Radical Agenda S06E031 - How To Stay Out Of Prison

Radical Agenda S06E031 – How To Stay Out Of Prison

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E031 - How To Stay Out Of Prison

As the January 6th “fedsurrection” cases continue making a mockery of our legal system, two Pride Bois leaders were recently handed lengthy sentences for Seditious Conspiracy. Joe Biggs and Zach Rehl were sentenced to 17 and 15 years respectively, and this, we are to believe, was lenient, since prosecutors sought terrorism enhancements which the Judge appropriately rejected.

As this audience knows too well, your humble correspondent has also seen the business end of a Judge’s gavel more than once in service to our cause. As we speak, hundreds of men await the pre-dawn raids to drag them back to Charlottesville, for the crime of carrying a Tiki Torch in the summer, more than half a decade ago. This month, my dear friend Ian Freeman will enter a federal district court to find out how much of the 70 years prosecutors seek to incarcerate him for will be granted. Ashley Podsaid-Sharp was recently sentenced to 8 years in Britain, for possessing a book.

Innocent men, one and all.

This occurs while actual criminals brag about murder and arson on social media platforms that supposedly ban “hateful conduct”. It occurs while child sex predators drug and mutilate toddlers in the name of civil rights, and hold press conferences about it. It occurs while outright election theft is carried out before judges appointed by the victim, and a war drags on for the benefit of none but the crackhead son of the man who stole the election.

From these facts a man necessarily infers things about his environment and the threats therein.

For most, prison ranks second only to death in the hierarchy of disfavored outcomes. For a smaller number, perhaps second or third behind dishonor.  Whatever the rank, only certain homosexuals prefer it to liberty, and so one seeks to avoid it.

But how does one go about this in an environment where innocent men are persecuted the most vigorously, and criminals are praised as heroes? In a world where good is evil, men are women, and anarchists riot to demand more government, one might infer that the best way to stay out of prison, is to commit a crime.

Were a man listening to this show to embark upon such a course he would likely find he was in error, and a grave error at that. Innocent men are persecuted not because they are innocent, but because they were to be persecuted one way or another, and evidence of a crime was not forthcoming to the persecutors. Were evidence of a crime to be found, this would only make easy the job of his persecutors. This happens often enough, and is considered for the most part unremarkable.

And so we might say that, to avoid prison, obedience to the law is a necessary though not sufficient component of one’s behavior.

Then again, we might also note that obedience to the law does not always present as an option. In our environment we are denied the protections we are owed of the law. Denied this protection, lawlessness is the predictable outcome, which the persecutors observe joyfully. Upon observing our predictable response, we are held liable the predictable outcome. Just as predictably, those who victimize us brag about their crimes with no fear of repercussion.

From this one might infer that prison is a foregone conclusion, or at best a game of dice. Today you roll a six and you come home to your wife. Tomorrow you roll snake eyes and off to jail you go. “Them’s the breaks” quoth Boris Johnson.

We may better infer that to avoid prison one ought not challenge the machinations of those who do the persecuting. No doubt this would be the surest path, but one suspects those listening are among that smaller number who rank dishonor high in the disfavored outcomes hierarchy, and so we must chart another course.

Anonymity has found favor with many. Living a double life. One with a disposable screen name, another with a social security number, and never the two shall meet.

This has had what could charitably be described as limited success. The ghost haunts the wires and the airwaves but never the personal space of the monsters he fears will enter his. A hard limit is placed upon the efficacy of anonymous activity, and long before that limit is reached, the veil is often pierced.

Having taken refuge in his anonymity, he becomes as one stripped naked before a hostile crowd. His only instinct is to run and hide, and this provides only the briefest respite, as soon the authorities come to drag him before a public Court, as in the case of Douglass Mackey.

There is no such thing as anonymity. There is only obfuscation. You exist. You say the things you say. You try to keep people from attaching the words to the face, the face to the name. The name to the charging documents. While you are doing this you are saying things you would not say had you known the day would come when all the dots would be connected. Then that very day does in fact arrive, and you are unprepared.

From all of this we may say the following: There is no axiomatic solution to the human condition. There is no formula that removes the need for decision making. Efforts to pretend otherwise have enjoyed all the success of anarcho-capitalism, which is to say, quite little indeed. Prison aside, and quite separately from the question of our late stage political chaos, people who think there is a formula to life, a simple handbook of rules to follow, are uniformly disappointed to discover otherwise when the rules change as quickly and as often and as separately from their own decision making, as the climate. Life is an animated contest in which the capacity to adapt is the skill being measured.

You obey the law, until you can’t. You are anonymous, until you are discovered. You are unworthy of the energies of the persecutors, until you do something that matters. When things change, you either rise to the moment, or fall beneath the tide.

So I have no sure path to provide you to freedom.

Fundamentally, you have two choices in life. You can either rely on your own decision making, or you can rely on the decision making of others. These are themselves decisions you must make and you must make them hundreds or thousands of times a day. Nobody is all one or all the other, but tendencies rightly emerge.

For most, it is appropriately the latter course that prevails. There is no substitute for good leaders. Radical individualism is a cruel joke, and to observe this just spend some time with people who scream about it the loudest. They are not individualists, they are repeating the words of leaders who told them to be. They have been given an axiom, and they mouth the words as they have been taught to do. When they are confused, they go back to the people who taught them, and await further instructions.

When catastrophe ensues, as it invariably must, the leaders deny they are anything of the sort. They take no responsibility for the outcome. “Those individuals are to blame for what befalls them, not I”.

Be though they may without substitute, good leaders are in exceedingly short supply. A prudent man observes what happens to good leaders and does not want this to happen to him. This results in alternating states of imprudent leaders emerging, and leadership vacuums when they are invariably removed from the contest. Imprudent men again fill the vacuum, and so the process repeats, with fewer actors involved each round, since some follow the leader off the field or, into prison, or the grave.

So it would seem we are short today of a hopeful message. Good leaders are destroyed by the persecutors, good men don’t want to be destroyed, bad leaders take their place, bad leaders lead followers to destruction, and through such a process we are with varying rapidity grinded down to nothing.

Perhaps we shall throw up our hands and enjoy the decline. Get vasectomies and take up drugs and find some comfort in the beds of confused young feminists who measure their self worth in the volume of smartphone notifications from Jewish owned dating apps. Maybe skip the vasectomy. Leave behind a string of fatherless children. Mimic the blacks while telling ourselves we are seeding the world with better men. Justify our degeneracy with visions of young revolutionaries trying to earn the respect of fathers they never knew.

Fun to think about maybe, but likely an unrewarding practice. Far better to be purified by pain and die gloriously. Why enjoy the decline when one can hasten it? Accelerate, as they say.

Destruction is simpler than building by far. Why bother winning when you can simply devote your energies to making others fail?

The lower bar of entry here proves too great a temptation for some to resist. One can do something as risky as a suicide mission, or they can waste their days staining their keyboard with sex lube and potato chip grease. The options are limitless.

Since there is no measure of success, one cannot be held to account. So long as the people you’re destroying are not of any particular value to the system, you are terribly unlikely to end up in prison. But, a day may come when you cross the wrong man, and off to jail you go.

Here we may note that the musings of the writer have gotten us rather far afield. I had a point and meant to get to it a thousand words ago, but these things happen. Let us conspicuously revert to our original theme.

Whether it’s me, or the Pride Bois, or Ian Freeman, or Ricky Vaughn, or Mr. Podsaid-Sharp, however unjust the persecutions, we may say that errors were made, and if we learn from the errors of others we can make better decisions for ourselves. So here are some things I have learned by observing much suffering over the years.

Anonymous or not, don’t say things that you don’t want printed in the New York Times next to a photograph of you at the office.

You are never more anonymous than you are knowledgeable of the systems you are using to communicate, and unless you can recite for me, line by line, from memory, the source code of your operating system, that is not very anonymous at all.

You must obey the law and demand that those around you do the same.

You must not associate with criminals.

If criminals will not leave you alone, then you must inform the authorities  of the crime being committed against you. You must do this before those criminals force you to act in a way that breaks the law, because you can be certain that this crime will definitely be reported.

Men who tell you not to report crimes, should have their motives thoroughly interrogated. Criminals really don’t like it when people report crimes.

Whether you break the law or not, you must always maintain a reputation as a law abiding citizen, and you must do this all the more if you are a criminal.

Likewise, whatever your thoughts on the state of your country, you must maintain a reputation not only as a law abiding citizen, but as a loyal one, and similarly, you must do this all the more, if you mean to engage in rebellion.

But to do this you would be a fool, because you cannot do it alone, and the thing you must know most importantly about staying out of prison, is that your co-conspirator today is your star witness tomorrow.

Whether it is actually the case or not, any prudent plan must assume, that the most honorable man you know, if given the choice between going to prison and sending you in his stead, will find this an easy decision to make. Whatever the facts, and surely independent of your perceptions, he will, when faced with that choice, be certain that it is all your fault that this has happened, that you would surely do it to him if given the chance, and that he is only doing what is best by beating you to the punch.

The louder he asserts the contrary before that day, the more certain you may be that he will give you up when that day comes.

And mark my words, it will come.

When men tell you shit that don’t make no sense, politely excuse yourself and walk away briskly, but not so fast as to raise suspicion.

If you say “then what?” and your interlocutor invokes a supposed moral principle, he is telling you that he does not have an answer.

High minded talk of ideals is no substitute for planning, and men who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Do not think that because you have gotten away with a thing, that you will get away with it again. Past performance is no guarantor of future results. Many men are in prison right now, some who will never be released, because they did a thing a hundred times, and were one day charged with dozens of those incidents, years down the road.

Short of gambling or other matters of random chance, large sums of money come quickly only to men who are doing things others cannot or will not do. So if you see an opportunity to make a great deal of money, you should not rely on your lay understanding of the law, nor even the advice of an attorney, to determine the legality of the act. Rather, you should try to determine why others are not doing the thing which promises such handsome rewards. Mice do not know why the peanut butter is free, and so their necks are snapped, or they end up dying of thirst while struggling against the sticky paper. If you do not want to end up like a mouse, do not behave like one.

There is no such thing as a mostly peaceful protest. There are permitted demonstrations with prudent leaders who coordinate with authorities, and there are criminal acts of terrorism which the authorities may or may not find convenient for some given purpose or another. If there is violence at your protest, you are present at a riot. It matters not who started the violence. and if you do not leave the riot, then you are a participant. If you traveled on a highway or used wires or airwaves to facilitate this purpose, then you have used an element of interstate commerce to participate in a riot, and federal law says you may spend up to 20 years in prison for this. If you used those wires or airwaves to discuss this with someone else, you have conspired to use an element of interstate commerce to participate in a riot, and that’s another 20 years right there.

If you plan to defend yourself with force, then you have committed a premeditated violent crime, because self defense is not planned so far as the law is currently practiced. You cannot go to a place planning to be assaulted, and take pleasure in knowing that you will beat the daylights out of your assailant, if you plan to make it home without a criminal record.

If you have committed a crime, and you have gotten away with it, this is not because you are a criminal mastermind. It is because the people who prosecute crimes consider your crime in some way beneficial to them. You might then ask yourself who has benefited from your crime, and make all appropriate inferences about your criminal career.

Do not be so sure today that you would rather die than be taken into custody. Many men are in prison right now having changed their minds when the moment arrived. Men who think the worst that can happen is they will flip a switch and no longer exist, make poor decisions, and these are more importantly not good people to have as your friends.

A man who thinks he can turn off his life when things get too tough, eventually finds himself in precisely that predicament, and in the likely event he hesitates, he will soon find himself somewhere where ending one’s life is no quick process. It involves a great deal of bleeding, or struggling for air, or being struck repeatedly by deranged monsters who are in no hurry to stop.

On that note we may conclude our diatribe with this. Life is not a contest of the strongest or the fastest or the most well connected. As we said earlier, life is a contest of adaptation, and above all this is the practice of having the greatest selection of means by which to adapt, which is to say, keeping one’s options open.

The biggest problem with being a criminal is not so much the threat of being prosecuted for the crime he intends to commit, but that one cannot avail oneself of the courts to resolve disputes. This results in means of dispute resolution which are near always far more serious crimes than the criminal intended to be involved in. This figures most prominently in the case of one Ross Ulbricht, who has been sentenced to life in prison not so much because he started a website where others could sell drugs through the mail, but because he was sentenced on the basis of having hired an assassin, even though he was never charged with that murder for hire, because that is the perversion of justice that our federal system has become.

Criminal or not, you will each and every day make many decisions, and each of those will have repercussions down the road which you cannot entirely predict. What you must take account of is less those later unpredictable repercussions, than what it will do to your foreseeable range of options. The cliche of “putting all your eggs in one basket” is universally known for a reason. There is a tendency in some radical political movements to come to the conclusion that one is “all in” – that they must devote all of their energies to bringing their utopian visions into existence. They make plans on the basis of this delusion, and since it is a delusion and the plans do not come to fruition, they have cut off all avenues of options which do not involve the realization of the vision.

Then they have no options, and prisons are full of such desperate men.

Maybe you don’t want to “work within the system” – fine. But do you want to cut yourself off from that option? Only if you are a fool.

Perhaps you believe the system will collapse. Fine. Do you have plans for the likely event where the system outlives you? Prudent men surely do.

Others end up in prison. And having been there myself, they have all of my sympathy.




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