Back to Back Appearances Tonight

Yesterday I told you I’d be taking a short break, but as you may have gathered, I have trouble keeping my mouth shut.

So, this evening I’ll be on The Political Cesspool, and Just Joe Radio.

The Political Cesspool begins at 7pm US Eastern. You can listen on their website.

I will be on Just Joe Radio at 10:30pm US Eastern, and you can catch that on Joe Prich’s Odysee channel.

1 thought on “Back to Back Appearances Tonight

  1. Chris, are you familiar with Todd Callender’s efforts to document valid oaths of office for federal officials? You might look it up because it appears by not having the oath of office, one can’t be prosecuted for treason. Part of the radical leftist or communist agenda is to not sign these and this is being documented down to state levels. If the judge who sentenced you does not have one on file within 30 days of taking office, all official actions are null and void. You potentially can sue for false imprisonment. He was interviewed by GR Mobley on Reclaiming the Republic radio show a week ago or so. God speed. Be sure to scope this issue for the prosecuting attorney too.

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