Radical Agenda S06E047 - Christmas Agenda

Radical Agenda S06E047 – Christmas Agenda

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E047 - Christmas Agenda

For this Christmas special of the Radical Agenda, I put a bit of a remix together of “The Night Before Christmas”

Twas the night before Christmas in Manchester, New Hampshire

For junkies, and blacks, and their Jewish masters

This place once so white, but not anymore

Then at my apartment, a knock at my door

This fucking PO, at this hour on Christmas?

Who else could be knocking? This place is a secret?

Put down the controller to my PS4, put on a t-shirt, and open the door

You ain’t my PO, what the hell are you wearing?

There’s no pets allowed here, much less, 8 reindeer

Bull fuckin shit, is this some kind of gag?

The FBI send you? The fuck’s in the bag?

Take your damn drugs and your wierd fucking pets, go back to Boston, I’m done with you feds.

I asked you for help and you sent me to prison,

Now I’m trying to work and you keep interfering

Enough with the jokes, I’m in no mood to laugh

Ho Ho Ho Chris, you’re too funny by half

I’m not with the feds, and I live far from here,

Where everything’s white, except my reindeer,

You expect me to believe, that you’re Santa Claus?

In this shithole building, for what fucking cause?

Been a long time, since I been that high

The feds took my guns, but you try me you’ll die

I’m a fan of the show, and what white man isn’t?

Since you’ve been so good, thought I’d pay you a visit

Alright, I’ll bite, come in have a seat.

I ain’t go no cookies, have an energy drink

Okay now, fatso, what’s you’re agenda

I’ve got Jews to hate and I’m playing Nintendo,

I hate the Jews too, and that’s why I’m here

I brought you some presents to put them in fear

I can’t have weapons, I knew this was a trap

If you’re from the North Pole, I suggest you go back

Or I’ll fuck Mrs. Claus in front of those elves,

You send me to prison, your life’s on the shelf.

Ho Ho Ho, no guns, at least not just yet

First you need power, which I’ll help you to get

Let’s start with some crypto, Monero galore

Spend all you want, but oh wait, there’s more

Here, take these keys, the car’s in the lot

It’s got cold AC, where you’re going it’s hot

Yeah, I’m going to hell, but not tonight asshole

You think you can kill me, your name probably echoes.

I’ll bash your skull in with this cast iron dumbbell

Dump you in the park with the junkies, who gone tell?

He said “Relax psycho, Not that far south, I got you a studio, and a big fucking house

For what? So those Jews can take it by judgment?

The fuck is the point while they run the government?

Pay in Monero, there’s no short supply,

No way that I pay them, I’d rather die

It’s not the expense, it’s the principle Santa

Those Jews made it up, in advance, and they planned it

I’d sooner see Viktor and learn to speak Russian

Or go back to prison, or get a concussion,

There must be some way you can help me with this,

You’re Santa, you’re here, it’s fucking Christmas

Well now that you mention it, I do know a guy

A powerful lawyer, connections on high

You straighten this out keep the car and the mansion,

Get these Jews off my back and you’ll see me dancing,

He called him on Signal, like Charlie Brown’s teacher

I grasped not a word, but listened quite eager

He hung up the phone, and asked for a fax

I looked at him sideways, then clickety clack

Away on my keyboard to find such a service, I gave him the number

We sat there quite nervous

Then came the message, page after page

As I started to read them, then I got enraged

This ain’t a dismissal or motion for such

These are death certificates you fat crazy fuck

Did you just rope me into a murder for hire?

I’ve got enough problems and this is quite dire.

The call was encrypted, and not from your phone.

You knew not a thing, and you’re home alone.

They died in six states, of natural cause

Will that make you believe in me, Santa Claus?

I’ll always believe now, thank you Santa!

He said “Don’t thank me thank Adolf Hitler!

And there in my door way, with that fashy stash,

The Fuhrer did smile, and then in a flash

His arm went up in a Roman Salute,

I returned it quickly and Santa did too

Then we all shook hands then they made for the exit

Adolf turned around and said “Just one more thing Chris

The struggle is real, I died for it, trust me

There’s more pain to come, but it’s worth it, come what may

Permanent struggle is the law of life,

Be grateful for it, and go find a wife

He jumped in the sleigh with Santa and waved

Rudolph’s nose glowed and they were off in a blaze

I turned around, set to enter my building,

The blacks were all staring in disbelief, blurry

I told them “Relax, it’s just Hitler and Santa,

for White Nationalist Christmas, here have a banana

I packed half my shit and got in the car,

to my new studio, for my best show, by far

The phones did not  ring as I told them this story

of Adolf and Santa and victory’s glory

With funds to spare and my enemies dead,

The show was a hit, and the Jews they did fret

With fame and fortune, the power did come,

I pardoned myself and I bought many guns

Next Christmas eve, no Jews to be found

No “Happy Holidays” No menorahs, no browns,

I sat by the fire with the wife and the kid,

rubbed her pregnant belly and gave her a kiss

Of all the gifts Santa ever did bring

The best was the one on which I put this ring,

And as we went to bed and I turned off the lights,

I heard Santa again, on that cold Winter night,

Merry Christmas to all of America’s Whites!




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