Treason Magazine - Dull Minds, and Social Justice

Why Men’s Rights is Libertarian, and Feminism Isn’t

In a recent piece at Reason Magazine, Elizabeth Nolan Brown attempts to explain “Why So Many Men Who Hate Women Love Limited Government“. Unsurprisingly, given the author and publication, it is laced with feminist social justice warrior horseshit, smearing men who don’t think they should be demonized as a gender and thrown in prison for no reason, as misogynists.

Treason Magazine - Dull Minds, and Social Justice
Treason Magazine – Dull Minds, and Social Justice

Now, for certain, not all men’s rights activists (MRAs) are libertarians. I was booted from A Voice for Men for pointing out the inherently incompatible nature of men’s interests and leftist ideology, and that publication resembles bearded feminism more and more by the day. I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you might find some folks with MRA leanings who would consider themselves right wingers, and use the power of the State to subjugate women as well. But on the whole, the political message of the men’s rights movement (MRM) is about as libertarian as it gets. Stop forcing us, enough with the special privileges, and let the chips fall where they may. The non-political messages, they are entirely outside the scope of libertarianism.

This is a far cry from the political message of feminism. Free abortion on demand. Subsidized birth control. Equal (or greater) representation in all spheres of the social order, professional, political, academic, and beyond, regardless of merit. The economically incoherent “gender pay gap”, sometimes laughably referred to as “pay discrimination” as if we should all be indiscriminate payors. The utter destruction of legal due process in any accusation of domestic violence, rape, or sexual assault – you know, unless the accused is a female of course, in which case all of these things should be legal, as they have been throughout most of human history. All of that insanity is demanded under the laughable Marxist banner of “equality,” without ever demanding to be 50% of war casualties or the prison population.

Put more simply, feminism is primarily geared towards an ever more rapid expansion of State aggression, while the MRM barely even qualifies as self defense. Surely, the leftist infiltrators who run the dubiously named “Reason” magazine would dispute this, but any moron who took so much as ten minutes out of their day to compare the writings at A Voice for Men to the writings at say, Jezebel, would not have a hard time drawing the distinction. 

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