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Radical Agenda S06E068 – Kids, Cops, & Broads

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E068 - Kids, Cops, & Broads

In mocking libertarians, it became a common joke to say “What if the child consents, though?” as a suggestion that libertarians were advocates of pedophilia.

Like most of modern politics, the libertarians have gotten to the point that they are actually so absurd that you cannot mock them this way anymore.

Even on the Right there is some legitimate debate about the subject of “age of consent” laws. The sensible people try to avoid those conversations because there is not much good that can come from engaging. If you advocate for lowering age of consent, you will invariably be called a pedophile. If you speak against changing them, then you will piss off the people who want to change them without gaining much support from those who support the status quo.

But the libertarians just can’t help themselves, it seems. For them, banging kids is a deeply personal issue. Whenever somebody gets busted for banging kids or trying to bang kids, they rush to see who can be the first and loudest to proclaim “No victim, no crime”.

Even when there is a complaining witness.

Such was the case recently with Elliot “Alu” Axelman, who has now been charged with 7 counts of assault and sexual assault for his encounters with a 14 year old girl. Described as an “author, libertarian activist, and former Republican state representative candidate,” Axelman faces one count of false imprisonment, two counts of simple assault, and four counts of sexual assault, all misdemeanors.

The story was brought to my attention the first day of this month, in which a listener asked “On the one hand he’s a jew, on the other hand dissidents are always targeted with this. Maybe you have more insight from new Hampshire? ”

And I responded;

Guy was hit with some misdemeanors because he fooled around with a 14 year old and the parents found out, is what it sounds like to me.

There’s no accusation here that the girl complained.

This is pretty standard fare for libertarians.

Their conception of “consent constitutes right” is at odds with the law and they get in trouble as a result.

If Ian Freeman were on the radio tonight, he would say “So what if everything alleged is true? No victim equals no crime”

It took less than 24 hours for me to be proven correct.

On May 2nd, FreeKeene.com published an article defending Axelman.

Subsequent to this, it came out that this is not the first incident. Apparently there are incidents also with a 9 year old and a 10 year old as well.

More on that in unscripted form as we get on with the show.

On the Wednesday SurrealPolitiks member show I went off on a bit of a tangent about a statement issued by SoCal Active Club and shared by the Western Chauvinist on Telegram. While the thrust of the statement was sensible, that Paul Minton, a career criminal, snitch, and antifa goon, cannot be trusted to lead a Right wing organization, I took issue, as I so often must, with a portion of the statement that claimed any working with the system was unforgivable.

This is obviously preposterous, and I went off about this at some length on the show. I’ll play a clip tonight.

Subsequent to this, on Telegram, I want off on yet another rant.

As if to become a cartoon caricature of what I had said, a commenter replied to the Member Show blog post with the following comment;

For me, there is zero benefit from groveling to pigs or interacting with the system. I dont speak to law enforcement or feds. I’m not running for president, & I have no incentive to ingratiate myself with them. They have no place in my or the local network’s life. If I am arrested, i can do my time without dragging others down. I prefer to live by a code of honor.

Sure there are many in politics who will need to communicate or work within the system. But for the regular guy, its a dumb move.

Cooperating, or naively assuming system agents are anything but malicious, didn’t seem to do Cantwell any favors. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I choose to maintain my own personal integrity

I replied;

Integrity is not what you have demonstrated here. Just foolishness and likely ill intent, but I’ll leave it up because it’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

You and 99% of the rats doing time in the federal prison system right now say the same fucking thing, until you are actually about to do the damn time.

It’s always the guy screaming the loudest that he won’t rat, ends up being on the witness stand saying whatever the prosecution wants them to say.

If somebody on your unit is calling everybody else a rat, you know he’s the guy talking to the cops, trying to divert attention away from himself, and failing spectacularly.

He replied;

See, I know all about you from consuming your content over the years, but you dont know me. Ive done more than my share of time inside. Ive done time for not snitching or cooperating. So you cant tell us that everyone has to rat or cooperate. I can look myself in the mirror. If you lost your self pride or had to re-invent yourself over the years to justify choices, that’s on you. But you are tarring us all with that mud, & Im just chiming in to object. Because im not a content creator or budding celebrity & I have no need to ask these pigs for shit.

Im not calling anyone a rat. Im just saying I think youre wrong. The people reading that shouldnt be getting crap advice about calling cops & stuff. We need a moral code, & handle our own business. Because cops are not presently on the side of pro Whites.

And I replied again;

If you “handle your own business” no wonder you’ve done time.

If guys are running around in the streets settling scores, that’s where they end up.

If you want to join a prison gang, go call it a fucking prison gang.

Stop pretending it has anything to do with politics or philosophy.

I then made several public posts which read as follows;

Spend 15 minutes talking to a cop who isn’t investigating you for a crime at the moment, and you’ll discover that his biggest concern is his bosses finding out what he thinks, same as most of you.

If you’re out doing dirt and the cops show up, yeah, behave like a fucking criminal, that’s your best bet.

But if you’re trying to make a positive difference in the world, and you’re putting forth extra energy to keep the cops from helping you with your goals, then you’re a fucking idiot.

You do some time, you can’t help but get friendly with the people who keep you separated from money and pussy. You think you’re so hard that you won’t ask a cop for some toilet paper, your friends will set you straight before your enemies do, provided you’ve got friends.

If you’re a really deranged sick person you might be able to pull that crap off for one year, but not two. Eventually, you figure out, like he did years before you got there, that you and he ain’t quite so different as you might have thought the first time you were place in handcuffs.

Being me in prison is a pretty unique experience, it might go without saying.

COs read the news same as anybody else. They got a lot of time on their hands, so perhaps more than most. They also have the capacity to look into a case, and since I’m a friendly guy who they liked talking to, more than a few did exactly that.

They knew I got screwed. Not one of them offered to break me out of prison, but they were more than happy to acknowledge “That’s fucking bullshit” and that’s not something they say to everyone in order to get by in a building full of criminals.


You want to make enemies out of them, go right ahead, but that means you’re doing something stupid and dangerous and unproductive and I don’t want anything to do with it.

Good cops follow orders.

They don’t tell their superior officers what their political opinions ought to be.

They do what they are told, or they are bad cops, and they rightly get fired or worse.

If you hope that someday you, or someone who agrees with you, will control a government, then you are a fool to complain about this. You will not be able to govern unless the guys with the guns do what you tell them to do.

The people in the federal government who subverted the Trump Presidency were criminals. We should all hope they go to prison for the rest of their lives upon his reelection, for not following his orders to the best of their ability.

A competent leader does not allow his subordinates to disobey him.


Sure, a subordinate can improvise if his orders clash with the facts on the ground. A good subordinate gets promoted for that. It shows that he can think on his feet and get the job done without constant instruction.

But if the subordinate just says “You’re a dumbass boss, I ain’t doin what you say”

Then he’s a obviously a nigger, and has no reason to be wearing a uniform he has not stolen.

If you want the cops to behave better, become their commanding officer, and tell them what to do.

It’s actually pretty fucking straightforward, and you’re never going to do that if you declare yourself at war with “the system”.


On a separate note, I got a text message from a listener on my public Google Voice number.

He was asking about relations with women. He first asked if he could ask me for some advice, and described his situation as “silly,” to which I responded.

It would be a lot easier for me if you would state the question and let me respond. If you ask permission to ask then time passes and then I say sure and then time passes again and this is inefficient in the extreme.

So, the first thing I’ll say about your relationships with women is that they appreciate masculine confidence and fortitude.

When you ask permission to ask a question, and then you describe your situation as “silly” I’m given the thought that you might demonstrate similarly effeminate behaviors elsewhere, and that will not serve you well with women.

That’s provided as only a thoughtful observation in the interests of being helpful. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that you asked before dumping your problems on me, and I’m not complaining or trying to insult you.

He then asked about how to appeal to women while being a non-conformist, and disclosed he has Asperger’s syndrome. I responded as follows;

When you approach a woman. Do not ask a question.

Make a statement.

If she’s at all attractive she’s been approached by dozens or hundreds of men and she has completely had it with people saying “What’s up?”

A question is always a request. You are asking for something.

You’re a man.


What statement you make is entirely context dependent, not much I can advise there

If you want to impress women, impress men.

Do impressive things.
Acquire impressive knowledge.
Wear impressive clothes.

These things are obviously means tested.

I don’t know or want you to tell me about your finances.

But in the case of clothing, you can build a pretty impressive wardrobe on a budget if you stop by Marshall’s and TJ Maxx every week and check clearance racks

Slickdeals.net is a great bargain hunting site

I cannot speak highly enough about the wonders of testosterone.

There are natural ways of boosting your body’s testosterone production.

There are chemical ways of boosting your body’s testosterone production.

There are legal ways of acquiring exogenous testosterone.

There are illegal ways of getting exogenous testosterone.

I’m agnostic on how you choose to address that, but I cannot advise you on breaking the law.

If you take testosterone and go to the gym and lift weights 3 days a week and do some cardio, there is a 100% chance that women will find you more physically attractive than if you do not.

Don’t insist on being a total non conformist.

Watch popular TV shows and movies.

Listen to popular music.

These are conversational fodder that you can expect women to be familiar with and it allows you to talk about things they are interested in

Stand out by having something unexpected to say about those common trivial things

If you’ve got aspergers and you have trouble with social situations, then I’ll infer from this that you have room to improve when it comes to making other people laugh.

If you make people laugh, they will enjoy your company and want to spend time with you.

Pretty straightforward.

If you’ve acquired confidence as a learned skill, you might be able to do the same thing with humor.

Watch stand up comedians

Don’t try to memorize the jokes. Analyze their structure.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls.

I’ll have much more to say about this, and much else, when The Radical Agenda airs live every Friday at 9:30pm US Eastern on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio app for smartphone, Roku, and FireTV. Give us a call at 217-688-1433.



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