Radical Agenda S06E032 - Hunting Propagandists

Radical Agenda S06E032 – Hunting Propagandists

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Radical Agenda S06E032 - Hunting Propagandists

As postmodernity exhibits its final throes and we witness the collapse of the facade, perhaps the best representation of all its cartoonishness is the English speaking American transvestite who acts as a leading propagandist for the Zelensky regime in Ukraine. A perfect metaphor of liberalism’s excesses and reliance on coercive deceptions, Michael “Sarah” Cirillo routinely takes to social media to say that he is a woman and Ukraine is soon to win the war, with equal truth value in both statements.

Mr. Cirillo recently made headlines by announcing that “Russia hates the truth, but their obsessive focus on a Ukrainian volunteer is simply allowing the light of the Ukrainian nation’s honesty to shine brightly. Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash ever harder, and their rabid mouths will foam in uncontrollable frenzy, as the world will see a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for their crimes. Russia’s war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down, and justice will be served, as we in Ukraine are led on this mission by faith in God, liberty, and complete liberation.”

Which God endorsed Mr. Cirillo leaving his family to become a sex freak and advocate the slaughter of journalists is not made clear in the video, but we are able to discern from the context that the volunteer in question is one Kent “Boneface” McLellan, and the “favorite Kremlin propagandist” is Gonzalo Lira, aka, “Coach Red Pill”. Americans one and all.

Mr. McLellan famously told RT that the CIA sent him to fight in Ukraine, and this combined with his face being covered in Nazi tattoos, provides no small challenge for those seeking to dispute American support of such groups in Ukraine. So, clearly, the only appropriate thing for the Ukraine regime to do is arrest another American and call him a Kremlin propagandist, put him on trial, and cause him to “face justice” which likely involves a rope and an object taller than the man in question.

Michael Knowles, whatever his faults, did a good job of piecing together a timeline of Cirillo’s degenerate and murderous path. but he conspicuously neglected to mention the degenerate’s dealings with the Pride Bois and the Nevada GOP.

Cirillo posted to his Instagram that he had his “gender identity” with the woman who would become his wife in 2002, and described this as a mere “abstract conversation between two young people. By 2004, two months after marrying the woman, he announced his “decision to explore transition”. Five months after this, his wife had become pregnant with his child, and he said this “struggle created an added layer of hardship which was forever present”.

That right there tells you almost everything you need to know about Mr. Cirillo. He decided he wanted to be transgender before that was even really a thing. He married anyway. He continued pursing this degenerate course, while married, and as married folks have been known to do, they conceived a child. This, we are to believe, came as an unexpected “hardship” to Mr. Cirillo.

Not the fact of his degeneracy, the pregnancy, mind you, was the hardship.

But gender extremism was only one of his vices, by 2011 he had lost $350,000 gambling and pursuing excitement in a variety of ways. He admitted in 2018 that he “was just a dude who had always needed constant stimulation”. He traveled the world looking for trouble, and none of it would satisfy his thirst for conflict because he could always “leave and resume life as a white male in the greatest country in the world”.

In December of 2019 he posted to his Instagram a photograph of himself in his female costume and stated that there “was no going back”.

But his thirst for conflict persisted, and so he ran for a seat on the Las Vegas city council on a platform of legalizing drugs.

Having failed at this, he joined the Democratic Socialists of America, and announced his plans to wage “perpetual revolution” to “crush” American society.

In September of 2020, Cirillo was working as an opposition research operative with Republican candidates in Nevada. He told the Daily Beast he undertook this infiltration to work on a book about right wing extremism. His paymasters at the time were “too stupid to look into [his] progressive politics because they were too eager to tokenize” him. He hosted Nevada GOP state party Chair Michael McDonald in his home, and the Pride Bois invited him to be a “hostess” for a rally in solidarity with the January 6th protests.

But He told a decidedly different story to VozWire.com;

The McShane people knew I was progressive, and because of their intense desire for political grifting, wanted Democrat and liberal business, too. So they offered me a position, but on the condition I didn’t tell anyone, since they received blowback for having a trans person around. So, while they knew about me, the PB’s [Proud Boy’s] and Alt – Right had no idea.”

VozWire briefly notes that Cirillo was working with the FBI, without providing much in the way of detail;

The story of Ashton-Cirillo’s involvement doesn’t end there, as this past month, FBI agents corresponded with her relating to their investigation of Fiore and other potential matters of interest.

But making the Right look stupid and sending the FBI to break down doors, was not nearly enough acceleration toward civilizational collapse for Cirillo. He needed blood, and so he went to Ukraine in March of 2022 after the war had begun. Initially posting as a journalist for the degenerate blog “LGBTQ Nation”, Cirillo was soon handed a gun and recruited into the Ukrainian armed forces. While serving, the Ukrainian military gave him the drugs which sustain his gender delusions, and he was promptly promoted through the ranks. Within a month, he was a Sergeant. By August, he was producing a podcast called “Trans at the Front”.

In June of 2022, Cirillo wrote an article for LGBTQ Nation titled “Is Ukraine’s Azov Regiment a friend or foe to the LGBTQ community?” the conclusion, of course, was friend. The decidedly friendly piece acknowledged the group’s Rightist leanings and invocation of the Wolfsangle, but assured Western backers that they weren’t really Nazis, just conservatives, which he considers far less dangerous a force in Ukraine than in the United States.

In August of 2022, Darya Dugina was murdered by Ukrainian spies in a car bombing in Russian soil. Less than a month later, in September, Cirillo posted to Twitter

Hey Dugin,

Was it worth it?

By May of 2023, Cirillo announced via Twitter that

Thus far I’ve briefed the offices of Senator Whitehouse (D) and Reps. McCaul (R), Mace(R), Horsford (D), Quigley (D), Swalwell (D). I’ve also met with Chef Jose Andres and Voice of America.

Tomorrow two more Senate Offices (1 D &1 R) & Two Committees.

He was subsequently made an official spokesperson for the Ukrainian military, and has become notorious for carrying out his violent fantasies through this role.

As Coach Red Pill went missing, Cirillo mocked this disappearance and congratulated the SBU on abducting the man she calls a Russian spy, without evidence. More recently, Cirillo claims to have testified at his trial, though it is unexplained how he is in a position to provide any evidence of the accusation. One does not imagine the fogginess of this is an accident.

Subsequent to his announcement that all who criticized Zelensky would be “hunted down”, much attention was rightly drawn to Cirillo’s murderous rant. On September 14th, he attempted to backpedal in a video where he “clarified” that after Ukraine’s victory and return to 1991 borders, war criminals, including propagandists, would “face justice” by bringing brought to “the Hague, or any other Court, where they will be tried, for their crimes”.

But this was hardly convincing. In May of 2023, Cirillo stated that “justice is going to catch up to every Russian, agent, terrorist, war criminal, and propagandist, across the world“.

Clearly, speaking against Victoria Nuland’s coup in other parts of the world is not a crime, but that will not stop the SBU from being a transnational criminal enterprise backed by the Democrat Party. If the criminals in Ukraine have a puppet Court at their disposal, they might make use of it, as they appear to be doing with Coach Red Pill. But if such a tool does not avail, any other will suffice.

Cirillo, like all gender extremists, is obsessed with violence against all who question his chosen narratives. Whether that be his sexual fetish, or the preposterous notion that Ukraine can defeat the Russian federation militarily, he will lie and cheat and fuck whom he must to bring hell down on all those he holds in enmity.

He loves Azov for their brutality, and cheers to see them financed by LGBTP pride groups, because it suits his purpose well to see the Right die in futile battles with a superior force.

He pays lip service to free speech, with the notable carve outs for those who disagree, and when spies travel the world, hunting down propagandists, planting car bombs in the daughters of philosophers, he mocks the family members of the victims.

It’s worth being morally outraged at the sick conduct of Mr. Cirillo, but it might be still more appropriate to learn from him. These are the rules of engagement in the conflict men like him force upon us. We might aspire to more noble standards in other circumstances, but as they say, the enemy gets a vote, and so long as they are permitted to shape the battlefield, we have no choice but to fight upon it.

Mr. Cirillo seeks perpetual revolution, eternal conflict, unceasing chaos, misery, and destruction. In pursuit of this goal, he has spent more than two decades changing his appearance, traveling the world, infiltrating political organizations, working with spy agencies throughout the world, and picking up a gun to fight in Eastern Europe.

His reward is to see his fellow American snatched up by Ukrainian spies, charged with outrageous nonsense, and to testify at his sham trial in secret as if he had something meaningful to add. He rests confident knowing that the man will be convicted and harshly punished for challenging the lies, and he brags about his criminal conduct on Elon Musk’s social media platform with no fear of repercussion.

Had the Right this much stamina for the conflict, there would be no Ukrainian war propagandist named Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, only Michael, the American husband and father.




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  1. Regarding the statistic of Asians being 2x more likely to commit violent crimes, keep in mind that I think these statistics consider Pakistanis, Indians, and anyone from Asia Minor that we would consider having more in common with Arabs as “Asian.”

    I’d still rather have a white ethnostate than Asian diversity, but just figured I’d throw that out in defense of the East Asian homies.

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