Mark Dice Banned from YouTube

Why Was Mark Dice Banned from YouTube?

Mark Dice is best known for making entertaining man on the street videos, exposing the ignorance of the American public. Whether he’s giving away Fukushima bottled water with a radioactive warning label, or petitioning to repeal the third amendment, the videos are always thought provoking and entertaining.

Mark Dice Banned from YouTube
Mark Dice Banned from YouTube

Mark never uses profanity. He never advocates violence. He never uses any copyrighted material. To the best of our knowledge, he hasn’t violated any of YouTube’s terms of service.

Today, his channel, which had over 60,000,000 views, and was consistently getting over 3,000,000 views per month, was deleted anyway. On a backup channel that he has created, Mark released the following statement. UPDATE 03/23/2014 2:21am EST: The backup channel, and the video I had originally embedded in this post have also been deleted.

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I’ve reached out to Mark requesting an interview, I’ll post it here if he responds.

This is a serious problem, ladies and gentlemen. Libertarians will correctly point out that YouTube has the right to do as it sees fit with content, but that doesn’t change the severity of the problem. I have repeatedly posted about myself and others being banned from Facebook for no good reason. I have had videos deleted by YouTube for trolling the NSA. Google has openly admitted to manipulating search results.

We know that these companies are in bed with the US Federal Government. We know that the US Federal Government has actively sought out ways to manipulate public opinion on these outlets. Since Mark doesn’t use profanity, or promote violence, or hate speech, this can only mean that YouTube deleted the channel for one of three reasons.

  1. Private sector anti-freedom trolls making false reports
  2. Government social media trolls making false reports
  3. Direct government intervention, propaganda agents demanding YouTube remove the content.

In any of these cases, or whatever other theory you may have, it is a major blow to peaceful efforts to spread a message. Everyone talks about how the Internet and social media have changed the balance of power, how anybody can now become a citizen journalist and get a message out there. This is slowly starting to change as corporations that are way too cozy with government commit completely unexplained acts of censorship against said journalists. Getting Mark Dice banned from YouTube is just the latest in a long series of issues like this, and as time goes forward, matters are likely to only get worse.

We need to create, find, and promote, more open source, peer to peer type communications solutions if we’re going to avoid the internet becoming every bit as controlled as cable TV news.

UPDATE 03/23/2014 5:04pm EST: Mark’s YouTube Channel has been restored


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