SurrealPolitiks S01E031 - Race Riot to the Bottom

SurrealPolitiks S01E031 – Race Riot to the Bottom

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SurrealPolitiks S01E031 - Race Riot to the Bottom

Among the most embarrassing moments in this Country’s history, perhaps even in the history of humanity, were those pertaining to the canonization of Saint George Floyd.

Saint Floyd, the Patron Saint of Fentanyl, Armed Robbery, and Counterfeiting, was beatified in the year 2020 following his death of a drug overdose. Since our country has given up on the concept of truth, and allowed itself to be ruled by force and fraud, the undisputed nature of this cause of death was allowed to be cast aside, and instead replaced by a narrative conjured in the minds of the most violent and dishonest people in the world.

You see, Saint Floyd had died of this drug overdose while he was resisting arrest, near certainly as a consequence of his effort to avoid a possession charge by swallowing the drugs which were supposed to last him into the next day. He was, moments prior, caught passing a counterfeit bill to a small business owner in order to steal cigarettes, and when this had the predictable result of attracting the attention of law enforcement, Saint Floyd set himself on the path to Martyrdom by fighting the officers.

Video showed Saint Floyd complaining that he could not breath well prior to being pinned to the ground. Whether this was because the fentanyl had already begun to suppress his respiratory function, or because he believed this would make his escape easier, we can only speculate, but we do know that by the time he was on the ground beneath the merciful hands of Derek Chauvin, the complaints had long since begun.

On account of this, and since Saint Floyd was a large man with a history of violence who was still struggling with police, the officers taking him into custody did as their training commanded, and continued to restrain Saint Floyd while he continued complaining about his capacity to breath. When Saint Floyd ceased to fight them, they loosened their restraint, but by then, he was unconscious and soon to die.

It might go without saying that those who find themselves gleefully at war with civilization immediately blamed the officers. Clearly, they would have us believe, that as soon as a criminal says he cannot breath, the officers have a moral and legal obligation to set him loose upon the citizenry he had victimized just moments ago, and habitually over the course of his criminal career.

The ordered liberty characteristic of Western Civilization, requiring force as it does for its maintenance, cannot be allowed to stand, in their view. Violence must only be exercised in the most chaotic and dangerous manner possible, by the least responsible people in our society. Any notion of controlled and reasonable force is what they call “White Supremacy” and this organized system of control is the only form of oppression they will not abide.

So it was not at all surprising that these people set to their routine of rioting, looting, and burning down buildings, prior to any investigation of the incident.

What was slightly more surprising to all but the most well informed, was the rapidity with which supposedly responsible authorities, joined with the forces of chaos.

The cause of Saint Floyd’s Martyrdom was never in dispute. He had consumed a lethal dose of fentanyl, and this was discovered quite early in the investigation. No injury attributable to the officers that could have caused his death was discovered in the autopsy. Saint Floyd was just another dead junky criminal, so far as the science was concerned.

But trusting the science has limited utility in post truth America. If by “the science” you mean, Dr. Fauci, it is doctrine and to contradict this is blaspheme. If it disproves racist police murdering blacks for sport, it is “White Supremacy” and must be discarded.

So began America’s hazing ritual as she entered the fraternity of the third world. Monuments were built, politicians kneeled, shoplifting was legalized, riots and arson and even murder were considered “mostly peaceful”, all who dissented were subjected to ritualistic torture of various sorts, all in service to one more dead junky criminal.

The officers were, for all intents and purposes, crucified. The city paid the dead junky criminal’s family $27,000,000. And with this, the total inversion of our legal system was all but complete.

For the rest of that year, as Americans were prohibited from attending church, locked in their homes, laid off from their jobs, put out of business, and conscripted into the black bloc with mask mandates in the name of COVID-19, the one sort of public gathering that was permitted, were race riots. These, we were told, were the cure to the only public health crisis more serious than COVID-19, that being, White Supremacy, of course.

You might recall, the virus was so dangerous, and the racism, so pervasive, that these were the excuses offered by Mark Elias and his band of licensed subversives as they set about on a “sue and settle” scheme to abolish all fraud protections in our elections. While race riots were good clean fun for the whole family, and liquor stores, abortion clinics, and marijuana dispensaries were considered essential services, polling places, by contrast, joined with churches in being far too dangerous for human beings to be found near.

And so every name and address ever entered into a voter registration database, and a few not so registered, received ballots in the mail. Signature verification, obviously one more relic of a racist past, was necessarily abolished, and with no regard for legitimacy, Democrats demanded, quite literally, that “every vote be counted” – in some contrast to those days now long forgotten when there was such a thing as eligibility for the privilege.

To the casual observer, this subversion of all anti-fraud measures might have seemed odd for the Democrats, who had warned with some hysteria that Donald Trump and every villain willing to vote for him were lawless criminals who would do anything to maintain their grip on power. Were they really so concerned about this, they might have taken measures to make our elections much harder to cheat, but they assured us through their friends in the press that the racism and the sniffles simply made this impossible, and that while Donald Trump would collude with foreign powers and sell out his country for the simple joy of being admired by an Eastern European dictator, and while his supporters were willing to risk prison and death for the simple rush of assaulting vulnerable demographics, surely democracy was just so sacred that none would dare to take advantage of this opportunity to steal the most powerful elected office on the planet.

And with this narrative so pervasively echoed through all the proper channels, the 2020 election was conducted. Despite the danger, record numbers of voters appeared at their polling places, and all new records were set for use of the postal service to deliver votes subject to no verification whatsoever. With this tremendous flood of public opinion being so overwhelming, as the counting went on into the night, leaky toilets were reported as water main breaks, and all manner of other excuses were made to stop the counting and exclude observers.

With all these anomalies, accepted by our masters in the press as a “new normal”, it is perhaps unsurprising that a man who barely campaigned, excited nobody, and offended even his core constituencies routinely, became the most popular president in our Country’s history.

At which point, the race riots, came to a rather anticlimactic conclusion.

Those appropriately skeptical of the veracity of these claims, were deemed thought criminals. They were banned from social media, fired from their jobs, ostracized socially, and ultimately hunted down by federal authorities and thrown into prison should they have been so bold as to register their skepticism at the Nation’s Capitol.

All in the name, of one more dead junky criminal, Saint George Floyd.

Peace be upon him.

But not upon you.

Your reward for this, was crime at home, and war abroad.

All for a lie.

And I do mean for a lie. These are not things that happened as an unfortunate side effect of a narrow deception. All was done – in service to – that very widespread deception. And there was not a soul in this country who bothered to inform themselves of the facts, who did not know this was a lie.

In fact, the truth was so widely known, that to call this a deception almost defies use of the term. If everyone utters the same fiction, and everyone knows it is fiction, are they lying? Or is this just the modern race hysteria version of an atheist saying “bless you” when a person sneezes?

In recent days, Tucker Carlson acted like it was news that an autopsy showed Floyd’s lethal blood concentration of fentanyl. He mentioned, parenthetically, almost as a footnote that this was known shortly after the incident. The fact has gained new steam in conservative circles, since it was brought up during, of all things, a sexual discrimination lawsuit in the county attorney’s office where this fraud was perpetrated. A female employee of the prosecutor’s office, like others who dissented from the decision to hang these cops out to dry, was punished for not going along with the scam enthusiastically enough, but unlike her male colleagues, attributed this to sex discrimination, since that’s what our legal system has been turned into. A demographic battleground for scraps of the American carcass.

Now, almost four years later, as these ancient documents remind us of what was known the whole time Joe Biden’s militia was terrorizing the country throughout 2020, it is suddenly respectable for Conservative Inc. types to question the wisdom of throwing cops in prison for arresting drug addicted career felons.

As you know, I try pretty hard to cut conservatives all the slack I can on this show, and elsewhere. If they had given half that courtesy to Derek Chauvin, we might not be in this position today.

I became a regular Rush Limbaugh listener in 2020. I had heard his show before that, and I understood that he was talented, but I found myself in thrall to the show while I was in jail. That was the best three hours of my day for basically an entire year.

When I heard Rush Limbaugh say “I hope they give it to him good and hard” I was just furious. I felt like my best friend had just announced he was sleeping with my wife, it struck me as that category of betrayal, to hear him say this.

I watched that video. Chauvin’s knee was not on the guy’s neck. It was on his back. I have seen the training handbook for his department, and what they did was in line with their training. These facts are not, and have never been, in serious dispute.

The trial of Derek Chauvin, was a fraud, and a stain upon our legal system in the same category as Trump’s rape trial, and the Charlottesville Unite the Right cases. These are, or at least ought to be, sources of shame for every involved in the legal profession.

They ought be no less shameful to conservative media personalities, who despite having every opportunity to rise up against this before it came to their door, allowed me, and James Fields, and Alex Ramos, and Richard Preston, and Jacob Goodwin, and Daniel Borden, and Travis McMichael, and Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan, and Kyle Rittenhouse, and too many others to consider listing in a two hour broadcast, to be thrown to juries comprised largely of wolves, with over zealous prosecutors proven willing to engage in preposterous deceptions to achieve indefensible outcomes.

Only when it came time for them to face the same fate did they suddenly view these abuses as worthy of their now much lauded bravery.

Not that I suppose we have much right to expect otherwise. In our very Declaration of Independence it was noted that “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”. And for them, these evils were sufferable, then.

But no longer.

Later in that same declaration, America’s founders wrote of their English Brethren, that;

We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.


And this begs the question of our conservative friends. Which shall it be? Because the war is here, friend. And we have no such luxury, as peace. The conflict is visited upon us quite independently of our choosing, and I count myself among the few who would still bring you into the fold. But if a man must spend half a decade in a cage before you care to mention the proof of his innocence which has been known the whole time, then speak to me not of your bravery or conscientiousness.

Here is all we need to know about politics in 2023. If somebody complains about racism in the current year, that is evidence of a crime. It’s not an effort to help the downtrodden. It is not an effort to right a historical wrong. It is evidence of malicious intent on the part of the speaker.

And if you give this any oxygen, you are an accomplice.

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