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What if it turns out to be the case, that we are consistently ahead of the curve on public opinion? If our view of things today can predict the prevailing opinion of tomorrow with reasonable accuracy, then what might the world look like in the future?

There is some evidence that this is the case. Not conclusive proof, of course, but “prevailing public opinion” is of course as imprecise a science as one might hope to dabble in. Finding conclusive evidence of what prevailing public opinion is right now, or even yesterday, is a thing dedicate professionals devote their careers to and make good money doing. To predict the future, well, that might require as much as 1.21 gigawatts.

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I’ve remarked several times recently about how bored I am with the news. I make a token effort to stay apprised, but I am consistently shocked at how unsurprising the world is.

For a man in my position, this poses serious problems, since talking about the news has sort of been my thing for over a decade.

What’s more, is that there is greater access than ever to news that could be broadly described as Right wing, or at least, center Right. I think this actually contributes in some part to my dissatisfaction. A bunch of guys who wouldn’t be caught dead within a city block of me are saying things roughly approximating those I’ve already been locked up twice for saying. They attach to these, click bait headlines, not infrequently accompanied by more than one exclamation point or one or more words in ALL CAPS.

I hate to sound like a hipster, but a lot of this stuff is “old hat”.

A headline at Revolver News today reads “Harvard’s Shocking Admission: Affirmative Action and Critical Race Theory Killed South Africa”. In which, you’ll not be shocked to know, that things have not improved since they handed the reigns to a convicted terrorist and dispossessed the White minority. How this counts as news in 2023 escapes me, but you can bet it won’t pass for news in 2028.

Another headline at Revolver reads “Charges of antisemitism are the last refuge of the unpatriotic “conservatives”…” this is a shortened version of a subheading at the American Conservative by Declan Leary, and reads in full “The charge of antisemitism is the last refuge of the truly unpatriotic “conservatives” who act against the interests of America and her people.”

Leary praises Pat Buchanan accurately and profusely, before going on to note that he was called an anti-Semite by disreputable actors, notably William F. Buckley and the rest of the hyenas at the National Review. Rather than noting that anti-Semitism is a useless buzzword, Leary defends Buchanan by saying the charges of anti-Semitism are meritless because Buchanan was not an anti-Semite. Here, he loses my interest entirely, because there is no masculine fortitude demonstrated in denying accusations of silly things that one need not be ashamed of being, whether he be the thing or not.

Taking our timeline of how long it took Harvard to confess that South Africa has completely fallen apart, roughly 30 years, we might hold out some hope that by 2050, calling someone an anti-Semite is a good way to get yourself banned from social media, or at least, laughed out of the room. We might hold out still further hope that around the same time, some one who says “I’m not an anti-Semite” would be looked at oddly as if this was a thing nobody much cared to know.

A headline at Redux reads ““Non-Binary Queer” Artist And Former VICE Contributor Sentenced For Child Pornography Possession After Arranging To Meet 9-Year-Old Boy For Rape”. It goes on to tell the horrifying yet entirely predictable story of a sexual degenerate who was lauded by Leftist media for his bravery, and who then went on to try and rape a child. Fortunately, the child’s pimp was an undercover FBI agent and this degenerate will be spending the next 9 years with adults in prison.

We might hope that in 5 years our headlines of this nature look more like those out of Russia. AFP has a headline “‘Let us live’: Russian drag queens fear looming ban”.

As the story reiterates, Russia has long banned propagandizing gender hysteria to children, but since that hasn’t stopped the freaks from trying, they’ve just gone and banned the whole scene categorically. We know with the utmost confidence what the transgender movement is. It seeks to abuse children. That’s it, there is no more noble purpose to it than that. So assuming we are slightly ahead of the curve, the broader populace is going to figure this out, and hopefully we can avoid a total collapse like the Soviet Union did before we go ahead and start fixing these kinds of problems.

I would not deceive you by describing myself as anything resembling an optimist. Things are likely to get worse before they get better, and I would not assert that things getting better is a certainty at all. But when I look around and I see people realizing that Israel is not our greatest ally, that criticizing Israel is not the mark of a sinner, that democracy is not always wise, and that an apartheid government have been proven correct in its assertions of its necessity, I do feel that slight warmth of a spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, we are ahead of the curve…

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