Radical Agenda S06E052 - Dominoes

Radical Agenda S06E052 – Dominoes

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E052 - Dominoes

Though doubts frequently enter the picture, I am driven in no small part by the conviction that the truth of our cause will in due course assure our victory. To win, ultimately, we need only sustain the fight long enough for the other side to fail. Their failure is inevitable because their goals are at odds with reality and cannot conceivably be brought to fruition.

As a matter of pure physics, their failure does not directly translate to our victory. They might not accomplish their goals, but they can destroy humanity trying, and for some, it seems plain to see that this actually is the goal.

Much of what causes their current hysterical behavior is the knowledge that their grip on power is so fragile. They felt so secure as recently as 2015, but as the Trump campaign gained steam and the media tried to smear him for a Nazi, they miscalculated. This time around, they didn’t just call the opposition racist, they elevated the racists to prominence as a means by which to prove that Trump was causing the phenomenon.

The results frightened them. The public, far from rejecting Trump because of the racists, began to embrace the racists because of Trump. By saying “Trump says the same thing as these racists” the media told the population that the racists were not so bad after all. They have not yet fully internalized this realization, but sentiments such as “fake news” and migrants “poisoning the blood of the country” are now widely held.

Particularly regarding the media, this is quite the troublesome shift for those who rely on a deceptive information matrix to maintain their control. This began to unfold while Trump was still President, as people turned off CNN and MSNBC. Even Democrats realized these had ceased to be credible sources of information, and they began either tuning out entirely or watching Fox News.

Then came massive layoffs at news outlets, and bankruptcies. These have come in waves over the following years, and a new wave of layoffs is underway right now.

Time Magazine is about to lay off 15% of its unionized editorial staff.

Condé Nast, the parent company of once prestigious publications including Vanity Fair, Vogue and GQ, announced it would be laying off some 20% of its unionized workforce. In response, hundreds of employees staged a “walk out”, because apparently in their minds the best way to keep your job is to not do it. Silly though that may seem on its face, it holds water, considering how poorly the job has been done. Perhaps if they did nothing at all, they could avoid further embarrassment and exist as mere parasites that do not work so hard to destroy their host.

The Los Angeles Times is laying off 20% of its newsroom. The paper’s billionaire owner put his 28 year old daughter in charge of the publication. She has used it as an activist project, and completely ruined its once prestigious reputation. This predictably resulted in revenue losses and now they are firing the people who they need most, while keeping the activism part.

Even Business Insider, hardly the worst offender, is laying off 8% of its workforce.

Sports Illustrated, which once covered sports and published a very popular swimsuit issue, had, like many sports publications, likewise made the decision to become an activist project. They supported Colin Kaepernick’s anti-police stunts in 2016. They put a transgender model on the cover of the swimsuit issue. The weekly print publication became biweekly in 2018 as a consequence. Then circulation was reduced to monthly in 2020. They recently announced they would be laying off their ENTIRE STAFF, and would be licensing their content from an outside firm going forward.

CNN, no stranger to failure in recent years, apparently learned little from the failure of CNN+. Mark Thompson, CEO of the company after replacing Chris Licht, recently sent out a memo to employees stating that CNN would be focusing more on its digital products than its cable news division going forward, which will be facing new cuts. This of course follows on the least trusted name in news firing much of its evening line up for making absolute fools of themselves.

The powers that be can kick me off of YouTube, but they can’t force you to buy a transgender swimsuit magazine or watch Chris Cuomo fellate his brother on television. They can use a newspaper to push an activist narrative of the world, but they cannot force people to buy it or believe the nonsense published.

And when that comes to pass, and the information stranglehold is broken, the dominoes fall.

Nikki Haley is now facing calls to drop out of the Republican Presidential Primary. The RNC is considering naming Trump the presumptive nominee before the South Carolina Primary even arrives. Reid Hoffman, among Haley’s more noteworthy Democrat financiers, recently announced he would be turning off the money spigot after his millions of dollars failed to accomplish anything in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Americans have had it with this nonsense and nothing the forces of darkness do can make them accept the program.

In a recent poll, 55% of Republicans who consider themselves “MAGA Republicans” want Trump to use his presidential powers to take vengeance on his opposition. That might be shocking only in that it is not higher. More surprising, is the fact that 30% of Republicans who do not identify as “MAGA” themselves, feel the same way.

Governor Greg Abbot of Texas, has shocked the world by, pardon the pun, standing his ground, against the Biden Administration. 25 Republican Governors have said they support Texas in their bid to defy federal efforts to reopen the Southern Border. The Biden administration has issued a deadline, stating that it will “Nationalize” the Texas National Guard to deprive Abbot of control, and the governors of other US States are discussing sending their National Guard to Texas to aid Abbot, and all involved are cautious not to say what will happen if Biden follows through on his threat.

Perhaps that will be the moment that they cave.

Or perhaps they will issue contrary orders, and see who the guardsmen obey.

If it is the latter, civil war is all but inevitable.

And that’s okay with much of the country. They are no longer fooled. They know that’s not a woman on the swimsuit magazine. They know Trump was not working for Vladimir Putin. They know Hunter Biden was the bag man to facilitate Joe’s enrichment from his blackmailers in Ukraine. And because they know these things, they know that the purpose of the National Guard and the Border Patrol is to protect against, not aid and abet, invasion.

And so it goes, one after the other. You lie, people stop believing you, your business is destroyed, you lose your political power.

And if you decide to try and regain it by force,

You die.



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