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Gear – Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20231025

It’s the ultimate backstage pass for you, dear member. Today I will show you how the sausage is made.

I have invested a great deal into this production over the decade I’ve been in this business. Though I’ve upgraded many things many times, I still have the original mixer, and at least one of the original microphones we used for the first episode of Some Garbage Podcast, which aired on December 5th 2013.

I have had to do a lot of thinking about this equipment in the last ten months as a consequence of making the video element more salient.

For most of my time in this business, I have thought about my productions as a radio show with a studio cam, and did not consider video to be an important element of the production. Even when we had guests on, the viewer only saw me most times. For awhile, I connected my computer to a TV on the set and allowed the camera to pick them up this way, but this hardly improved matters and I eventually abandoned even this.

Not that I have not had an affinity for video before. Long prior to my doing a podcast, I was making YouTube videos. At first, just doing rants in my apartment. Then, hitting the streets, recording activism, recording police, interacting with people on the street. And, here too, I have the first handheld HD (well, 72op) camera I ever purchased.

Realizing how I looked on camera eventually joined with troubles in my love life to motivate my pursuit of physical fitness, and my abandonment of a failed effort to pretend I wasn’t going bald.

Responding to listener demand, and adjusting to the circumstance of no longer having a proper studio, I have eased my resistance to modernity and the two elements have converged. We are now a full fledged video production which makes a meaningful effort not to forget our audio listeners.

This has substantially increased the complexity of the system, and my adjusting to the learning curve has resulted in some regrettable interruptions to the listener. But we hunt down the gremlins and troubleshoot the bugs and one by one they are eliminated from the system.

Tonight I’ll give you an overview of the equipment and configurations that make this show possible, and then of course, open it up to you for anything you would like to discuss.

By the way, this will not be me winging it pointing a camera at things live on the air. I am in the process of preparing this and it will be a decent presentation, I am sure those of you with an interest in the subject will learn something, and others will at least get the enjoyment of the trip down memory lane.


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