Will Grigg, Name One That Didn’t

In a recent post at LewRockwell.com, William Norman Grigg said of the recent cop killings in Las Vegas;

No genuine “revolution” can be carried out through aggressive violence, or led by people who mimic the worst behavior of those who act in the name of the murderous fiction called the State. This approach is morally abhorrent and strategically suicidal. The state subsists on aggression: We should be starving the beast, rather than feeding it.

Of course, Grigg fails to mention that police are sworn to “uphold the law” and that doing so is itself almost purely aggression by any libertarian’s definition. As I’ve pointed out, and any consistent non-aggressionist has to agree, it’s hard for a soldier in the war on drugs to call himself innocent. We wouldn’t blame Iraqi’s for shooting at the uniforms of the men who ransacked his home and murdered his brother.

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