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Why Attack other Libertarians?

“Why do you attack other libertarians? Why don’t you attack the State, instead?”

I’m a guy who finds myself in a lot of conflict with his peers, and nearly every single time I write or make a video about it, I get asked this question. “Why do you attack other libertarians? Why don’t you attack the State, instead?”

Well for starters, I do attack the State. There’s almost 400 articles on this website and over 150 videos on my YouTube channel, and in most of them I am not talking about other self described libertarians. Unfortunately, most people tend to focus the very small amount infighting that I do engage in.

It is important to note that in each of those conflicts, I was very specific about why I engaged the opponent. So I am slightly confused about all the questions. If you are curious as to why I went after somebody, simply view the content where the target was mentioned, and I’ll be very specific as to why I engaged the target. In some cases it was because the target actually attacked me, and I was only responding to their attacks. In others it was because they said something so contradictory, that I felt it needed to be pointed out. In any case, specifics about particular conflicts are beyond the scope of this article.

Still, some people think it is just better to toe the party line. Go along to get along. I couldn’t disagree more.

The strength of libertarianism is also its weakness. That is, the simplicity of the message. Initiatory force and fraud are forbidden, all else is permitted. This is a strength in that it is very easy to understand, it is (or should be) nearly universally acceptable, and it is inclusive of all non-aggressive preferences. It is also a weakness, in that any deviation from this very simple concept, completely defeats the purpose.

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