Radical Agenda EP036 - Constitution Day

Radical Agenda EP036 – Constitution Day

It’s constitution day! 228 years ago, the constitution of the United States signed by the delegates to the convention. Lotta good that did, eh? Fiat currency, foreign wars, a debt of $18 trillion and counting, gun control, high taxes, checkpoints. God bless America! But perhaps the next election will fix it? Unlikely…

Last night’s GOP freak show on CNN left me exhausted and feeling quite hopeless. I miss the days when I used to look at elections and think “Everything will be fine either way, let the best man win!” Today I look at elections and think “Many people will certainly die. What can be done to mitigate the damage?” But increasingly, I see little hope of mitigation. For five hours I watched 15 presidential hopefuls, most of whom would seriously entertain another ground invasion of Iraq, like some kind of cliche “third time’s the charm” foreign policy thought process. Not only that, but they would do the same thing in Syria even as Russia begins amassing tanks and setting up an air base there.

There’s a winner. War with Russia. That will certainly put an end to some white privilege. Maybe if the nukes hit just the right places, we can speed up that whole white minority in America thing the liberals have been cheering about.

Radical Agenda EP036 - Constitution Day
Radical Agenda EP036 – Constitution Day

Speaking of white privilege, Patrick Lynch is a very privileged white person. He’s the head of the police union for the NYPD. He says it’s un-American to criticize the NYPD for one of their officers – who has four excessive force complaints open against him – grabbing a tennis player and slamming him to the ground for no apparent reason, on video. Indeed it is Patrick. America may have been founded on the principles of individual liberty and resistance to tyranny, but those times are long over. It’s 2015, the American spirit is now about taking our beatings in stride, and adding ourselves to the piles of bodies racked up by foreign policy and domestic unrest.

Speaking of domestic unrest, how restful do you think people will be if there is a general election between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders? How many buildings do you think will burn if there is a discrepancy in the outcome due to out of date voting machines? Voting machines at many polling places nationwide are out of date, according to a new report, and many states don’t have the funding to replace them.

But, back to white people. If white people are so privileged, then why don’t they get the coup d’état they want so bad? I mean, they got one in Africa! Military officers overthrew the government of Burkina Faso on Thursday, plunging the West African country into chaos. The coup was apparently led by allies of the country’s longtime ruler Blaise Compaoré, who was toppled in October.

In other news, we should know by the time the show starts if the Federal Reserve has decided to raise interest rates, and if that move sends markets into a full blown panic. They say they might do so because the economy is improving, but what is your standard of improvement when the median income is down, and poverty is up? Racial hysteria breaks out when an Arab kid builds a clock. Good thing he wasn’t a white kid with a pop tart, or worse yet, a kiss.

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