A Brief History of TRS & The Radical Agenda

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
A Brief History of TRS & The Radical Agenda

During the November 29th SurrealPolitiks Member Chat, a listener brought up the relationship between myself and the fine folks over at TheRightStuff.biz. This came in response to some discussion of their parting ways with a fellow by the name of Eric Striker.

I made a token effort to avoid diving into the TRS/Striker conflict, and I think I’ve largely accomplished this, even after spending 40 minutes talking about my interactions with the TRS crew over the last few years.

This is easily among the best things I’ve ever recorded.

So, although it aired during a members only session on SurrealPolitiks, I think the story is interesting enough, and important enough to the historical record, that I am breaking this segment out for public consumption.

I tip my hat to the TRS fellas as I drop this, with a reasonable expectation they’ll hear it.

It’s an honor to know that we’ll be featured on the pages of the same history books.

Thanks for the opportunity.



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