Kicked Off Campus for Questioning “Rape Culture”

Last night I set out as I often do these days, to take a walk, and play Ingress. While at Central Square in Keene, New Hampshire I saw a group of young activists with signs. I was elated to see other activists out on the street, and decided to see what all the fuss was about. To my dismay, the demonstration was not against war, or police brutality, or government surveillance or any worthwhile cause.

Rather, they were holding signs and chanting about “rape culture”, an ill defined conspiracy by the elusive patriarchy which makes it socially acceptable for men to rape women. I know what you’re thinking “When did it become socially acceptable to forcibly have sex with a woman?” The answer of course, is never, but don’t dare inform these left wing fanatics of that. 

I followed the demonstration down Main Street, asking questions along the way. I live streamed a small portion of it. The march eventually stopped on the campus of Keene State College. As I stood with my camera recording the end of the demonstration, they began recording me back and asking who I was, and so I offered them a business card. As I engaged in a conversation with the gentleman who came to collect the card, a number of the activists began yelling at me and making baseless legal threats. Eventually campus security showed up and demanded I leave campus because I was “harassing the students”. As you’ll see in the video, I harassed nobody.

As far as they are concerned, rape jokes, and “sexualizing women” in the media, is rape culture. Complimenting a woman on her body, is rape culture. I’m sure if they hadn’t sent the authorities and resorted to threats of violence to have my camera removed, they would have eventually told me that having sex with a woman who has been drinking is rape, even if she wants it. They surely would have gotten around to telling me that kissing a woman without asking permission first, is sexual assault.

Kicked off Keene State College Campus for Questioning "Rape Culture"
Kicked off Keene State College Campus for Questioning “Rape Culture”

It’s really a rather despicable ploy, to march around pretending you’re opposed to “rape” when you’re actual agenda has nothing to do with rape whatsoever. To take a thing that’s universally popular to oppose, rape, and try to slide an ulterior motive past the electorate under that guise, is so reprehensible that I have trouble believing these folks even have good intentions. The mere fact that you do this proves that there is no “rape culture” because you march against rape, and everyone who doesn’t realize your actual agenda is on board. Rape is not socially acceptable, and it really never has been. If a man is accused of rape, even if he’s cleared of any guilt, his life is destroyed. He’ll always be looked at as a rapist. He’ll have trouble finding work. He’ll have trouble dating. He may well be convicted of rape on nothing but the say so of an accuser, sometimes months or even years after the fact. He could spend decades in prison, even if he never did rape anyone.

So complaints about “rape culture” have nothing to do with rape. They have to do wholly different agendas, usually in an effort to diminish free speech. When one complains of “sexualizing” women, or offensive humor, and tries to equate this with the violent crime of forcible penetration, they diminish the seriousness of the actual violence taking place. When one tries to take consensual sex acts, or perfectly normal sexual advances, and equate them with rape, they again diminish the otherwise serious nature of violence in society.

It would then seem to me, that people who actually are opposed to violence, would be irresponsible not to confront people who make a mockery of the many women and men who have actually been raped. I think the many people who have been forced down and penetrated against their will, can tell you that this bears no resemblance to television ads using sex to sell products. I think a woman who has turned her head away from an unwanted kiss, should be able to tell the difference between that and being dragged behind a dumpster and violently abused in a sexual manner. I think a woman who wakes up with a hangover regretting that she slept with a man while drunk, should be able to tell the difference between that and being knocked unconscious and waking up bleeding between her legs with a stranger’s semen still inside her. I think people who try to draw parallels between all these things are paying the most repulsive of insults to actual victims.

These tough realities and others are why people who complain about “rape culture” need to swat cameras and threaten violence against people who question them. Their ideas don’t stand up to scrutiny, and in fact diminish the seriousness of rape. They are ruthless political opportunists who will throw rape victims under the bus for any opportunity to get what they want from the State. They will use violence and deception because they feel their political motives are more important than any individual’s right to be left alone.

Well, I’m not going to stand for that myself. I will not allow you to build a society where a woman can snap her fingers and have a man caged for flirting, consensual sex, or his words. I will not allow you to go unchallenged as you diminish the suffering of actual rape victims. I will resist every effort to bring more violence into the world through legislation, no matter what catchy label you slap on such crimes. If you folks are so terribly concerned about consent, then perhaps you need to stop looking to compulsory government to solve every perceived injustice in this world. Perhaps you need to look at your own desires to force other people to behave as you like. Because whether a person’s body is violated by a stranger’s penis, or a police officer’s gun, initiatory violence is unacceptable, and I mean to eradicate from this world, it with or without you.

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