Radical Agenda EP051 - Media Wars

Radical Agenda EP051 – Media Wars

What was easily my favorite part of last night’s GOP debate was the candidates railing against the debate moderators and the mainstream media in general. Indeed, there appears to be an increasingly popular backlash against liberal and establishment bias in the media. Trump’s rise is great evidence of this, as he even rails against Fox, going so far as to troll personalities and other candidates on social media.

Radical Agenda EP051 - Media Wars
Radical Agenda EP051 – Media Wars

Rampant political correctness, war propaganda, partisanship and outright lies have rendered basically anything on television and damn near everything with a broadcast license completely pointless for the informed consumer. So we descend into the blogosphere, independent media, YouTube, podcasts and the like, only to realize things are not much better here.

There is no such thing as neutral. The best you can hope for is to understand the bias and look at it through a particular lense, and try to pick out little snippets of truth from between the lines.

Plus, is the United States on the brink of war with China? How about a ground invasion of Syria? Why is Facebook checking their employees’ privilege?

Plus, your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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