“We” Don’t, And Shouldn’t, Do Anything.

An image came floating through my twitter feed, repeating an NRA slogan which, as tempted as I am, I cannot

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Government Social Media Bots Exposed

A lot of people look at the Internet as a way of breaking free from the main stream media propagandists

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After Legalizing Recreational Marijuana, Washington State To Ban Medicinal

Who ever said the State doesn’t have a sense of humor? Granted, it’s a sick, demented sense of humor that

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If You Really Want to Solve That India Rape Problem…

It seems like every other day, I see a story about rape in India, and people demanding the government do

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The Smart Phone Kill Switch: Coming To A Legislature Near You

As fear of terrorism subsides, and efforts to create cyberwarfare hysteria turn out to be a complete failure, power hungry

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