Radical Agenda EP027 - Live From New York

Radical Agenda EP027 – Live From New York

A lot has happened since we last spoke. The streets run red with the blood of feminists, social justice warriors are resorting to cannibalism, and a mother strikes back against a kidnapper and her co-conspirators. Those are just the stories I managed to write about. In the rest of the world, things are far worse.

Radical Agenda EP027 - Live From New York
Radical Agenda EP027 – Live From New York

As for me, I’m on a visit to the state from whence I came, New York. I have to read and listen to all this madness without the comfort of my firearms.

Speaking of New York, the Times issued a powerful piece detailing a “Theology of Rape” behind the sex slave trade of the Islamic State. Women are bought and sold as property, and not in the far stretched psychobabble fashion feminists talk about. These bitches have receipts and the whole nine yards. Prepubescent girls are being raped to death, after their brothers and fathers are laid out on the dirt and sprayed with machine guns.

But, why did the Times neglect to quote the Quran verses cited by the Islamic State?

Oh, and it’s not just Muslims using religion to justify their rape.

Speaking of leaving out important details, there were more riots in Ferguson this week following the one year anniversary of Michael Brown getting himself killed on his way home from a robbery. Protesters took to the streets to echo senseless chants of “Hands up, don’t shoot” while their friends shot at police.

Also chanted was the ever popular “Black Lives Matter” slogan. This one has become real popular lately. Fredric Young and Felando Hunter received life sentences for robbing, stripping naked, torturing and murdering the two white teens, who were in Detroit trying to buy drugs. When given the opportunity to speak in court, Young said;

“I’d like to say sorry to the families of Aiyanna Jones, Michael Brown, Eric Garner. I want to apologize to them for not being able to get justice for their loved ones who was murdered in cold blood – and in respect for the peaceful protest, I want to say, ‘hands up don’t shoot.’ Black lives matter – that’s it your honor.”

Classy, very classy.

Speaking of classy, if we have time, perhaps we’ll talk about the real lives of phone sex operators. That’s terribly unlikely though, there’s a lot to get to, and of course we’ll be taking your calls.

Give us a call at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype if you would like to be on the program.

Join us, this and every Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism, where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like, cleaning up blood before it becomes a public health hazard.

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