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Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20231018

I should begin by welcoming our newest members. Since the Full Haus crew became our first affiliate partner, we have had a number of new signups and I’m definitely looking forward to speaking to some of you tonight, as we do every Wednesday at 9:30pm US Eastern.

If you are an existing member, you can check out the new Full Hause premium content by going to and using the same login credentials you use on this site to log in. Once you log in, you’ll see the member content.

This is very exciting for me, and in due course I hope it will be for you as well.  To be respectful of long time listeners, I should not repeat all of my ambitions here today, but you can expect I’ll be catching up with the Full Haus crew on a recording or broadcast in the near future and we’ll discuss it in greater detail then. I have very ambitious designs and I have been working on this for many years.

During these member chats, I usually have a bit of prepared material and will read the news much like our public call in shows, but I try to give more opportunity for listener participation and, more uniquely, participation between listeners. Our call in shows, as many of you know, typically feature one caller at a time and I tend to keep those calls fairly brief. Here, it’s more of a video conference and people can bounce ideas off of one another.

If you’re not a member yet, you can become one at for just $6.70/month if you use promo code agenda33 at checkout.

Once you’re a member, you can join us every Wednesday at 9:30pm Eastern in our Member Chat here

If you miss the live show, you can always catch the replay in the member content section here

Those of you with an Odysee content subscription can find the stream here

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