Some Garbage Podcast EP031 – Pardon My Racism

It’s official, I’ve been pardoned for all my transgressions, and those of my forbears, against people of African descent. I’ve got a certificate for it and everything. Finally, my white guilt has been alleviated, and I can stop acting like a damn fool.

Some Garbage Podcast EP031 - Pardon My Racism
Some Garbage Podcast EP031 – Pardon My Racism

The gracious and generous grantor of this pardon is a black economics professor from George Mason University by the name of Walter E. Williams. Walter is a fellow contributor to, the author of several books including “The State Against Blacks“, “Race & Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?“, and many others. His latest book “American Contempt for Liberty” is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

Now that I’m done shamelessly posting affiliate links, let me tell you how I came to have Walter on the show. I’ve read a handful of Walter’s articles on LRC, and he has come up in a number of discussions I’ve had with Tom Woods, and Walter Block. I wasn’t entirely familiar with the massive body of work he has built up until recently though.

I stumbled across a video of Walter’s titled “How much can discrimination explain“, and since I had recently read a Rothbard article titled “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature“, this seemed of particular interest at the time. In it, Walter makes the following statement. “White people will to have to develop some backbone and some courage, to stand up and reject this nonsense, and not fear being called a racist.”

I thought this was really profound and important. This smear of “racist” has been lobbed against countless prominent libertarians and conservatives. People are literally terrified of having their relationships and careers destroyed by saying the wrong thing, and in large part it’s white men that you have to worry about sticking that label to you.

So Walter will be joining the program to discuss this, which in a way is kind of unfortunate. His intellectual contributions to the field of economics are far more important than anything having to do with race. The fact that the left, and other hypersensitive, racially obsessed scum have to keep race on the front burner should go down in history as one of the most shameful political tactics in the history of statism, and I’m happy to be one of the nails in that coffin.


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