7 Steps to Becoming a Celebritarian

7 Steps To Becoming a Celebritarian

7 Steps to Becoming a Celebritarian
7 Steps to Becoming a Celebritarian

A certain envious groupie recently published a nonsense list of steps towards becoming a celebritarian, in an apparent effort to defame Adam Kokesh. Lest anyone make the tragic mistake of taking this woman seriously, I thought I might publish a list of my own. This is a serious article, and as such, it is geared towards men. Ladies, you don’t need a list. You just show up, and an army of thirsty white knight losers will put you on all sorts of pedestals.

Step 1. Study philosophy, economics, history, and law

Listen dude, you can’t get by on your looks. People aren’t going to write your content or produce your videos for you. You are going to have to be the smartest guy in the room if you want to succeed. You need to know your shit, and you need to be able to articulate it eloquently. That means stuffing your head with a great deal of information, being passionate about it, and being able to connect a lot of dots mentally before words begin falling out of your mouth.

Sure, you can gain some grasp of these ideas by reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos, but in most cases the people who made those blog posts and YouTube videos first committed to a great deal of study. That’s why they had the knowledge necessary to make the videos in the first place. If you want to do something besides parrot the ideas of others, you have to build a foundation of knowledge upon which you must build in perpetuity. That’s going to require books.

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