Brad Spangler

The Worst Thing Spangler Put In His Daughter Was Ideology

Brad Spangler
Brad Spangler

As liberaltarians scrambled in the wake of the Brad Spangler incestual pedophilia scandal, to rescue his reputation and that of the Center for a Stateless Society, they did as they often do, and called for censorship. My scathing review of the incident was widely trafficked, sits above the fold on the first page of a Google search for Brad Spangler, and highlights as I intended it too, the irresponsibility of leftist ideology that leads to so much of the damage and abuse that exists in society.

Naturally, leftists didn’t much appreciate that. They actually had the nerve to accuse me of re-victimizing Spangler’s daughter in calls for me to remove the piece.

Now someone claiming to be that daughter I’m told has come forward with the following screed. (Emphasis added by me)

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