SurrealPolitiks S01E043 - Caving In

SurrealPolitiks S01E043 – Caving In

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SurrealPolitiks S01E043 - Caving In

The United States Supreme Court, predictably, sided with the Biden administration today against Texas Governor Greg Abbot.

Abbot had kicked Border Patrol out of Eagle Pass because they were being instructed to cut razor wire that Texas had put up to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol, to the shock of many, endorsed Abbot’s decision. Turns out they do not like being the facilitators of an unlawful invasion of the country they are sworn to protect.

But the Administration is less interested in protecting the country. They are a hostile entity embedded in the Nation’s central nervous system like a brain parasite. Rather than protecting America, they are working tirelessly to destroy it, and the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 Decision that almost seemed designed to discredit the institution, insisted that federal control over immigration is a sacrosanct unquestionable absolute subject to no interpretation at all, regardless of the circumstances.

At the time of this writing, Border Patrol has not retaken control of the area. There is a non-zero chance this will be the start of America’s next civil war. If Border Patrol goes in to remove the wire, and Texas enforces the local rule in defiance of the Supreme Court, the shooting will have begun and people will be forced to begin taking sides.

Undesirable though that may be, it may be preferable to the alternative. Choosing between civil war and foreign invasion, one is left with no good options. In either case, life as the society once knew it is over. One or more new societies replace the old.

But in the case of civil war, the Nation remains. This is not so with invasion. In revolution and civil war, the people replace the government. With invasion, the government replaces the people.

I’ll have much more to say about this, and tomorrow’s New Hampshire Primary, and Ron DeSantis dropping out of the race, and much more, plus your calls at 217-688-1433 when SurrealPolitiks airs live, as we do every Monday at 9:30pm US Eastern, on Rumble, and on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio App for smartphone, Roku, and FireTV.


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