Eric Frein Can No Longer Advance Liberty

Eric Frein, the Pennsylvania man who allegedly killed one State trooper and wounded another, was captured by US Marshals yesterday in the Pocono mountains. Frein had eluded authorities for 48 days. Some say he was even playing games with law enforcement, popping up just long enough to be spotted, and then disappearing.

It had been said that the 31 year old sniper and survivalist “doesn’t miss” and had the skills to survive in the wilderness, both of which were demonstrated in the month and a half he spent on the run. Ultimately however, dogs, thermal-imaging cameras, more than ten million dollars and over a thousand law enforcement agents were dedicated to the search, and proved too much for him to evade.

Eric Frein Captured
Eric Frein Captured

He appeared in court with bruises and lacerations to his face, which authorities say he sustained “while marshals had him down on the pavement”, despite reports that he put up no fight, and surrendered peacefully when marshals identified themselves. When handed off to Pennsylvania State Troopers, he was placed in the handcuffs of the officer he allegedly killed.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, and given the slave population’s reverence for their oppressors, there is no reason to expect that they won’t get it. Eric Frein, is a dead man walking.

I think that’s very unfortunate, because it seems like Eric could have been a really valuable addition to the fight for liberty. Sure he struck a blow for the cause by removing one aggressor from this world, and severely injuring another. Sure there’s a little more fear in the hearts of the oppressors thanks to Eric. We can thank him for this, and I do, but I can’t help but feel like his capture and imminent execution are such a high price to pay for the little that was gained from his efforts. 

I can’t help but think that his efforts would have been better spent moving to New Hampshire, and joining a community of people who also see law enforcement as a threat to their safety. He could have trained others to shoot, and survive. Instead of laying down his own life for the cause at such a young age, he could have been a force multiplier for all of us.

He could have written, made videos, become a public figure, and let everybody know what his concerns were. If and when the time did come for him to lay down his own life, there would have been no confusion as to who he was, or why he did what he did. We wouldn’t have to figure this out through the filter of State run media, and police reports.

Instead, he will spend years or even decades in a cage before being strapped to a table and unceremoniously injected with narcotics and lethal poisons. His short existence will come to an end, and no meaningful story will come of it. There will be no public outrage against the government, just cheers, and chants of “USA! USA!” as one more cop killer is removed from this Earth.

I’m near certain that Eric is okay with that. I don’t imagine he expected to come out of this alive, and of course, on a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone becomes zero.

But people like Eric are such a rare and valuable commodity. People who have the will, the skill, and the means to do something meaningful to stop the oppression all of mankind suffers from, there’s very few of them in this world. Each one we lose is such a staggering loss, it is near impossible to quantify.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – if you’re ready to die, we need you alive. If you care about the cause of liberty enough to lay down your life, then find like minded people and build a community worth protecting. Society at large is not worth saving. Every time I see a mainstream political advertisement, every protest that calls for more government, every election result, every liberal or pro war twitter trend, reminds me that most of the human race is just plain doomed. There’s little purpose in trying to do anything to help people who revere their masters, and the death of good men like Eric is too high a price to pay for small dents in the cages these people so cherish.

I’ve previously expressed that I once felt like I imagine Eric did. The hopelessness of watching society leave skidmarks on its way down the toilet bowl can be overwhelming. It seems pointless to go on living as a slave, while all your friends and neighbors are quite happy with their enslavement. Going on a suicide mission to make even the slightest dent begins to look appealing.

The only reason I’m alive is because I saw an alternative. I saw a way to do more for the cause of liberty by staying alive, than I could by dying. I can’t help but think the world would soon be a better place if people like Eric Frein, Jerad and Amanda Miller, Justin Bourque, Paul Ciancia, Tim McVeigh, and others, had seen that alternative too. What I wouldn’t give to today be surrounded by such brave warriors…

I feel a sense of guilt, personally. Who knows? Maybe if I had producing content more regularly over the last few months, I could have reached Eric before this happened. Maybe he would have contacted me, perhaps even rented a room and joined the Brutalist House.

I think other libertarians should feel a sense of guilt too. People who dismiss Eric as some kind of murderer, some evildoer with no respect for life, they have no proper place in my movement. The way libertarians rush to be the first and loudest to condemn any act of violence, even those against their oppressors, sickens me. It certainly doesn’t sway people like Eric from their purpose, and it’s terribly unlikely to bring brave men like him into our communities.

The non aggression principle is not a suicide pact. It doesn’t mean we have to lay down our lives with no reward, any more than it means we have to suffer under the boot of the State until we’re too old to fight. It means we have choices, and sometimes those choices are very difficult. I respect Eric’s choice, and so should you.

But I’d respect it a whole lot more if he was still alive to have my back, and help me build and protect a community worth saving.

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