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SurrealPolitiks Christmas Party Member Chat 20231220

This is our last member chat before Christmas arrives, and I’m looking forward to celebrating the Holiday with you.

Not much on the agenda if I’m honest. I’ll pull up some news and some of my old Christmas stuff just for kicks.

See you at 9:30.

This will be our last week using the current system. Next week we’re switching to Discord. If you don’t have Discord yet, please go create a free account and download the app at

I’ll send further instructions soon.

If you’re not a member yet, you can become one at for just $6.70/month if you use promo code agenda33 at checkout.

Once you’re a member, you can join us every Wednesday at 9:30pm Eastern in our Member Chat here

If you miss the live show, you can always catch the replay in the member content section here

Those of you with Odysee content subscriptions can find the Odysee stream here


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