Radical Agenda S06E038 - Adventures in a Lawless Legal Land

Radical Agenda S06E038 – Adventures in a Lawless Legal Land

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E038 - Adventures in a Lawless Legal Land

Augustus Invictus has long held a unique and special place in the history of the Radical Agenda. We had him as a guest in October of 2015 on Episode 44, long before we had contemplated the idea of “Stages” to the program. Back then, he was seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination to run for the United States Senate, and I could tell just from the enemies he had made that he was pissing off all the right people.

Thus began a friendship now more than 8 years running.

For those familiar with his activities, it will come as no surprise to hear, that he continues to make all the right enemies.

Among the most notable and energetic of these is Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Hingley, a Soros backed Democrat who replaced my erstwhile tormentor from that office, one Robert Tracci.

Mr. Tracci, my fellow Republican, made a mistake all too common among members of our Party. He tried to have it both ways. Knowing that his witnesses had lied under oath to frame me for a crime, he refused to drop the charges against me, lest be seen as going soft on the Nazis. He calculated that by pursuing one fraud and not another, he could placate the mob without looking unreasonable. In service to this calculation, he had written quite coherently about all the reasons it would be inappropriate to violate the First Amendment rights of Unite the Right attendees who had carried tiki torches through the University of Virginia campus on August 11th 2017.

But the people who think it admirable to torment the innocent under color of law in some circumstances, do not know what it feels like to have their thirst quenched. That is, to them, an entirely foreign concept. They are congenitally incapable of satisfaction, and all they know is the drive to mayhem and chaos.

The people who find this sort of behavior disreputable, few though they are in the City of Charlottesville, are by no means energetic to vote for politicians who make scapegoats and human sacrifices of the innocent to placate mobs of insatiable bloodthirsty criminals.

And so, predictably, Mr. Tracci lost his job in the following election, to the aforementioned Mr. Hingley.

And Mr. Hingley himself, though he had ran on a campaign promise to abuse the powers of his office as no sane man would dare, even then did not begin dragging men from their homes to answer for this imagined crime of “burning to intimidate”. He set himself to the more mundane task of setting killers and drug dealers loose on the street and making his jurisdiction wholly intolerable for the law abiding, but it took him several years to work up the nerve to do something so outrageous, as to charge hundreds of men with felonies for a political demonstration approved in advance by law enforcement.

Among those hundreds of men is our good friend, Mr. Invictus. Now, once again, a practicing attorney himself, Mr. Invictus found himself in the market for a colleague to represent him, when he was arrested for this imagined crime.

Being the sort of fellow he is, and trained in the practice of law, he has been quite energetic in participating in his own defense. Perhaps this is part of the motivation for the gag order just rescinded which prevented him from discussing the case at all until just last week.

And now, freshly able to provide his valuable expert commentary on the subject, our dear friend joins us for the entirety of this evening’s two hour broadcast to bring us up to speed on the latest in lawfare outrages.


A brief editorial note;

Recent guest appearances have featured what might be described as profiles of the very interesting people we have on this show. Since the subject matter at hand is so weighty, and Mr. Invictus has such a rich history, we will not tonight try to cram it all in to one episode. This evening, we’ll be focusing on the Charlottesville “burning to intimidate” nonsense, and Mr. Invictus has agreed to come back in the near future and tell us more about himself in a subsequent episode.


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