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Memorial Day: Thanks For Being Dead, Soldier

A rather twisted religious ritual takes place today. Adherents to the statist faith will take to the streets in parades to worship the many dead who have given up their lives for their deity, the State. Military hardware will roll down traditionally civilian roads, and the people this hardware oppresses will call it freedom. They call this ceremony “Memorial Day”.

It is one of the more bizarre sacraments this religion practices, in that is a direct celebration of death. Most of their observances tend to gloss over the fact that they are a death cult, speaking instead of ill-defined notions of freedom, democracy, equality, or superiority over other such cults. Memorial day instead celebrates the deaths of all American war dead, a number which exceeds 1.32 million people.

To those not under the influence of the cult’s leaders, surely this seems rather morbid. Few of us can imagine the rationale behind a national holiday celebrating over a million deaths. Celebrating the holocaust for example would cause one to be run out of town, and rightfully so. For them however, this all seems perfectly normal, even noble. In fact it is a necessary act if the cult is to maintain its army of slaves.

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