Taking on the Rainbow Mafia of Web Hosting

I have long been subscribed to the email listed and discussion forum of a web hosting industry site called LowEndBox (their forum is LowEndTalk).

As the name may imply, the theme here is discounted services, and there are good deals to be found there.

Of course, like every other website on the planet which has not taken a stance against Leftist bullying and fraud, they are overrun with some of the lowest and most vile people on the planet.

This does not tend to come across in the blog. The people who run it are actually competent writers who for the most part understand the industry and come across with worthwhile insights on a fairly routine basis. It is one of few newsletters I actually read on a regular basis.

So I was rather surprised when I recieved an email from them about a “queer” web hosting company.

You can read the entire post here, but, spoiler alert, the company has no “strong vision”, as we’ll discuss in greater detail shortly. Their entire gimmick is that they’re a bunch of mentally ill homosexuals. The company has been in business for less than six months and it is not the “day job” of anybody working there. This is nothing but diversity propaganda being spread through paid promotional content on a blog.

I rightly considered this beneath the dignity of an otherwise fine newsletter, and I made my opinions on the subject known. I was not the only one.


The comments section is one thing, but most of the discussion happens on the forum. So I, quite appropriately, decided to bring my thoughts on this blog post to the “Off Topic” section of LowEndTalk.

What happened next is quite illustrative of how low Leftists are intellectually, how devoid of substance they aspire to be, and how cowardice is their only sustenance.

This conversation went on from 9:30pm until well after 4:00am, at which point I went to bed.

When I woke up, the entire thread was deleted by the moderators.

But I screencapped the first seven pages of it, and this record will stand as a testament to their cowardice for all of time.

What will stand out most conspicuously is the predictable patterns of Left wing mob behavior, but I encourage the reader to take note of something quite hopeful.

There were a number of people who commented on this in agreement, and they did so despite enormous pressure.

Others were less bold, but contacted me privately, on and off the forum, and I have made some new friends as a consequence of this. I expect those relationships to be productive.

It is also worth noting that I have not been banned from the forum. Yet. The cowardice of the moderators is legendary, yes, but they didn’t ban me. That’s something, at least.











When I woke up and saw that the coward moderators had deleted the thread, I went back to the comments of the blog post, and offered this.



As you can see, this took a great deal of time, and put my patience to the test. It also deprived me of a night’s rest.

I expect this to pay off in due course as a result of exposing these fools and making some new friends along the way.

But I cannot do this without your financial assistance.



If you would like to help finance this high quality production, I try to make this easy enough to do….



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