So, this is what passes for harassment now?

A video is making the rounds on social media, of a woman with a hidden camera walking through the streets of New York. Thankfully, most of the people I associate with, are making fun of it. The video claims the woman is harassed over 100 times in 10 hours, but most of this “harassment” came in the form of greetings and compliments. Things like “How you doin today?”, “What’s up beautiful? Have a good day”, “Hey, Beautiful”, “How are you this morning?”, “Have a nice evening”, “What’s up miss?”, “How you doin?”, and “Have a nice evening darling”.

Oh, the horrors these American women have to go through. They dress up in tight clothes designed for the specific purpose of showing off their ass and tits to attract men. When their choice in clothing does exactly what it’s designed to do, they complain about it.

The video then goes on to solicit donations to an organization dedicated to stopping this from happening. The organization that produced the video and is soliciting the donations is called “Hollaback” and they claim “Street harassment is a gateway crime that makes other forms of gender-based violence OK.”

So apparently saying hello, is now promoting rape culture.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with wishing a beautiful woman a good day. I have a pretty serious problem with dragging her behind a dumpster, and fucking her against her will. How this delineation is lost on feminists escapes my comprehension.

Street Harassment Video Criminalizes Saying Hello
Street Harassment Video Criminalizes Saying Hello

How does Hollaback intend to stop this awful “Street harassment” of people saying hello? Well, through government violence, of course. What else would we expect from a far left group who supports violent criminals like Trayvon Martin? The group backed legislation in Washington DC that would “lower the standard of evidence” for sexual harassment in the DC Metro area. They also backed legislation in the EU that would criminalize “unwanted verbal, non-verbal violence and physical” sexual harassment against women.

Well, ma’am, how are we supposed to know if it’s wanted or not, unless we try? Wasn’t it Laci Green who told us we should ask for a kiss? Now you tell us we can’t even say hello? We can’t pay you a compliment? Ask for your phone number? You want to criminalize all of this?

No, they don’t want to criminalize these behaviors in general. Only when they are “unwanted” which, of course, we only find out after we do them. Nevermind the fact that it probably would have made this woman’s day if some fit guy in a thousand dollar suit asked her for a restroom blowjob. She’s upset that the (majority black) people who tried to talk to her weren’t up to her standards.

What this is about, just like most feminist garbage being peddled, is giving women the power to have men arrested for anything without any evidence at all. That they’re mere discomfort is a criminal offense that should justify the kidnapping of men doing exactly what men are supposed to do, pursue women. Turning the tides of this fabled “patriarchy” they feel has so oppressed women over the years, into an actual matriarchy where women can have men caged with a snap of the fingers.

Here’s an idea, ladies. You want equality? Then get even.

Yeah, next time you see me walking down the street. Ask me for my phone number. Offer me sex. Tell me I have nice mantits. Verbally express your admiration for my distended belly. Ask me to show you my cock. I’m not saying I’ll do it, but I’m not going to call the police, lobby congress to have you imprisoned, or advocate violence against you in any way.

So much for the “fairer sex”…

UPDATE: Race Pimps Declare War on Feminists!

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