SurrealPolitiks S01E044 - Foreseeable

SurrealPolitiks S01E044 – Foreseeable

SurrealPolitiks - Realpolitik in an Unreal World
SurrealPolitiks S01E044 - Foreseeable

Fox News is in full war propaganda mode, airing the worst of their “Senior Military Strategists” and the likes of Lindsay Graham in calls for the United States to make Word War III more or less official by attacking Iran.

This comes on the heels of a drone strike on a US Military Base in Jordan near the Syrian border that left 3 dead and many more injured. The United States Government cannot say who launched the attack, they just assert that despite this uncertainty they know it was an Iran backed group. That’s an awfully convenient circumstance for those persons and entities that have been looking for any excuse to get us into a war with Iran since prior to September 11th 2001, and have scarcely taken the time to put down their war drums since.

Of course, it’s hardly unforeseeable that soldiers in and near a war zone at a time when regional conflicts are escalating out of control would be attacked. For the sane observer, it becomes clear that the purpose of the military base is for it to be attacked. It is not there for any other purpose than to act as bait to find excuses to wage wars.

Is there some better purpose for this particular base? I don’t know, but it is obvious that this is a part of American military strategy. It is obvious that when you are involved in an increasing number of military conflicts in a region that your forces in that region will be attacked.

So while my inclination is to support my own country when there’s a war, and while I certainly don’t want American troops getting hurt or killed, the feigned shock and consequent outrage that this occurred is just nauseating to watch.

The Iran hawks have tried to make their case, and failed. They have come up with one excuse after another –  for decades – and the public doesn’t buy the line. They keep on antagonizing matters in the region, calling anyone who questions their wisdom an anti-Semite, and have demonstrated the most consistent aversion to rational analysis of any interest group. If a bomb goes off or somebody slips on a banana peel, they call for attacking Iran. It’s cartoonish and stupid and an insult to the intelligence of the population.

The way to protect American service members from attack is fairly straightforward, only deploy them to those places where you can admit the plan is for them to be attacked, and arrange for them to be the ones doing the attacking. This idea that our military is just sitting around minding their business in a foreign country and that all attacks on them are Iranian aggression is not a serious proposal. There’s no reason for our military to be minding their own business in a foreign country. If they are there, they should have a purpose that does not involve minding their own business.

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