sheds light on a very important subject closer to home.

The film in question asserts what is now a controversial value judgement. Namely, that molesting children is bad. Because of this crimethink, the film has been branded a “QAnon Conspiracy Theory” and outraged people in the media are panicking that anyone might dare say something so dangerous as “Molesting children is not okay”.

And, the liberal media might find some support for this view by using some of their usual tactics. For example, it is popular to say “Hitler did this, and you did this, therefore you are Hitler, and therefore you are bad!” and if this is accepted as a reasonable thing to do, then one can easily say that those who oppose molesting children are criminals.

Because you know who really doesn’t like child molesters? That’s right, criminals. Criminals target child molesters for violence in prison, and for this reason they are typically kept in what is known as protective custody. In recent headlines, just yesterday morning in fact, former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was stabbed multiple times at a federal prison in Florida where he is serving his 175 year sentence. Nassar, 59, pleaded guilty in 2018 to molesting dozens of young female athletes under his care and possessing child pornography. Nassar was placed in the Florida facility after he was assaulted by another inmate in May 2018 while incarcerated at a prison in Arizona. Assuming he doesn’t soon die of natural causes, Nassar will likely be targeted again before he has served the remaining 170 years of his sentence.

He is hardly unique, this stuff happens all the time.

So, if criminals hate pedophiles, and you hate pedophiles, you must be a criminal too! You QAnon crackpot! Now get over it and give your kids to the drag queens already!

And if you fall for that, well, your children don’t deserve the outcome, but you certainly should get your world’s greatest Dad mug taken away, at the minimum.

Now, an altogether less familiar opposition to pedophilia is some kind of media boogeyman known as “QAnon”. What I know of QAnon is composed primarily of Telegram spam, in which an unceasing series of fake accounts pop into my chat and comments sections to make outrageous claims about weather modification and human cloning, invariably with some invitation to join a secret group where they will uncover all the secrets of the darkness. The same scheme is found in the direct messages of my listeners, as accounts pretending to be me, send people direct messages offering them “important information” usually followed by some kind of cryptocurrency scheme that will end pedophilia for a small fee.

And so I do not much like what I know of QAnon because I am not a big fan of spam or fraud, but to the extent QAnon dislikes pedophiles, the man appears to be in the good company of popular opinion.

But the media, they have an altogether different view of QAnon, he is bad because he dislikes pedophiles. This, in their book, is very dangerous.

And you know who thinks people who don’t like pedophiles are dangerous, don’t you? Yeah, that’s right, pedophiles.

And this is substantially more than guilt by association. We are not saying that the media drink water and so did Hitler and therefore the media owe reparations to Jews (which, as an aside, would make for some peculiar accounting), we are saying that their behavior is very suspicious because everyone from churchgoing grandmothers to convicted serial killers, uniformly dislike pedophilia, and this small group of habitual liars seems to find this much more troubling that routinized race riots and arson.

And so, when a convicted pedophile happens to be wealthy beyond comprehension and nobody really understands how he got his money, and he somehow manages to avoid any serious consequences for his actions, we have a right to be suspicious. When that same convicted pedophile finally is picked up by the feds after a lifetime of crime, under the Presidency of the man these same media liars call the second coming of Adolf Hitler, and before his bail hearing, he supposedly kills himself in protective custody at the moment the cameras happened to stop working and the guards took a nap, we have the right, no, the duty, to call BS.

We talked about the Epstein thing on here not so long ago, but that might actually not be the worst of it. It seems obvious that Epstein was blackmailing people, and we still don’t know who or for what. We know that he was in some way connected to Israeli intelligence, if nothing else through Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was undisputedly a Mossad asset while he ran a major newspaper in the UK, and multiple sources claim that he was killed by Mossad for threatening to expose information.

But, if you are an American, you might say “Well, those foreign intelligence agencies sure are corrupt. Good thing we live in America!” and that would be pretty amusing to us.

What if I were to tell you that the FBI actually ran a child porn site?

What if I were to tell you that the FBI actually ran several child porn sites?

What if I were to tell you that the FBI actually ran several child porn sites, which they used to install malware on the computers of thousands of visitors to the site in order to track them?

What if I were to tell you that they actually did all of those things, and then just sat on the information instead of pursuing the suspects?

Because this is  no mere hypothetical. This all actually happened, years ago. And, more than once.

Ars Technica tells the story of a 2013 FBI search warrant kept sealed until 2016. In the warrant, the FBI had seized 23 child pornography websites from an outfit known as Freedom Hosting, and was running them from “a government facility”. The FBI sought the court’s permission to use a “Network Investigative Technique” or NIT which involved exploiting a law in an older version of the FireFox web browser that had come packaged with the Tor Browser Bundle, to install what amounts to a computer virus on the machines of visitors to those sites.

Tor is an acronym, it stands for The Onion Router. This is an encryption and routing protocol used to guard one’s privacy on the internet. Unlike your VPN service, which only keeps your IP a secret, Tor actually allows the websites you visit to remain anonymous as well. This has resulted in the proliferation of illicit drug markets and other clandestine web services on what has come to be known as “the Dark Web” or “Dark Net” or “Deep Web” depending on who you talk to.

The “Tor Browser Bundle” is an easily found and installed bit of open source software that you can use yourself. It comes with an altered version of the FireFox web browser, designed to connect exclusively through the Tor network. At the time our story takes place, the Tor browser bundle did not automatically update the web browser. So after a vulnerability in the FireFox web browser was discovered, only those users who had manually updated their software were protected from exploitation.

Websites operating on the dark web are known as “hidden services” and you have likely heard about them in the news. Perhaps the most famous was the Silk Road, the first online drug market, which resulted in a life sentence for a man by the name of Ross Ulbricht. Freedom Hosting made it their business to host these services, and while there is nothing illegal about running a hidden service per se, and thus Freedom Hosting’s business model did not necessarily have to be a clandestine operation, it is not difficult to figure out that such a service will attract criminals. So Eric Eoin Marques, who ran the operation, did what he could to keep his identity a secret.

His efforts proved insufficient. A French server hosting 23 child pornography websites, as well as the popular Tor Mail service, which was not on its own committing any crime, was seized in 2013 after investigators, by as yet undisclosed means, discovered its true IP address despite protections of the Tor network. The United States Government used data gleaned from that server to hijack these websites and operate them from a US Government facility in the United States. When visitors to the sites arrived, they were met with an error message, and while they were trying to figure out what was wrong, the FBI was hacking their computers. Hundreds of thousands of them.

Some savvy users noticed an unfamiliar JavaScript being deployed across multiple illicit sites, and sent out the warning, but it was too late for the users who had already been hit.

Marques, a dual citizen of the US and Ireland was arrested in Ireland, in 2013 for conspiracy to advertise child pornography. He was held in Irish custody for 8 years while he fought extradition to the United States, but his efforts once again proved insufficient. He was ultimately extradited to the United States, and pleaded guilty to those charges. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

When the United States government hold charges over your head, it is difficult to say no to them. Acquittals are rare, trials are a farse, and the federal government seems to think it is less bound by its own constitution than the states it is always imposing upon. While sweetheart deals are reserved for the likes of Hunter Biden in federal indictments, there’s a standard sentencing guideline reduction that comes with taking responsibility, and making things easier on the prosecution on and the Court can go a long way in reducing the lengthy sentences the feds are notorious for handing down.

But there is reason the think that the interests of Mr. Marques would have been better served taking his case to trial.

This scheme worked out so well for the federal government, that they did it again in 2015. Only this time, when users came to the child porn sites under their control, they got their porn. The best known of these cases was a site known as “Playpen” which was then the world’s largest child porn website with over 200,000 users.

For two weeks, the FBI is known to have operated this website and allowed users to upload and download pornographic images of child sexual abuse. Some of which was surely ongoing at the time this was happening. The FBI used their control of the website to distribute malware to the users of the site. In no particular hurry to stop the ongoing abuse, the FBI collected data and spied on the visitors to the site, and, at their leisure, issued indictments for a fraction of the thousands of users whose computers they hacked.

What they did with the rest of them, they need not disclose. This is because the disclosure only comes as a result of a part of criminal procedure law known as discovery. An accused person has the right to know what the evidence against them is in advance of trial, so they can have an opportunity to develop their defense. But no discovery demands can be made by a man who has not been charged, and has no idea he is under investigation.

If you think that’s a pretty neat trick, you can be sure the FBI agrees.

But it’s not just Playpen that the US government served up child porn on, according to security researcher Sarah Lewis;

Security researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis told Ars [Tecnica] that “it’s a pretty reasonable assumption” that at one point the FBI may have been running roughly half of the known child porn sites hosted on Tor-hidden servers. Lewis runs OnionScan, an ongoing bot-driven analysis of the Tor-hidden darknet. Her research began in April 2016, and it shows that as of August 2016, there were 29 unique child porn related sites on Tor-hidden servers.

“Doing the math, it’s not zero sites, it’s probably not all the sites, but we know that they’re getting authorization for some of them,” she said. “I think it’s a reasonable assumption—I don’t think the FBI would be doing their job if they weren’t.”

This seems to have upset somebody. Because Ms. Lewis’s website is no longer online.

The Playpen situation hit close to home for me the following year. My associate Ian Freeman, whose nationally syndicated broadcast talk radio show I used to co-host, was raided by the FBI more than a year after the malware allegedly infected a computer on his home network.

Freeman denies having ever accessed any child pornography website. Whether someone else on his Wifi did, or whether the FBI just made the whole thing up, we’ll never know, because Mr. Freeman will never get to make a discovery demand in that case. The FBI seized everything in his home capable of storing data, and after months of going through their contents, finally returned them, and never filed any charges against the libertarian activist in relation to this allegation.

Now, it is a troubling thing to break into a man’s home and accuse him of child porn and sieze all his computers and hold them for months and turn up nothing. If the man is innocent, that is very unfair to him, and for other innocent people in the world, it should raise alarms.

What might be more troubling is, why did they wait more than a year to do it? If the FBI thought Ian Freeman was accessing child pornography, surely they have been in the investigative business long enough to know that evidence is often quite ephemeral. Especially months after it has become public that you had conducted the malware operation.

The answer may lie in the case Mr. Freeman is about to be sentenced on. Mr. Freeman was recently convicted of tax evasion and money laundering related offenses pertaining to selling Bitcoin, which the government clearly considers a far greater threat to its authority than raping babies on camera for money and pleasure. He faces over 800 months in a federal prison when he is sentenced next month.

The FBI has been after Freeman and friends for many years, dating back to at least 2012. Back when we used to spend more time together, a bunch of Left wing fanatics went on Facebook to call me a terrorist, and the Joint Terror Task Force took notice.

In an effort to get a recording device into our meeting place, the FBI met up with the local police in Keene, New Hampshire. They said they wanted to build a case against one of my associates, and it didn’t seem to matter much which one. To accomplish this, the police went out and arrested a heroin dealer.

Given the prompt nature of this request being fulfilled, one might ask, why the heroin dealer had not been arrested sooner of they knew he was selling drugs?

Don’t you worry about that, you conspiracy theorist. The FBI got a heroin dealer arrested and you should just thank them instead of listening to those QAnan crackpots!

Then, they promptly let the heroin dealer go.

He got the sweetheart deal of all sweetheart deals. All this death peddler had to do to get off unscathed, was go buy some weed from my friend at the time. A fellow by the name of Rich Paul.

Mr. Paul considered his marijuana distribution something of a public service. He made no secret of what he did. He was a pro marijuana activist and would smoke marijuana in public at the city’s central square on regular schedule, an event much advertised on a local website. Non-activist locals who considered the war on drugs a misguided policy would often join in the celebration, and after police had been embarrassed by videos of arrests taken by activists at the event, they just stopped enforcing the law.

Until the FBI showed up.

So, this heroin dealer, one Richie DuPont, wore a wire, and bought a bunch of marijuana off Rich Paul while recording the transactions. They did this over, and over, and over again, over a period of weeks, knowing the whole time that Mr. Paul was peddling his wares to others and not showing much concern for this fact at all. They also purchased a then legal hallucinogenic chemical from him, called 2CI.

When the feds were convinced they had enough leverage, they told Mr. Paul that he was going to be charged individually with each of those sales, and that he would also be charged with distribution of the legal chemical, by saying it was purported to be LSD, which it was unambiguously not. It was at some point during the business referred to as “acid” and if you had done a Google search in the year 2012 for “legal acid” you would have found 2CI quite handily.

Mr. Paul faced 81 years in prison. He was told he could avoid the whole ordeal and all he had to do was wear a wire into our meeting place and ask questions about political violence.

Mr. Paul said he would consider their proposal, left the police station, and promptly informed us of what had happened.

To keep the details of this scandal from coming to light, Mr. Paul was offered a plea agreement. Plead guilty to a single felony, and get no time at all.

Mr Paul went to trial, presented a jury nullifcation defense, was convicted, and served one year in the county jail.

But the JTTF never lost interest in the Keene activists, nor in me. They spied on us for years, looking for some excuse to come after us.

Four years after raiding Mr. Freeman’s home over the alleged child porn access, and coming up empty, the JTTF broke my door down in January of 2020. Not for terrorism, but for telling someone I had repeatedly reported to local and federal law enforcement, that he should in no uncertain terms leave me the hell alone.

A year later, they arrested Mr. Freeman, for selling Bitcoin.

I tell you the story about this drug mess not because I have any sympathy for drug dealers. In fact, one of the most offensive portions of this story, I hope you’ll agree, is the dope dealer being free to continue killing off New Hampshire’s 94% White population with opioids, just to get the pothead so that he could record the activist who was not at all shy about his views, which were routinely broadcasted on over a hundred FCC regulated commercial radio stations.

The point of the story is that the FBI spent nearly a decade cooking up crackpot schemes to try and take down an activist group I happened to be a part of. They were willing to let heroin dealers kill their citizens to accomplish this. Mr. Freeman and I were both ultimately arrested for absolute nonsense, in wholly unecessary big dramatic raids that scared the hell out of our neighbors.

But when they claimed to have discovered that Mr. Freeman was accessing child pornography, they waited over a year to check on his computers?

I would call this extremely suspicious.

And you should too.

I mentioned earlier that Mr. Marues, the proprietor of Freedom Hosting, may have done well to take his chances at trial. That was the course pursued by one Jay Michaud.

Michaud was one of just 135 people charged after the FBI hacked thousands of computers in the Playpen operation. His defense attorneys, in preparation for trial, demanded information about the “Network Investigation Technique” used to track his computer. A federal Judge, appropriately, agreed with the defense, and rather than disclose what they had been doing for all this time, the Justice Department moved to dismiss the case against him.

“The government must now choose between disclosure of classified information and dismissal of its indictment,” Annette Hayes, a federal prosecutor, wrote in a court filing on Friday. “Disclosure is not currently an option. Dismissal without prejudice leaves open the possibility that the government could bring new charges should there come a time within the statute of limitations when and the government be in a position to provide the requested discovery.”


A quick search for Michaud’s name shows no evidence the charges were ever refiled. The statute of limitations has since expired.

He is a free man, and will remain so unless he is caught again. There is no evidence that the FBI is doing anything so brazen as they did to me and Mr. Freeman, to bring this conclusion about.

Interestingly, another man, one David Tippens, was charged in the same sting, in the same court, before the same Judge, and made the same discovery request as Mr. Michaud, and his request was inexplicably denied. Mr. Tippens went to trial, was convicted, appealed, and his appeal was denied in the Ninth Circuit.

Why does one man get to go free on child porn charges, while another man under identical circumstances goes to prison?

Lacking a coherent alternative explanation, as we happen to be, one might conclude favors were being exchanged, and this is very important to consider when participating in politics.

Which once again brings us closer to home.

In June of 2022, 31 members of the secretive Right wing activist group known as Patriot Front piled into a UHaul with plans to express their once mundane opinions about an LGBTP event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Police first claimed that a “concerned citizen” reported masked men who looked like an army getting into a UHaul, and this prompted the officers to investigate what could reasonably be interpreted by an observer as suspicious activity. Subsequent, it was reported that there had been an informant in the group.

In total 31 men were arrested on a B misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to riot, and faced a maximum of 6 months in jail. They bonded out the same day.

In case you are unfamiliar with the legal terminology, which is likely the case for most, you don’t hear much about a B misdemeanor these days. Such things are rarely charged. When you hear someone was arrested on misdemeanor charges, it is usually an A misdemeanor, meaning the accused faces up to one year in jail. But because courts have upheld that on can be sentenced to up to six months in jail without a jury trial, many jurisdictions have charges designed for that purpose, and we may conclude from news reports that Patriot Front members faced up to six months for daring to disagree with the rainbow mafia, that this was the category of charge they faced.

The FBI told reporters that they were also investigating, and those reporters seemed conspicuously uninterested in the details.

Conspiracy to riot is a very serious crime when the federal government gets involved. Especially when the alleged conspirators travel over interstate highways from half a dozen states and use interstate communications systems along the way, and the riot they are accused of conspiring toward happens to target proprietors of the government’s favorite vice.

The FBI takes such charges very seriously. This is precisely what they came after the Rise Above Movement for, and even after a federal judge dismissed the case on first amendment grounds, the Justice Department appealed the case to the 9th circuit, who were, in this instance, quite happy to overturn the lower court’s decision.

But by then, Robert Rundo had left the country, and after years on the run, he was recently arrested in Romania. His case is pending extradition before a Romanian court at the time of this writing.

We say this not to cast aspersions on Mr. Rundo, whom we are led to believe is an honorable man by all knowledgeable accounts, but rather to say that the FBI has a peculiar selective interest in conspiracy to riot charges. They do not seem to mind it when Leftists do this in public in unambiguous fashion with the endorsement of the President of the United States, frequently though we may be reminded that “nobody is above the law” save for illegal immigrants and Hunter Biden.

They will pursue Mr. Rundo across the planet, even after being informed that doing so was unconstitutional right here at home. Clearly they take this very seriously.

And, in Coeur d’Alene, the FBI seems to have found a “strange new respect” for local control, when the targets of a federal investigation are charged with a crime alleging that they have done much the same thing as Mr. Rundo is accused of doing. They have not, as of a year later, decided to take over the case and bring the much more serious federal charges against this group they otherwise seem so interested in.

But the FBI did find some interest in one of the group’s members. Jared Michael Boyce, we are informed, had his phone searched a month after the Coeur d’Alene incident, and this search turned up…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Child pornography.

It might go without saying that Leftist activist groups posing as news operations found this very interesting. Their ostensible political opponent had been charged with a crime their political opponents disagree with far more than they do, so all of a sudden they started to care about child pornography because it was, for the time being, politically advantageous to do so. No QAnon crackpots to be found.

Though, once again, their lack of curiosity seems quite conspicuous. News reports about the incident connect Mr. Boyce to the UHaul incident, and say a month later his phone was searched, but no connection is made between the two events save for putting them on the same pages of text. It is neither explained nor asked why the FBI would be searching Mr. Boyce’s phone at all, whether a warrant was even issued, much less what the grounds for that warrant might have been. It is however noted that Mr. Boyce readily confessed, indicating he found some inspiration to speak with law enforcement.

Mr Boyce, for his part, did not seem anxious to see these details come to light through any discovery process. Nor did those who brought the charges seem anxious to disclose the details.

Facing 22 charges, Boyce pleaded guilty to nine felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and a misdemeanor count of dealing in material harmful to a minor, in April of 2023. He could have served up to 30 years just on the counts he pleaded guilty to. In May of 2023, he was sentenced to just one year.

His case in Coeur d’Alene, a B misdemeanor brought the month before the search allegedly discovering the porn, still pends, but something tells me he’s not losing any sleep over the prospect of a federal rioting indictment, much less the local B misdemeanor.

From here one can only speculate, because the people who claim it their profession to find the truth are obviously not working very hard. But if I had to guess, the FBI hasn’t opted to bring their own rioting charges against the Patriot Front crew because they don’t want to disclose their associations with the pedophile. The case won’t ever see a jury, since it’s only a B misdemeanor.

In their unceasing efforts to prove their anti-racist credentials squish conservatives have used this story as proof that “Patriot Front is a bunch of feds”. Which is an interesting theory, since feds would not seem to have much need to send informants into their own operation, much less would they need to let child predators off the hook to accomplish such a thing, though they don’t seem to mind this so much these days.

I recently played a clip from Michael Knowles, where he in the title that Patriot Front had been “exposed as feds” because the police allowed the Proud Boys to viciously assault them in public. I mocked this at first, only to find myself in horror later at the brutality of the crime, but in the video, Knowles said “Just a reminder not to believe everything you read in the liberal papers”.


Has Patriot Front been infiltrated by informants? One should hope so. Can you imagine what a loser you would feel like if you ran a Right wing group in 2023, and the feds didn’t send informants to join? I mean, if they’ll let dope dealers kill people to snatch libertarians for talking smack and selling Bitcoin, you better believe they’ll let a fellow sex predator go to find out what actual opposition groups are up to.





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