Fake Apologies, or Race Pimping – Which is Worse?

One thing you almost never see me do is apologize. That’s because I’m almost never sorry about what I say or do, and I tend to reserve apologies for when I’m actually sorry. This is sort of a rare feature in humanity, as you may have noticed in life. Most people will throw out an apology whenever it suits their purposes, and this makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time.


Yesterday I published a screenshot of tweets from Cathy Reisenwitz accusing “American libertarians” of being “super racist”. If that seems a little bit too collectivist for your taste, don’t worry, she later specifically named Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Walter Block, and Hoppe as being racists. This isn’t actually all that unusual, except for the fact that she named names that people actually care about. Cathy has been calling libertarians and libertarianism itself racist for a long time, with her implication that not caring about race, is racist. You know, like bitcoin.

Now, baselessly throwing around ill defined ad hominems like “racist” is bad enough. Those of us who participated in State politics grew rather sick of having this done to us by Democrats, and probably didn’t think we’d have to deal with it from other “libertarians”. But as I’ve said before, anything that isn’t explicitly hostile to the left wing ideological contagion, will become infected by it, and as libertarianism grows we can expect more and more of it. This is to be expected as we become a force to be reckoned with. Since liberal ideas cannot stand up to logical scrutiny, leftists throw out logical fallacies and try to distract from issues with name calling.

When that backfires, we can also expect fake apologies and backpedaling. Apparently, the irony of Cathy working with Jeffrey Tucker while calling all these thought leaders racist, was just too much for the interwebs to ignore, as Tom Woods pointed out. Cathy got smashed on Twitter, and elsewhere for these smears, and when the pressure became too much to deal with, she issued this luke warm “apology”.

Cathy Reisenwitz Backpedaling
Cathy Reisenwitz Backpedaling

I’m really not sure which is worse. The race pimping, or fake apology?

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