My favorite part of being an anarcho-capitalist, is that things are so clearly defined. It makes sense, it is evidence based, logical. The primary problem in the world is pretty readily identifiable, the State. The State is not hard to identify. Its agents have been harassing and extorting and threatening us, or worse, for our entire lives. They frequently wear uniforms, have tacky lights on their cars, they get on television and tell us who they are, and what they plan to do to us. They have buildings, with signs that clearly identify the crimes the people inside are committing.

There are other problems in the world of course, and those problems are certainly worth discussing, but in the absence of the State they don’t amount to much. Private sector crime is really only a big problem in places where the State has taken away the guns of the citizenry, for example. Communism and other horrific economic theories invade even anarchist circles, but without the force of the State to redistribute, we can sleep soundly knowing that no matter how many people identify themselves as communists, economic laws will strongly incentivize respect for property. Feminism is working overtime to destroy the family, but in the absence of the family court system, that is pretty much impossible.

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