Radio Silence

A Short But Overdue Break – More Details To Follow

Until moments ago, and had remained offline for just over 24 hours. We have all data, and there is no security threat. We have not been “deplatformed” due to content concerns.

But to solve this problem and make sure it does not happen again, we have to conduct some more extensive changes than we would have to conduct simply to get things back online.

The burdens this imposes are making show prep for this evening’s uncensored production impossible, so we will have to cancel this evening’s live show.

Our plan is to work through the weekend to make some very significant changes we have been planning for a long time. These will provide a more stable infrastructure, faster site performance, and new features for our paying subscribers.

To make sure these changes are not rushed, we will also be canceling the Monday live airing of SurrealPolitiks, and plan on returning to regularly scheduled programming with the Wednesday Members only show.

We thank you for your continued patience and support, and we look forward to revealing these very significant upgrades to you.



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