National Review vs. Oliver Anthony

National Review vs. Oliver Anthony

For those in the know, it would be repetitive that I say I try my best to be a good Republican. With rapacious Left wing predators fully in control of the apparatus, it is best we not work to undermine one another. Pity that those who fancy themselves our betters never seem to learn this lesson.

For this reason I am inclined to give all the leeway in the world to conservatives who embody the warnings of Charles Murray’s 2012 book, Coming Apart. Their elitist bent and undisguised contempt for Republican Primary voters, is a comparatively smaller problem than the pathologies which attend to Democrat rule. Namely, open borders, drag queen story hour, or this Ukraine fiasco. Not that our more prominent Republican friends have done much to stop any of this.

But today I read something in the National Review that so angered me I felt compelled to spill some ink.

Executive Editor Mark Antonio Wright describes Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” as a “Fuzzy Lament” and goes on to repeat some very familiar platitudes about America being the land of opportunity. Like many conservatives, he commits a familiar error, if not a malicious choice to deceive, by acting as though he believes the options unique to Americans are somehow lost on Mr. Anthony.

Of this, I have my doubts. Not every musician is necessarily well read, nor studied in the dismal science of economics, but I have heard Mr. Anthony described as an “off grid farmer”. Doubtless men like Mr. Wright think the term “farmer” to be synonymous with “idiot”, but to be a farmer of any sort, and much more so to be one absent the conveniences of connected society, is a task not only demanding of one’s willingness to sweat, but also one imposing tremendous technical burdens, and requiring of a great deal of planning. In short, it requires intellect.

Mr. Anthony’s lyrics are not the idle musings of a drunkard. They are a keen observation of what other people are experiencing, even if not a letter for letter description of the actual state of affairs.

Good art rarely is.

Degenerate art, like pornography, discards all the subtlety and imagination that once defined the practice.

Good art does not so much depict actual events as it sheds light upon them. It is by no means so fictional as what one might read in the New York Times, but it conveys a feeling about the events described, and relies, necessarily if foolishly, on journalists and historians to get the facts right.

It has been observed elsewhere, notably, that nobody has to be “on the streets with nothing to eat” in America, precisely because we have a system that allows “the obese milking welfare”. One who wishes to be “5’3 and 300lbs” can easily find himself fully stocked on taxpayer financed “bags of fudge rounds”.

Any American who wants that life is welcomed to it, and all the suffering it brings.

Mr. Anthony has become so disgusted by it, that he doesn’t want to share an electrical outlet with that society. He is far from alone in this, and there are those less inclined to unplug, who are willing to take far more drastic measures than to put up some solar panels and live in the woods.

Others had mocked the idea of poor and working people complaining about taxes, as goes the familiar conservative refrain, that the rich pay most taxes.

Well, precisely.

The “Rich Men north of Richmond” are paying for things which are compulsory to the recipient and destructive of the society, and the people these programs are harming do not want them at any price. You can keep your goddamn fudge rounds. We would sooner be “taxed to no end”, and have you monsters stop ruining our country, than have it all handed to us for free while you play demolition derby with the ship of State.

Mr. Wright clearly sees things differently. Well versed in the language of the Rich Men North of Richmond, he has some rather straightforward advice for those who feel they’ve been working “overtime hours, for bullshit pay”.

If you guessed “Get a new job” was his suggestion, but then thought “that is too simple, surely it must be something more clever than this to have been penned by the “Executive Editor” on the pages of a once prestigious publication like the National Review”, I regret to say that your initial instinct was correct. Supposed conservatives like Mr. Wright have become so comfortable in their positions that they simply blurt things like this out with no concept of how it is received by anyone outside of the office.

One imagines Mr. Wright stopped by a bar on the way home and shared a drink with some Democrat friend, doubtless from the top shelf. Perhaps his Democrat friend would say to him “I am not usually in favor of telling people they should work, but when you told that White man where to shove it, I really enjoyed this”.

Having now gotten the full range of valuable opinion, from both Republicans and Democrats of the upper crust, he feels secure in his virtue, and gets in the car, secure in the knowledge that he won’t be bothered by the police on his way home from the bar.

In fairness to Mr. Wright, that’s just how I imagine him. It is not necessarily accurate. If he thinks this image unfair, he might do well to think about how he imagines others, and how he commits those images to writing for the world to see.

And you might also guess that, Mr. Wright draws some very vivid imagery from Mr. Anthony’s line about “drag back home and wash my troubles away”. Namely that of a loser whose dissatisfaction with life stems from his alcohol abuse, and not the other way around.

People are not miserable because they are getting wasted. They are getting wasted because they are miserable. If you keep on abusing them, if you keep on disregarding their problems, if you keep on mocking them when they complain, it won’t matter how much you pay them, they will consider it bullshit.

And they will be absolutely correct.

It won’t matter what they do for a living, or how many hours they work, they will consider their work unsatisfying, because they consider, with all propriety, life unsatisfying. One does not toil for money, one toils for satisfaction, and if it is not forthcoming, then work loses all of its meaning and you cannot print enough dollars to fix that.

When this is how conservatives portray themselves to the world, especially at a moment such as this one, Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat almost begins to look plausible. Why would anybody want someone who informs themselves from the pages of the National Review to run their country? Is there anything conceivably less desirable than this?

Well, sure, Democrats, of course, but that argument is hardly compelling when the alternative to Democrats is to be mocked and ridiculed by people who do so staggeringly little to slow the rot the Democrats bring. Some would sooner hasten this process. “Just let the Democrats wreck it and maybe we can start all over again, after everything falls apart” is an idea that has gained traction outside of the radical Right fringe with frightening rapidity.

And it is people like Mr. Wright, not the men who, like me, made our stand in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, who are spreading that lethally dangerous idea.

On the off chance one of Mr. Wright’s ilk might deign to stoop so low as to gauge the opinions of his perceived inferiors (whom, I might add, these words demonstrate possess talent far superior to theirs), I’ll offer them a bit of insight on the moment they just forfeited to the party of “trans youth”.

This Klaus Schwab idea that “you will own nothing and you will like it” isn’t going to fly, and while conservatives uniformly will join the chorus on that, they just as uniformly fail to understand why. It has nothing to do with the “satisfaction of work” or the “land of opportunity” or “capitalism” or “muh constitution”  or any of the other empty, stale, contemptible canned responses we hear from supposed conservatives who fancy themselves writers. Writers whom, one may predict, are soon to be replaced by AI applications with greater talent and creativity than Mr. Wright and his kind. This would be an upgrade no doubt, because the AI would better understand the likes of Bill Buckley than those who run his publication today.

Or maybe, this has already happened. Perhaps Mr. Wright will issue a retraction, and blame ChatGPT for this sorry mess.

I’d certainly believe it…

What Rich Men North of Richmond describes is the same thing Democrats condemned as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory when Donald Trump portrayed it on the 2016 campaign trail. Vaguely, an elite upper class, using the poor to cripple the middle class.

That’s the “fuzzy lament” and it is coming into greater focus as the arrogance of talentless puppets of the apparatus like Mr. Wright lay waste to the fiction that we live in a meritocracy.

More specifically, a disproportionately Jewish “elite”, no longer deserving of that description, as the comfort of their positions render them decadent, and incompetent, and disconnected from the people they deem themselves uniquely fit to rule. This self styled “elite”, recognizing their own unfitness for purpose, fending off competition from the middle class by knocking rungs off the ladder of upward mobility, actively sabotaging superior talent, and, in the most contemptible, diabolical, cynical plot one could hope to conjure, using ethnicity as a weapon to prevent such talent from being born in the future, and calling the people who notice, RACISTS!

What is more widely understood by the day, but unspoken anywhere but in those darkest recesses of the Internet, those much dreaded “free speech platforms” not owned by Elon Musk, is that the purpose of the Democrat open borders madness, and the feeble Republican response thereto, is far more nefarious than a mere cynical plot to get votes for one party in greater proportion to the other. It is born of a recognition of the same genetic realities our eugenics programs used to take into account, and for which Adolf Hitler is now maligned by history as the most evil man on record for copying.

Talent is largely a genetic phenomenon. It has much less to do with how hard you work than in how prudent your parents were in selecting a mate. This abolition of all standards is being imposed on the middle and lower classes by the “Rich Men North of Richmond” to end that prudence. Flooding, with the absolute worst of Central and South America, and increasingly from such far off cesspools as Africa, a country once populated by the absolute best Europe had to offer.

Demeaning the European population.

Forcing them to subsidize the breeding of those invited invaders.

Destroying their lives if they show any awareness or skepticism of that sick genocidal plot.

Rewarding them with wealth and power if they support it.

And, as if that were not bad enough, then shifting to bring in selected top recruits from India and Asia, to quietly replace those White dupes who sold out their race for a couple of bucks.

Much fuss has been made of late, that Oliver Anthony had a YouTube playlist titled “Things that make your noggin bigger” among which were videos about testosterone and “Dancing Israelis”. One does not suspect a man who watches videos of Dancing Israelis will do well in the music industry for very long. Those who run it are likely in panic mode trying to figure out what to do in response. Normally they crush these people before they have a chance to gain much of a social media following, but this viral sensation seems to have happened too quickly to fully vet him.

In due course, he’ll be asked to apologize. Too soon to guess his answer, but one suspects a man so disgusted by modernity that he disconnected from its electrical grid will prove more difficult to pressure than the likes of Tucker Carlson, and he was by no means a total pushover.

Mr. Wright ought to hope, he ought to get on his knees every night and pray, that those for whom this “fuzzy lament” comes into focus “drag back home and wash their troubles away”.

Because the alternative is they join organizations like Patriot Front or the Active Clubs. They sober up, get fit, and well, I don’t want to fedpost, but you get the idea.

This state of affairs, though lamented absent the focus meeting Mr. Wright’s decidedly non-artistic standards, is clear as day and completely intolerable to most people, right now. The “Rich Men North of Richmond” namely Jews and their Gentile dupes, are not just pushing around a bunch of Nazis with Tiki torches anymore. They are discrediting the legal system by abusing the President of the United States, and his supporters, and drugging and mutilating the children of regular working people. They are not doing any of this in secret, they are holding press conferences about it and wagging their fingers at anyone who would be so immoral as to question the wisdom or virtue of their behavior.

If there is anything to lament about the fuzziness of Mr. Anthony’s hymn, it is that too few understand who the Rich Men North of Richmond are, or why they are ruining our society. This is a problem that plagues much of our discourse. This “damn country” ain’t “kickin them down” so much as a handful of parasites keep doing precisely this to that very country. There is nothing inherent to wealth or status that makes a man want to cut off a child’s genitals or destroy his country with immigration. Much less to “look out for minors on an island somewhere”.

Class warfare is a communist tactic to destabilize a Nation, and it seems to be working out quite well for them, all things considered. Knowing that the body cannot survive without the brain, and that the body, being of greater mass, will win out in such a conflict, Jews stoke class warfare to displace Gentile elites. Then Jews, like the lancet liver fluke, a brain parasite, simply step in to fill the void. They loot what remains, and then they move on to the next country, decrying their old dumping ground as a hotbed of inexplicable anti-Semitism.

Well, even having witnessed the awesome powers of Internet censorship perhaps in greater measure than any other man alive, I can tell you quite plainly that such a state of affairs will not long persist.

The Jews might outlive me.

But my words will outlive them.



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