Radical Agenda S06E051 - Foreign & Domestic

Radical Agenda S06E051 – Foreign & Domestic

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E051 - Foreign & Domestic

I took a bit of time where I cared not to pay any attention to the news. It was boring, repetitive, and far from plausible.

What comes across the wires, airwaves, and printing press, still defies belief in large part, but perhaps in some measure as a consequence of the now in full swing presidential election season, it can hardly be described as boring.

When Islamists took to their most useful habit and began slaughtering Jews in Israel, the informed observer had to anticipate the reaction would be sweeping. The Jewish State began a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the neighboring Palestinian territory, predictably invoking the so called Holocaust and condemning all critics as anti-Semites. This is what passes for boring in my view these days, since Jews earning enmity and then feigning surprise is as old as the Jews themselves.

Things get interesting when the conflict spreads beyond the local dispute. Israel has now bombed Lebanon and Syria in pursuit of alleged militants. Though over decidedly different subject matter, Pakistan and Iran have each conducted strikes within the other’s borders. American warships are in the region, supposedly with the intent of preventing precisely what we are witnessing occur nonetheless. While there, they’ve taken the opportunity to launch air strikes into Yemen against what have been called “Houthi Rebels”. In case you haven’t been keeping count, that’s seven countries in some state of military conflict all within striking distance of one another. Call it 8 if you are among those who recognize Palestine as its own State.

As a point of reference, though noting other countries had smaller roles, the Encyclopedia Britannica lists 9 “main combatants”  for World War I, and 8 for World War II. So, keep in mind there is a war going on between Ukraine and Russia, and that all NATO signatories are in essence undeclared combatants. With this as our frame of reference, it is hardly unreasonable to say that World War III is well underway.

Despise the so-called “deep state” all you want, but at a time like this I take some comfort to know that Joe Biden is not calling the shots. Though surely preferable to think that we had some measure of control over our own government, so long as we are going to be saddled with fraudulent elections, inundated with foreign voters, and cursed with a population dumb enough to believe what it reads in the New York Times, it is a comforting thought that the people who are killing us, might at least care enough for their own survival to limit the damage as they rapidly escalate multiple armed conflicts among nuclear belligerents.

I took no small amusement recently to see a social media comment in which a listener stated Trump’s election would only amount to war with Iran. A narrow view if I’ve ever seen one. Much happens during a presidency. Wars not least of all, it might go without saying, but if in the course of a four year term, war with Iran were to be the only trouble a President got us into, that might be seen as a form of success, given the way things are going today. While, in a vacuum, war with Iran is undesirable in the extreme, and given an up or down choice of war or no war, I choose no war ten out of ten times, we do not reside in a vacuum, and such ideas are useful only as thought exercises.

The question before us today is not whether or not the candidate you vote for will get us into war with Iran. The question is, whether or not the next president of the United States, will be the last to hold that once honorable title.

Will Joe Biden prove capable of navigating the ongoing World War? Will Nikki Haley show more or less enthusiasm for armed conflict than Donald Trump? Will Ron DeSantis show more fortitude in the face of Israeli coercion than he has mustered as Governor of the State of Florida?

In the end, only death is certain, though one is unlikely to lose if he bets on the perpetuation of taxes as well.

One thing commonly perceived to be among the many downsides of war is the power it tends to place in the executive branch. Presidents can literally get away with murder when it ranks among their top duties to kill large numbers of people, and when that is one’s frame of reference it hardly seems sensible to fuss over more trivial abuses.

Given that World War III is upon us, it hardly seems sensible to quibble over what wars Donald Trump would or would not start. It might be seen as a very substantial upside that he is talking about ending wars, but the sane observer must note that this would be challenging in the extreme and understand that Presidents frequently break less ambitious campaign promises than this.

And so, I got to musing about what upside might be gained from a wartime Trump presidency, which went well with a story on the domestic front.

While investigating a supposed insurrection in which none of the more than 1200 people charged have been met with that particular legal challenge, the FBI set out one of the more ambitious dragnets of law enforcement history. Key Bank drew up for them a list of keywords and patterns that might or might not help them track down participants in the January 6th Capitol riot, to include any references to MAGA, or shopping at Bass Pro Shops. These patterns were distributed to financial institutions who were then asked to rat out their customers without so much as a strongly worded letter, much less a subpoena from the government. With enthusiasm, they did just this.

Presently, Republican lawmakers are making hay of it. They have a committee formed on the weaponization of government, and this is among the more prominent examples of the abuse they purport to be seeking to end.

In my view, that hardly seems sensible with power so soon to change hands.

In a “town hall” with Sean Hannity, Trump was asked if he would be a dictator as President. He joked that on his first day, he would act dictatorial to jumpstart American energy production, but aside from this, not at all.

Predictably, Leftist media took the headline that Trump would, in fact, become a dictator, and had said so much on national television before a live studio audience.

Tellingly, this has done nothing to diminish Trump’s popularity. One media outlet posted a video in which activists posing as reporters asked Iowa caucusgoers if they would prefer a Trump dictatorship or a democratic Biden Presidency. Though the exact numbers are difficult to discern from the activist stunt, men and women, young and old, all said plainly that Trump would make a fine dictator and some went so far as to note that such things become necessary from time to time, in the course of human events. Most Republicans, and nearly half of Americans as a whole, agree with Donald Trump that migrants are “poisoning the blood” of this country, despite the hysterical cries comparing this to the words of Adolf Hitler. Most of the world is “betting against American Democracy” according to Politico.

None of this is without cause. In September of 2023, PBS published a story titled “A half-century after Pinochet’s coup, some Chileans remember the brutal dictatorship fondly“. As far back as 2015, I published an article here (now available as Members Only Content) titled “More Popular Than Democracy: An American Coup D’état“. In this I stated back then;

If you woke up tomorrow morning to find that the President of the United States had been arrested, Congress had been disbanded, and you now lived under the rule of a military dictatorship, how would you feel? Elated? Frightened? Angry? Indifferent? Would you rise up and fight? According to a recent poll by YouGov, 29% of Americans could imagine supporting the U.S. military taking over the powers of federal government. That number increased to 43% when they were asked this in the context of the military doing so if “the federal government began to violate the Constitution,” a condition which arguably has existed since the ratification of the document.

Consider this against the election turnout in 2012. Only 57.5% of eligible voters even showed up to vote, and only 51.1% of them voted for Obama. Add to this that many voters feel they are simply voting for the lesser of two evils, and an American coup d’état, might well be more popular than democracy itself.

If you are like me and consider the current state of affairs to be wholly intolerable, this might come as good news to you. Unless you are also like me in the sense that you actually thought it through for a moment.

Thinking it through today, I certainly don’t think I’d want Mark Milley or Lloyd Austin in charge. But I am by no means averse to a capable man telling Congress where to shove it. They rarely provide much in the way of wisdom, and their preposterous perpetual pontificating long ago rendered that body a wholly unserious institution. The Courts have rendered themselves likewise worthy of our contempt, stating in essence that anal sex and infanticide have greater constitutional protections than speech, commerce, and self defense.

So for what purpose would anyone interested in righting the wrongs of the world these days seek to limit the powers of the executive at a time like this? If the Democrats want to say that a President can obtain the financial records of his political opponents, round them up, charge them with preposterous crimes, send them to prison, kill them, and send the intelligence agencies to sabotage their business and political activity and personal relationships, then I am all too happy to embrace and adhere to that standard while Donald Trump faces the threats of a world at war.

The doctrine of “emergency powers” has long served as a catchall for near anything the President aims to do. Executive Orders and signing statements on legislation and “Presidential Decision Directives” have all combined with Congress’s abdication of its legislative authority to regulators to render the Presidency a very mighty institution.

As Trump fights to stay out of prison on his road to the White House, he argues in the Courts that the President is immune from prosecution for anything he does. He argues, convincingly, that only by impeachment in the House and Conviction in the Senate can the President be stripped of this immunity, and having the unique distinction of being the only President ever to twice face such a tribunal, he is better fit than most to speak on the likelihood of such an outcome.

You don’t have to like Trump to see opportunity here. You don’t have to think he is on your side. You can assume he is a tool of Jews and shares their contempt for his fellow goyim, and still find cause for enthusiasm at what might soon come to pass.

The Democrats have set the stage for a reckoning the likes of which the world has never seen. Trump knows with certainty who in Washington will betray him. Trump has had four years as President, and four years to think about those four years, and during those 8 years they have tried to destroy everything he has ever worked for. They have abused him and his family in ways no political actor in the United States ever thought possible. They have encouraged his murder and sought his imprisonment. They have stolen millions from him and caused him to spend many millions more fighting off such thefts.

If Trump acts with absolute disregard for your interests, and focuses single mindedly on preserving his own life and liberty and wealth, the damage he will do to the people who hate you the most in the course of that entirely selfish pursuit, will bring to you joy and satisfaction like you have never known, and which you could not have even dreamed of in the most hopeful days of the year 2016.


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