Elliot Rodger Is Liberalism Personified

Elliot Rodger sounds a lot more like a liberal to me, than a gun nut.

In case you haven’t heard, there were a series of mass shootings in California last night. Seven people are dead, including the shooter, apparently there are another seven wounded, one critically. Peter Rodger, an assistant director for “The Hunger Games” suspects the shooter is his son Elliot Rodger.

Elliot Rodger had released a video before the shooting titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” where he describes his motives for the plot. In it, he says he is very upset that at 22 years old, he still hasn’t had sex. He hasn’t even kissed a girl. Women don’t find him attractive, he’s jealous of the men they do find attractive, and so in his mind, this is a really good reason to kill a bunch of strangers.

Now, every time there’s a mass shooting, what do we hear? “Ban guns!” or “Stricter background checks!” or some other idiotic policy suggestion that would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the shooting. They never take into consideration that people who think murder is a good idea don’t tend to think very much of laws of course. They never consider that disarming the population is what makes them susceptible to mass shootings in the first place. They just jump straight to more government.

Elliot Rodger
Elliot Rodger

What if we were to try and consider the motives behind shootings, instead of the tools? Well, if we did that in this particular case, we can pin this shooting straight on the left. Elliot Rodger felt like he was owed something. In his mind, he was owed sex, he was owed acceptance. It didn’t matter that he was a socially awkward, effeminate, beta male, with obvious mental problems. As far as he was concerned women owed it to him to be attracted to him. When they didn’t give him what he felt he was owed, he had to destroy them. When other men had what he wanted, he had to destroy them. Elliot Rodger killed out of envy aimed in no particular direction, he hated society, because he didn’t have what he wanted.

When the left pumps up their class warfare crap, blaming rich people, blaming white people, blaming straight people, blaming men, they are doing the exact same thing as Elliot Rodger did. They are saying “Hey, be angry with this class of people, because they have it better than you! No need to bring yourself up, let’s bring these people down! Let us do violence to these people on your behalf!” And when the violence comes, it does nothing to bring anybody up, it only brings the “privileged” people down. Taxes never made anybody wealthy, except perhaps for defense contractors and other such entities. Welfare certainly never brought anyone out of poverty, it only served as an excuse to take money from middle class and well to do folks and bring them down a peg. They don’t redistribute prosperity, they destroy it.

That’s what Elliot Rodger did. He hated that other people were enjoying their lives more than he was, and so he had to destroy them. So the next time you’re thinking of calling for gun control, the next time you’re telling someone to “check their privilege”, maybe you need to stop and check your envy instead. Certainly, envy has been the cause of as much death and destruction in this world as anything, and all you gun control advocates and social justice fanatics, aren’t doing anything to help the matter.


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