Excommunicated For Being Pro-White | James Edwards and Matthew Drake

While Chris is busy picking up the pieces of his life before captivity and you eagerly await Stage Four of

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 2 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a danger to humanity because he knows exactly the right “pace” to lull gullible whites back to

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 1 – Stefan Molyneux

I’m starting a new series called Nationalist Scorecard, in which I review popular intellectual figures in the public space. The

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Atheism and the State: The Inverse Correlation Between Government and Religiosity | Jared Howe

This week Illustrated Philosophy features Jared Howe commenting on a recent article from the Miami Herald which discusses the trend around the world and

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So You Think That Rainbow Makes You Look Cool?

I have an important public service announcement for everyone who changed their Facebook and other profile photos to a rainbow

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A Very Cantwell Christmas

I went to visit family in New York for Christmas, but the visit didn’t last very long. My father is

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All I Want For Christmas is a Fucking Revolution! 2014

Every year I produce a video for Christmas titled “All I Want for Christmas is a Fucking Revolution!” and 2014 is

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VIDEO: Why The Cult Of Dusty Is An Idiot

The Cult of Dusty? Or The Cult of the Omnipotent State? The YouTube channel CultOfDusty, aka Dusty Smith, released a

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