Cop Block: Badges Do Grant Extra Rights

Well, this is kind of sad. Cop Block posted a really disgusting lie on their website today, claiming to be “committed to the non aggression principle” while simultaneously holding police above it. It would seem, badges really do grant extra rights.

Apparently, their version of the non aggression principle means, when people threaten, rob, assault, kidnap, and murder, the only acceptable response, is to stand by and record it, or of course, do nothing. Well, I’m sorry folks, that’s not what it means. That’s a completely made up idea that is a lot closer to what they teach in public school than anything to do with non aggression.

Cop Block: Badges Do Grant Extra Rights
Cop Block: Badges Do Grant Extra Rights

Cop Block is welcome to set any standard they like, and associate with whom they see fit, but if their only answer to violence is video, then that’s something other than the non-aggression principle. To say that my writings exceed the NAP, is a flat out lie, no different than the lies told by the Free State Project.

Notably missing from the names signed to this slander is Cop Block co-founder, Ademo Freeman. Not that this surprises me, Ademo is one of very few stand up guys I’ve actually met in this world.

Let’s just go ahead and chalk one up for the nihilists. Thanks to crap like this, and the FSP, and numerous other outlets, the NAP is quickly becoming as meaningless as the nihilists say it is. A meaningless term, subject to an infinite number of different interpretations. Building societies around it is completely hopeless, because based on how many negative messages a Facebook page gets, so does the interpretation of the NAP change.

Well fuck that. Fuck Cop Block. Fuck the FSP. And if you redefine terms based on public perception or your own personal preferences, then fuck you too.  

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