WARNING: Stop Using Facebook To Log Into Other Websites!

I knew I would come to regret this. Once upon a time, before liberals decided to begin a denial of service attack against my Facebook account, I thought it was a convenient way to sign into other websites. Now I have lost access to all of those accounts, and it is unclear whether I will ever gain access to them again.

Last night I was logged out of Facebook, and when I logged in, I was informed that 3 of my posts had been deleted. All of them were articles from this website, telling the truth about Antonio Buehler, a liberal activist from Austin Texas .

“We removed something you posted”



I am told that I will be blocked from posting, this time for 30 days.

“You’re temporarily blocked from posting”

“This temporary block will last for 30 days”



So far, none of this is news. It’s happened to me a million times. When you expose people as frauds, they tend to get upset and do everything in their power to silence you, and Facebook is more than happy to accommodate their fraud. The problem is, when I click “Log In” it just takes me back to the first message in an endless loop, and I cannot log in, not even to check messages. My Facebook profile still exists, people can still send me messages and see my old posts, but I cannot log in to check activity on them.

That’s inconvenient, but this is a crisis.

“Account temporarily unavailable”

“Your account is currently unable to use Facebook for Websites. For more information, please log in to www.facebook.com and follow the instructions you see there.”



The posts that have been removed from Facebook are still on this website, they contain no racism, sexism, graphic violence, copyrighted material, or other content objectionable to anyone other than Antonio Buehler. Since Facebook does not tell me WHY the content was removed, the only assumption one can make going by the community standards page, is they were reported for “Harassment”. However, since I blocked Buehler back in March, that seems kind of ridiculous, and additionally, Antonio Buehler is a public figure. He is an activist with a far left political agenda, who has a Facebook fan page, a Wikipedia Entry, and puts himself in front of cameras as often as possible.

If posting stories exposing the truth about public figures is now an offense that can get you banned from Facebook, then you can pretty much kiss activism via this medium goodbye. What if police officers began reporting our anti police content as harassment? What if Barack Obama began reporting every meme of him as harassment? What if candidates for public office begin reporting their opponents?

Even if you’re a raving liberal nutcase who thinks me being removed is a wonderful thing, this should really trouble you.

Because I exposed a public figure for a fraud, I’ve lost access, not only to my Facebook account, but every website I used Facebook to log into. I cannot recover my data, I cannot speak to vendors, I cannot reply to messages, I cannot delete these accounts. I am simply locked out with zero remedy whatsoever.

If you are using Facebook to log into other websites, transfer your data out of those accounts immediately, because as soon as somebody decides they want to screw with you, this will happen to you too.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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