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There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the news today. As I opened up tabs to pull up stories, they got so small I could barely click them without accidentally hitting the X to close them.

Among the pieces that have me most inspired to talk is yet another piece in Revolver News pedaling the “Patriot Front has been ‘infiltrated by feds'” nonsense. This coincides with a post from the SoCal Active Club, I saw reposted at the Western Chauvinist Telegram Channel.

The Revolver post appears to be unsigned, rendering it the opinion of the organization, as opposed to some individual within it. Likely, it was written by Darren Beattie himself.

Beattie was a former Trump speechwriter who was fired for talking to White Nationalists. Trump later nominated Mr. Beattie to become a board member of the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. Among the agency’s obligations is maintenance of Holocaust memorials all over the world.

The New York Times took issue with Beattie’s hiring, and wrote an article about it. When they asked him for a quote, he told the Times “The ADL pretends to be an organization that protects Jews, but it really exists to protect Democrats. As a Jewish Trump supporter, I consider it an honor to be attacked by the far-left ADL and its disgraced leader, Jonathan Greenblatt.”

That ethnic pride might have something to do with his decision to feed click bait to conspiritards.

The piece does not accuse the group of being a fully funded arm of the federal government. The piece outlines some detail of the group’s early formation and the legal troubles they have suffered over the years.

But much like when we covered the Michael Knowles segment on Patriot Front, Beattie in the same breath gives credence to the center right idiots who say the group has been “infiltrated by feds” as if that were somehow a controversial theory, or told us anything about what the group is doing.

To be clear, it does not.

As I said in the comments section;

You should be ashamed of yourselves for even entertaining this nonsense.

You are obviously just waving click bait at conspiritards and you know it.

The idea that the group might be “infiltrated by feds” is just dumb. Let’s just take it as obvious that feds try to spy on the group including by turning members into informants and sending undercovers to work there.

Do you think Revolver News hasn’t faced the same efforts?

Shall we call the Republican Party a “Fed Op” if some members of the GOP happen to have law enforcement backgrounds, or if the FBI is spying on them?

This site had potential, and you discredit yourselves with nonsense like this, and links to fake news sites. You could have replaced the Drudge Report, but you just couldn’t resist getting into the mud with the lowest of the low.

This stood out to me in part due to something I saw posted to the Western Chauvinist Telegram channel the other day.

Paul Minton is a pretty well known character if you’ve done some research into what happened in Charlottesville in 2017. He was running around attacking people with Philly Antifa on August 11th and 12th, and the government’s conspicuous disinterest in him speaks volumes since the guy was literally convicted of accessory to murder.

In the murder case, he helped dispose of a body his friend had dropped in his presence. Minton became a cooperating witness to reduce his own legal exposure.

At the time of the slaying, Minton was a purported Nazi skinhead. Later, he joined Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice and Antifa. Thus our paths came to cross in Virginia in 2017.

Apparently Minton purports to have seen the light and returned to his Right wing roots. He ended up in charge of a group calling itself White Lives Matter Pennsylvania, and the “Embrace Struggle Active Club”.

Understandably, people in the know saw this as a problem. So, the Southern California Active Club released a statement, which was then shared by the Western Chauvinist.

In the past, SoCal Active Club has always stayed in its lane and tried to only focus on Southern California, but we have been made aware of a “club” that must be addressed, “Embrace Struggle Active Club” from Pennsylvania.

The leader Paul Minton, has a very troubling history in the nationalist scene with flip flopping from WP skinhead, to sharp skinhead back to WP and then he moved onto joining antifa and eventually snuck his way into running WLM Pennsylvania (intentions unknown.)

With all that, some might wonder if maybe that’s just his journey and now he’s genuine, maybe give the guy a chance.

Absolutely not, even if we wanted to forgive all his past nonsense there’s more!

Paul is also a rat. In 1999 Paul testified against an associate and helped the state get their conviction in order to receive leniency. The guy he ratted on committed a filthy crime that we obviously don’t stand by, but it doesn’t matter, he still worked with the system. Working with the system is one of the unforgivable crimes against our efforts.

With all that said, embrace struggle AC will never be welcomed to national events, or be recognized as a legitimate club. Paul Minton will NEVER be welcome in any circle of ours or any circle we share influence with. No second chances for rats. If you’re in Paul’s club and want to continue the AC lifestyle and be part of something legitimate, then reach out to @PAxActiveClub, they are the legitimate Active Club in Pennsylvania.

The Western Chauvinist followed up with their own statement, and I see nothing worth responding to in that since it was quite level headed.

Let us begin here. Minton is a devoted career criminal. Even when he claimed to be a White Power skinhead, he was not in it to save his race from annihilation. He was in it because he was one of those people who think being an advocate of white folks is a criminal enterprise, and he decided to carry out his crimes, with this as his purported motive.

If Minton had never testified against his co-defendant, had never joined the Reds, had not spent years violently attacking Right wingers in the street and doxing them, the fact that he is a violent criminal with no moral code should be enough to have him excluded from anything the Active Clubs and the Western Chauvinist purport to represent.

So, it should be totally obvious, but I’ll state it anyway, that since that is the case, and since Paul Minton did in fact do all of those things after being an accessory to murder, he is an irredeemable piece of subhuman garbage who pollutes the air so long as he is allowed to continue breathing. To put him in prison for the rest of his life with nothing but the bodily fluids of other inmates for his sustenance, would be too good a fate for him. I have nothing positive to say about Paul Minton, and it is entirely appropriate that no peaceful contact with him should be permitted by anyone Right of Emily Gorcenski.

Now, Paul Minton is a “rat” by any definition. He was a willing accomplice to a crime. He was a fugitive. He got caught. He gave up his co-conspirator to save his own skin.

Even by the standards of a law abiding citizen, this is disreputable behavior. Especially when it is not accompanied by the informant turning away from a life of crime. Paul Minton is a criminal to this very day, and he has no intention to stop committing crimes. He switches back and forth from time to time about his motives and his choice of victims, but all indications are that Paul Minton will be a criminal until he is dead, and will likely die a criminal’s death, with very few mourning his passing.

But the statement issued by the SoCal Active Club and echoed by the Western Chauvinist is preposterous in its wording, if not its general sentiment.

The guy he ratted on committed a filthy crime that we obviously don’t stand by, but it doesn’t matter, he still worked with the system. Working with the system is one of the unforgivable crimes against our efforts.”

Does the SoCal Active Club have this opinion about the attorney representing Robert Rundo? Are all attorneys to become the enemies of all the Active Clubs? Attorneys do little other than “work with the system” and thus this would seem to be the case.

Do they not want retired military personnel among their ranks? Are all current and former government employees forever barred from having anything to do with the Edge Right?

When I was corresponding with Robert Rundo, before that correspondence was cut off by the government of the United States, I disclosed to him all of my efforts to “work with the system” to see justice done after Charlottesville. Rundo took no issue with what I had said, because Rundo is not an idiot, and understands that we are not criminals.

When Michael Miselis, Benjamin Daley, Cole White, and Tom Gillen all pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy to riot charges, and in so doing, swore under oath that the allegations against them were true, they did this for the explicit purpose of reducing their sentences. Their plea agreements included a provision that they could not make exculpatory statements.

Do these coerced confessions render these men rats?


Have they “worked with the system” by bowing to its coercive powers?

Yes. In fact, everyone who pleads guilty to a crime, does.

When Daley was deposed in the Sines v. Kessler trial, he was reminded over and over again of this provision prohibiting exculpatory statements, and asked “Are you saying you did not commit this crime?” to which he had little choice but to affirm the allegations of the questioning attorney, or go back to prison. That video was played in the courtroom, to great effect for the Plaintiffs.

Later, as I was being questioned during that trial, and I honestly stated that I had never met Mr. Daley before his deposition, Plaintiffs’ counsel played a video wherein Mr. Daley and I were fighting side by side at the University of Virginia. A fact I had been unaware of until that moment.

While the verdict in the case suggests that Daley’s testimony was of limited utility, our having not been found liable for a racially motivated violent conspiracy, as alleged, this certainly did us no favors in convincing the jury that this was all just a permitted demonstration attacked by Left wing criminals.

There I was on video, fighting in a riot, next to a guy who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to riot, and who could not and would not deny that he had so conspired. That likely had something to do with the millions of dollars that were awarded despite the Plaintiffs’ failure to prove their central claim.

Now, I don’t hold that against Mr. Daley. I think he’s probably a good and honest person who meant well and did as best he could do under the circumstances he was met with. I imagine that if he were called to testify against Robert Rundo, he would likely refuse and take whatever punishment came his way.

He’s not a rat. He didn’t throw his co-defendants under the bus.

He was threatened and coerced and he pleaded guilty to a crime to avoid time in prison. That’s what almost everyone who gets charged with a crime does.

When you throw your co-conspirators under the bus, then you’re a rat. When you agree to commit a crime, you make an implicit agreement that you are not going to tell the police about it. When you violate that agreement, you have acted disreputably.

If what you are doing is not a crime, and like any other innocent person you tell the truth, you have not acted disreputably, and you are not a rat.

If you are a victim of a crime, or if you witness a crime you are not a party to, and you report such crimes to law enforcement, you have not acted disreputably, and you are not a rat.

Paul Minton was a willing co-conspirator in a violent crime. He continues committing violent crimes to this very day. He is a rat.

Thus, while it is beyond prudent to say that Paul Minton is a scumbag sub-rodent life form who cannot be trusted with the responsibilities of a prison janitor, saying that “So and so worked with the system and is thus a rat and is forever irredeemable” is facially preposterous. Foolish talk like this pervades within the dissident right, near universally from people who have absolutely no experience with the legal system. It is among the most notable failures of that movement, to have such irresponsible talk, fall from the mouths of those who fancy themselves leaders, allowing such nonsense to fester in the heads of those who take them seriously.

If the author of that statement is accused a crime he did not commit, and he can provide an alibi to prove he did not commit that crime, is he going to tell the feds “Name rank and serial number” and decline to provide the proof that he did not commit the crime? Is his contempt for the system so serious, that he would rather go to prison for someone else’s crime, than “work with the system”? Or will he bring the authorities closer to catching the man who did commit the crime, by giving them information that helps them clear an innocent suspect?

If the author of that post is shot by Paul Minton, and all of his associates are witnesses to the shooting and see Paul Minton run away and hide the gun, are they all going to refuse to tell the police who shot the author of the post, or where the shooter hid the weapon? Is their aversion to “working with the system” so absolute, as to refuse to call 911 so an ambulance can come and provide medical attention?

In both the case of the Squish Right portraying Patriot Front as “feds” or “infiltrated by feds” and in the case of the Active Clubs and other Edge Right groups saying “No cooperation with the system ever, maaaan” we see the same idiotic pathology.

Notably, it is not a pathology demonstrated by our opponents. The Left work with the system all of the time. They dress up like anarchists to hide the fact that they are agents of the system, but since they understand that the object of the contest is control of the State, they have no moral aversion to using the powers of the government to aid in their efforts.

Working with the system is the whole entire point of what we are supposed to be doing here. The system is not your enemy. The system is the prize you are fighting to obtain. Nobody who fails to understand that will have any success in altering the power structures they complain about.

You don’t see boxers cursing out referees, or hockey players running away from trophies with their middle fingers in the air. Football teams do not say “screw your rules” and take to the field with weapons in an effort to win the Super Bowl.

The government will never tolerate a militarized organization devoted to its destruction.

The government SHOULD NOT tolerate a militarized organization devoted to its destruction.

If we get over our idiotic behaviors and obtain political power some day, WE WILL NOT tolerate a militarized organization devoted to the destruction of OUR GOVERNMENT.

Because of those facts, the government will inevitably send its agents to join these groups. They will monitor the membership, and seek to charge them with crimes real or imagined. They will offer them leniency in exchange for cooperation. In near all cases, they will accept that leniency with the utmost enthusiasm, even if it means throwing their friends under the bus. Many will not only tell the truth to obtain that leniency, but they will lie as well.

Reasonable and well intentioned people will do almost anything to avoid prison.

Unreasonable people, and those with ill intent, will do literally anything to avoid prison.

Reasonable people do not say “no working with the system ever”. That is something unreasonable people say.

If that guy is your co-defendant, you are in a lot of trouble.

The only thing you can do in this environment is make accurate threat assessments, make prudent plans, and take prudent actions. 

You have to know who you are working with. Anonymity is not possible in situations where honor will be tested. A person who can discard their persona and go back to a different life will do precisely that, the second he is met with a threat to the circumstances, of that more comfortable existence. It is as predictable as sunrise and sunset, and we have seen it happen too many times to keep track of it.

You have to expect that you will interact with the system. You have to make plans on how you will do that. If your plan is not to interact with the system, then you are planning to have the worst experience with the system possible, when that interaction is imposed upon you against your will.

To formulate those plans, you need to understand what the system is, at base. People talk about “the system” like it’s some kind of machine you can turn off or replace. That’s nonsense, and it demonstrates a serious lack of understanding. The system is nothing more than “people doing stuff”. It is just human beings, saying and doing things, for the acquisition and maintenance of social approval, from other human beings. This is mostly measured in material rewards, and the occasional “atta boy”.

So, if the guys who run around with guns telling everybody what to do are not acting in your interests, then you are going to have to interact with those guys, so you can change their behavior. It’s not as complicated as some would make it out to be. If you are accused of a crime, you have to tell the police you are innocent. If someone commits a crime against you, then you need to tell the police who committed the crime so they can go arrest the guy. If the guy pleads not guilty, and there is a trial, then you need to go and be a witness in the trial.

In the all too likely event you are charged with a crime, then you will need people on your side to cooperate with the system to clear your name. You will need people to make statements to police and testify in court. If you are convicted anyway, and sent to prison, you will need people to interact with the system to send you a letter, or visit you, or deposit money into your account.

And since you know that dealing with the system is very unpleasant, it is very important for you to obey the law. You have to assume that the government is listening. You have to assume that your friends will rat you out. You have to assume that your completely lawful behavior, if it can be made to look like part of something nefarious, will be so twisted if that serves the purposes of those in control of the legal system. So, you have to do more than obey the law, you must maintain a reputation as an upright, honest, and law abiding citizen, who would happily help to put criminals away if the opportunity presented itself.

You must maintain this reputation, all the more, if you intend to break the law, or if you expect that despite your best efforts to obey the law, situations may arise which will cause you to run afoul of those enforcing it anyway.

Granted, it did not keep me from being harmed by the system, but those of you who followed my cases know that I was able to say at every step of the way, not only that I cooperated with law enforcement, but that I sought their assistance in advance of the things I was supposedly responsible for. I kept good records and provided those records to investigators. I swore to tell the truth and I testified in court more than twice.

Some people look at that and say “See, Cantwell cooperated with the system, and look what happened to him! Don’t cooperate with the system!”

I look at that and say “Imagine what would have happened if those same events transpired while I screamed ‘F U Copper!’ at every authority figure who entered the picture.”

It is very difficult to imagine that would have worked out any better for me personally, and certainly it would not have worked out better for the values we share.

The whole narrative defense of the 2017 Unite the Right Rally is, we called the cops, they didn’t. I wore a body camera and we provided video. They didn’t. We cooperated with investigators, they didn’t. They attacked us, we lawfully defended ourselves. The wrong guys went to jail and got sued.

That is what history will record, if we are successful. 

If you want history to continue recording what the newspapers said, that Nazi criminals with no respect for “the system” came to commit crimes, then just keep on refusing to interact with the government, the media, and other levers of power. Keep on feeding into the idiotic notion that fascists are the real anarchists, and saying that of all the horrific things Paul Minton did over the course of his life of crime, the one unforgivable act was not that he showed up in Charlottesville with the Reds assaulting our guys, but that he testified against a murderer in 1999.

If you want the media to keep on saying that the political Right is a criminal conspiracy to overthrow democracy, then keep on going completely nuts whenever law enforcement takes an interest in a protest group. Keep on acting like anyone who comes near the government is some kind of threat to your movement, the way Bloods, Crips, MS-13, and the Mafia, have made a reputation for doing.

If, on the other hand, you would like to save your people from extermination, you might instead try to grow up a little bit, and understand that interacting with the system is the whole entire point of political activity. You might do well to stop by your legislative office building, and give them a piece of your mind. You might encourage people to become lawyers, to seek public office, and to pursue careers in law enforcement and intelligence services.

And maybe, just maybe, you aim a little bit more skepticism toward those who say that doing any of those things, makes you a “rat”.


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