Radical Agenda EP046 - Fresh Outta Rope!

Radical Agenda EP046 – Fresh Outta Rope!

I truly envy all you calm people out there. It must be nice to wake up each day, go to work, come home, and go to sleep, without obsessing over the downfall of Western civilization and the human race. To me it seems like every other headline is the end of the world, and I am filled with a perpetually growing angst.

Gender egalitarianism is nearing its ultimate suicidal conclusion, as the notion of conscripting women into warfare is being seriously entertained. Not by some radical feminist blog, not by some MRA comparison to point out the absurdity of gender equality, but in a serious policy proposal by Military.com. That would be troubling enough on its own, so much so that I’d think it uncontroversial to say this was worthy cause for a violent uprising. But to make matters worse, some of my own readers have had the nerve to say I’m a “cuckold” for wanting to defend the women of our society from murder and enslavement. Imagine that.

Radical Agenda EP046 - Fresh Outta Rope!
Radical Agenda EP046 – Fresh Outta Rope!

Are the men of this country really that hopeless? Are they really prepared to give the lives of their women for the sake of egalitarianism?

They might be left without other options. The Obama administration has issued a series of executive orders, along with calls on congress to “reduce gun violence” which is little more than a nice way of saying gun control.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, the Department of Justice is now focusing its efforts on domestic terror groups instead if ISIS. And according to the New York Daily News, the NRA ought to be one of those groups.

So, we now live in a country, where a lobbying group to protect a constitutional right, is designated a terrorist. A country where such terrorist groups take a higher priority than a foreign enemy. Where the people of the country are being disarmed, and the women of the society are being conscripted into warfare. And the men who oppose it all are designated “white knights” and “cuckolds”.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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