Antonio Buehler Cosigns Reisenwitz Attack on Paul, Rockwell

Peaceful Streets Project founder, Antonio Buehler, has wholeheartedly endorsed the racial hysteria recently provoked by Cathy Reisenwitz. Reisenwitz tweeted that American libertarians were “super racist” and specifically targeted her attacks on such movement leaders as Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, and Lew Rockwell, and others. Reisenwitz has since apologized for the baseless allegations, but Buehler seems to think the slander is still a thing worthy of pursuit.

Nevermind the fact that Reisenwitz said all these people have had “racist comments attributed to them”, Buehler says that the great thing about “subtle racism” is that “you don’t have to have racist comments attributed to you”. A direct contradiction of what Cathy said, but hey, who ever thought these liberals were trying to make sense, right?

Buehler made a name for himself as a hysterical race baiter last year after confronting me over a rape joke. He went on to brag about reporting posts to Facebook, before going full retard, and manufacturing a fake girlfriend to cover up his sock puppet accounts. His minions later got Statist Idiot of the Day and other Facebook pages shut down by constantly reporting posts to Facebook as racist or violent, even if they weren’t.

Since the left libertarians seem so fond of slandering, and reporting real libertarians to social media authorities, it makes one wonder if they had anything to do with other prominent libertarians being banned from social media, such as Adam Kokesh, Josie the Outlaw, Stefan Molyneux, or Mark Dice. In any case, this hardly seems like a strategy for advancing libertarianism.



Antonio Buehler Cosigns Reisenwitz Attack on Paul, Rockwell - Photo from Statist Idiot of the Day
Antonio Buehler Cosigns Reisenwitz Attack on Paul, Rockwell – Photo from Statist Idiot of the Day


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